I’m Calling It: These Pieces Are “THE Loungewear” Of The Season


I almost didn’t make this video for fear of talking about the same thing, uhm, too much. 

But if we’re wanting to focus on what we really love, what’s really in our closets, then I have to be honest in saying that Gap is taking over in many areas of my wardrobe.

Gap CashSoft loungewear. A review.

sweater (M) | pants (S, Tall) | bag

Gap Is Taking Over My Closet: A Closer Look At Their CashSoft Line

I love a good cashmere sweater, but not all cashmere is equally as soft (and all of them are always at a higher price point). When I took notice of Gap’s CashSoft line – their answer to a more affordable softness with that same luxe cashmere feel – I jumped at it.

The best part? The CashSoft shop is one big glorious mix and match experience.

button-up (L) | crewneck (M) | cardigan (L) | pants

If I could recommend just one item to try out in the CashSoft line – actually, in all things Gap has to offer right now – it would be the amazing Sweater Pants. These have made an appearance in multiple recent posts of mine, and I can’t promise you’ll stop seeing them anytime in the near future.

Gap CashSoft loungewear. A review.

pants (M, Tall) | button-up (L) | coat (M) | shoes

Gap’s CashSoft Sweater Pants are a loungewear dream that will have you pulling them on for coffee runs, school drop off’s, errands, and anything else you can think of. The pants run long and large, I recommend sizing down for a fit that isn’t totally falling off your hips. However, if you’re like me and rip the tags off fast so you can immediately start wearing (oops), take heart in knowing that the soft drawstring waist makes these flexible in sizing.

These pants are so good I scooped them up in two colors, along with a few really incredible sweaters that are already in high rotation. Curious to know more? It’s all in my latest YT video below!

As Seen In The Video:
Gap CashSoft Sweater Pants (size down)
Gap CashSoft Big Shirt (size down)
Gap CashSoft Shaker Stitch Relaxed Sweater (TTS)
Gap CashSoft Boyfriend Cardigan (perfectly oversized)
Gap Boucle Cropped Sweater Jacket (TTS)


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