My Most-Worn Pieces In 2020


The year 2020 has the word “pandemic” forever stamped across it, but it holds one other major word for me…PREGNANT. I spent the majority of the year not only quarantined on my couch with my husband and cats but growing a human! So I think it’s safe to say that 2020 will forever hold a massive juxtaposition of feelings for me. Feelings of sorrow and joy, mourning and celebration, letting things go, and welcoming more. I wasn’t as ready to run away from this year like so many others, but even so, I love the fresh feeling and hopefulness that comes with a new calendar (especially this one).

With a growing baby bump and the need to truly never leave the house, my closet took a complete 180 last year. Jeans were switched out for leggings and stylish flats were traded for slippers. I clung to comfort in more ways than one, which is why I can write with 100% certainty that all of these items are completely WORTH bringing along with me into this new year (in multiple colors, even).

1. Free People Arden Tee

This is the shirt for me; the basic comfy one we’re always in search of to have in our closet that is the ultimate go-to. I am obsessed with the intentional extra long sleeves, creating a slouchy boyfriend look, and the thumbhole in the cuff that creates an incredible comfort experience. The shirt is light, so even though it is cozy it can be worn all year long. It is extra long in the body making it the perfect pair for leggings, but can also be knotted in the front to switch it up. Needless to say, I own this in multiple colors.

2. Ugg Slippers

Slippers have been my jam ever since we bought our 1800’s home with original wood floors (read: cold and full of surprise nails coming up). I’ve been testing out sooo many, from Amazon dupes to department store best sellers — but I fell in love with the Ugg Scuffette over the holidays and have been telling everyone to get a pair. They are insanely warm, stay on your feet, and are easy to kick on and off during middle of the night baby feedings and bathroom trips.

3. Free People Hit The Slopes Fleece Jacket

THIS JACKET, YOU GUYS. I was happily influenced when someone I follow on Instagram said she lived in this. I purchased a large to have it oversized for winter layers, but have also worn it with nothing underneath in those early days of learning to nurse and wanting as easy access to the ladies as possible. I love it so much that I am tempted to purchase another color (I meaaaan, I DO have to wash my clothes more regularly due to baby spit up, so…).

4. Abercrombie Vegan Leather Leggings

I can’t say ENOUGH good things about these leggings, and I’m probably just as shocked as you that a vegan leather anything would end up on my most worn list. I purchased these right after having a baby and now have to force myself to not wear these everyday…

5. Vuori Performance Jogger

Did you ever have that experience growing up where you found such joy in discovering a new musical artist and loving them before anyone else… only to get slightly sad when they made it big and everyone plus their moms were listening to them? No? Just me? I think it’s because when you love something so much, part of you can want it all for yourself. Well, I have been having a similar experience with Vuori, a brand that began in my husband’s hometown that we’ve been wearing for years. All of a sudden everyone and their moms (ha, that’s me now…) is wearing them. BUT THIS IS A GLORIOUS THING, as success to a beloved business is only worth celebrating. ANYWAY…these joggers? I’ve worn them relentlessly in all the colors for years (they would easily make my “most worn” list for multiple years in a row). Don’t even think twice — just go buy a pair.

Honorable Mentions

1. Blanqi Maternity Leggings

Since I am no longer pregnant, my favorite maternity leggings won’t be staying in my closet in 2021, but they are, hands down, my most worn item of 2020 (pretty much the ONLY pair of pants I wore the majority of the year). I compared three different maternity leggings on this blog post and for many reasons the Blanqi Everyday Maternity Leggings were the winner — I had only wished I purchased multiple colors to wear while pregnant!

2. Tula Under Eye Balm

Image source: Nordstrom

This product is not a clothing item which is why it falls as an honorable mention — BUT I just had to include it here because, as you may have seen me write many times before, it’s my absolute favorite!! I discovered this balm in the early stages of my pregnancy and I will never look back. If there was one thing I used the most in 2020, it was the Tula Rose + Glow + Brightening Eye Balm. At the end of the year I purchased the pack of 3 different under-eye balms Tula makes and love them ALL for different reasons.

I’m gathering up all of these beloved items and running with high spirits into 2021! I’m so hopeful to see what this year brings.
Happy New Year,

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  1. My BFF turned me on to the Free People Arden t-shirt and it is awesome. Intentionally oversized but looks so good with everything.. as a base layer under a blouse, on its own, etc. I have two colors and may get more. And I’m going to check out the FP fleece too, now that you mention it.

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