I Tried On 5 Puffer Coats From Amazon And These Are My Thoughts


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen enough of people trying on puffer coats from Amazon. Not in a tired kind of way…. but in an ok fiiiiiine, I guess I need to try them myself kind of way. They’ve just been looking a little too good to be true (*cough Orolay cough*).

I picked five popular puffer coats with pretty rave reviews (a short, a longer, a longer thickened, a medium length and a lightweight) and, in short, am pretty impressed as they’re all $48-$140 (plus there’s coupons!!). I also mayyy have gotten a little carried away and thrown a lil faux fur coat into the mix, but you’ll just have to read to find out.

My Review Of 5 Top-Reviewed Puffer Coats From Amazon

*Btw, all puffers have a 10%-20% off coupon on their product pages! All you have to do is click “apply coupon” under the price after you choose color & size. Woop, woop!

1. Orolay Cropped Puffer Jacket

Starting off with my fave! How freaking adorable is this one? The boxy, cropped shape is my favorite part — then the cute large pockets and long zipper pulls. The quality is pretty outstanding. It makes me SO WARM.

Orolay Cropped Puffer Jacket

Orolay Cropped Puffer Jacket (L)

Fit Notes: True to size. It hits me right below my waist in the front, and a few inches lower in the back. Definitely roomy enough without feeling too large, but there are some relief zippers (I just gave them that name haha) at the sides in case a bulky sweater is feeling too stuffy underneath.

2. Orolay Shiny Down Coat Mid-Length Puffer Jacket

I just HAD to pick one of Orolay’s new metallic coats up. It’s soooo good, you guys. I know Laura has loved her mid-length puffer from Orolay for years so the hype was real. And dang. This coat delivered. I’m truly blown away by the warmth & all of the details (long arm layers, sherpa hood, a million pockets with zippers, adjustable hip width, and a whole lot of puff). This bad boy is seriously impressive.

Orolay Shiny Down Coat Mid-Length Puffer Jacket from Amazon

Orolay Shiny Down Coat Mid-Length Puffer Jacket (M)

Fit Notes: True to size. I go between a medium and large in coats depending on fit (and what I plan to wear underneath) – so I’d probably go with a large in this one to account for thick under layers. The coat below (Orolay Thickened Hooded Down Jacket) I tried on in a large to compare sizes in the same(-ish) style.

3. Orolay Thickened Hooded Down Jacket

Even though this one has the word “thickened” in the name, I couldn’t really tell much of a difference in warmth when I tired it on. But it is the same price as the above Orolay jacket, so maybe they’re the same jacket? Who knows. All I know is I LOVED it and it was really hard to choose a color. They killed it with the metallic sheens + long arm layer (with thumb holes!).

Orolay Women's Thickened Hooded Down Coat from Amazon

Orolay Women’s Thickened Hooded Down Jacket (L)

Fit Notes: True to size. The large definitely worked better for me here; the arms were longer, there was more space in the shoulders & more room for a thick sweater or hoodie.

4. Ebifin Winter Puffer Jacket

Gah, I wish this one was wayyy puffier in person. It was a little underwhelming BUT I do love the stand-up collar and overall fit. It shockingly kept me pretty warm, too. I just think it could use some more puff.

Ebifin Winter Puffer Coats from Amazon

Ebifin Winter Puffer Jacket (L)

Fit Notes: Runs small. The sleeves could have been longer and shoulders a bit broader for the boxy fit. Order a size up.

5. Muchpow Lightweight Packable Short Puffer Jacket

I have and love Free People’s Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket which looks veeeerry similar to this one. Turns out, the FP one is softer, warmer, and lays in a much more flattering way. I saw that coming. Wamp, wamp. This one is still cute if you don’t need it to be that warm & it comes in 10 pretty colors.

Muchpow Lightweight Packable Short Puffer Coats from Amazon

Muchpow Lightweight Packable Short Puffer Jacket (M)

Fit Notes: Definitely runs small. I’d go with a large for a roomer fit (like the FP Pippa’s medium), but this probably isn’t the type of coat I’d be wearing much in the winter (prob mostly spring/fall), so I wasn’t worried about it being too bulky with a sweater underneath. I’d just prefer it a little longer & baggier.

Bonus! 6. Allegra K Cropped Faux Fur Fluffy Coat

I wanted to try this one because of the reviews and the price. It’s pretty dang adorable, definitely soft and I love the perfectly cropped length. I ordered the burgundy color but it read more as a brighter red…. tempted to try it in dark grey or army green. I just have to size up because the arms were a bit short. Overall a great faux fur option for under $60!!

Allegra K Cropped Faux Fur Fluffy Coats from Amazon

Allegra K Cropped Faux Fur Fluffy Coat (M)

Fit Notes: Runs small & narrow. I’d probably take a large or even XL if I wanted a more slouchy fit. My shoulders were a bit tight & I could’ve used a whole lot more arm length.

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Lots of love for a warm, affordable puffer.



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