’70s Flashback Organic Cotton Footie Pajamas


I have to share with you the most ridiculously adorable (and eco/baby friendly!) footie pajamas.  When you see your precious child in these, you'll immediately flashback to those Saturday morning cartoon marathons spent slurping down Lucky Charms on rust-colored shag carpet, only without the athletes foot-inducing plastic feet or all the pesticides we all rolled around in and ate. 

For your nostalgic parenting pleasure, I submit the organic cotton footie pajama by Pixel Organics.  These fab, retro-inspired pajamas are soft, freaky cute, functional and they’re easy on the environment and your babe.  

The nearly $50 suggested retail is jaw dropping, but Pixel Organics is offering these cute snooze togs on final sale at the rock bottom price of $26.99!  The sale price puts them on par with Gap pajamas, which don’t have fire retardants but are made with conventional cotton.  I’m stockin’ up! 

HGB carries the blush pink, sky blue and spring green color options, but you can check out additional color choices (though at the full $47 MSRP) as well as a bevy of other fabulous organic thangs at Pixel Organics.

Blush Pink Sleeper Sky Blue Sleeper Spring Green Sleeper

Pictured here is my dear son, clearly pleased he is lounging sans pesticides and in water-based, low impact dyes.

– M


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