On the Hunt for Light Wash Denim


This month’s light wash denim challenge was a struggle for me but not for the reasons you might think…

You know that saying: you don’t miss it until it’s gone? It definitely applies when you break all the important bones of your dominant arm in a car accident. Besides the shock and pain, it’s the little things (which turns out to be pretty much everything) you miss the most like: texting, tying shoe laces, putting a bra on, washing your hair, getting pants on without asking help.  And you can forget about wearing jeans with  “button up flys,” Turns out they were made by the devil himself specifically to taunt us one-handers.

So naturally, my jeans have a button up fly.

I LOVE our monthly challenges, they just usually takes me forever and 4 or 5 tries before I finally decide figure out what to wear, wavering between options until the last second. This month however, I got lucky and unwittingly ended up ahead of the game having having spent the last several months on a personal style quest for a pair of vintage style light wash jeans.

I know not everyone loves this style as much as I do and with good reason. They’re defining features made from heavy duty, non-stretch denim fabric doesn’t allow as much movement and fit nothing like our beloved skinny jeans.

Denim trends are a funny thing. Whenever I see a new style, like cropped denim, for the very first time, they look  so ridiculous  and so unflattering, that I laugh out loud at the idea of me wearing them. But over time scary new styles evolve and you find a pair that’s perfect for you.


top: Janet One Sleeve Black Bodysuit, $10.00 Yes, Shana has got me into bodysuits. I love them because I don’t have to worry about constantly tucking my shirts in or worrying about my butt crack showing everytime I bend over or sit down.

jeans:  Levi’s 501 Selvedge Skinny Jeans (Summer Dune), $148.00 I love this style of jeans.  They definitely fit differently than most jeans though. The fabric is thicker, with little or no stretch. This means they’ll last forever but until they’ve been worn-in, they can be pretty stiff. I love the button up fly style, it adds to the “boyfriend” jean look but it also makes the crotch area more prominent. I like the way they look but they’re not as fitted in certain areas like other jeans.

flats: Atrevida’s Fringe Ballet Flats, $24.00 I can’t believe how much I wear these flats. They were a spur of the moment purchase but I’ve been wearing them non stop lately.

bag: Sam Edelman’s Thana Metal Crossbody Bag, $64.00 My everyday bags are always huge and usually backpacks but I specifically wanted a small Evening clutch for weddings and girls night out. This metal crossbody bag is a perfect size. It fits my iPhone 6s, my wallet, gum and 3-4 cosmetics. Plus it’s ethnic style gives it a boho look.

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