I’m All Overalls and Kimono Crazy Round Here




So I brought the $35 overalls home.  Mike took one look and was all, “Baby, those are HOT!  Keep those!”

(Notice he didn’t have the same reaction to the $300 turtleneck.  Go figure.)

In any case, I think overalls look best with something a little polished or a little…fashion-y, for lack of a better word.  The kimono was surprisingly perfect.  (And heels, of course.)







Pax has been such a crack-up lately.  The other day I heard his little running footsteps coming down the hall.  He busts into my office, completely naked.

“MOM!  You wike me wike dis?  All Nay-Nakes?”

I sure do, Baby.


And off he goes.  I love how their self-worth seems boundless at 3.  How he is so proud of his round belly and chubby little arms and legs which pump furiously as he runs ‘nay-nakes’ through the house.    I mean.



tank: J.Crew silk cami (I wash mine and hang to dry), $59

kimono: O’Neill Candice Top (on sale for $39)

overalls: Destroyed Slim Overalls (sold out – from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, ends 8/4)….or try these button-front overalls by the same brand.  It looks like the same fit, just with wash and detail variations.  Only $39.

shoes: old Betsy Johnson….love Aldo’s hot pink-and-wood wedges (on sale for $60)

bag: Moop paperback clutch



So tell me:  Overalls + kimonos….you wike me wike dis?