12 Pretty Planters: A Pop Of Blue On The Porch (For Reader Sarah)


For an overwhelming number of people I love, blue is a favorite color. A porch is easily a favorite place to sit. And those of us looking forward to things possible only in spring are all super-excited about gardens blooming! So when Sarah, a reader, wrote:

I’m so ready for spring and all the planters! Looking for a splash of blue-colored planters to put on my front porch. Would love some ideas or places to look.

Indoor/Outdoor Planters: Blue Pots For The Porch

We rounded up 12 of our favorite planters, all indoor/outdoor. We hope something in here hits your heart and porch in the right way, Sarah — we’re also SO ready for spring and all the planters! xo, A

The time for porch decor is now. We rounded up 12 of our fave indoor/outdoor planters — on sale, ceramic, w/drainage holes & more...shop pretty pots here.

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1/ Maya | First of all…this one is on CLEARANCE SALE!!! And, I’ve placed it and can personally say, it’s even more gorgeous in person. Indoor/outdoor, there is a drainage hole and a rubber plug. And while they are on clearance, one in each size, grouped together looks lovely.

2/ Crescent Madison | Comes in four sizes and twelve colors! Pre-drilled drainage holes, and double insulated to help protect the roots against changes in weather. These are plastic, which is nice if you are someone who likes to move heavy things around. They will basically last forever. The detailing on them is what makes them more beautiful. And given the sizes and colors options, a grouping of a few different sizes, same color, or even if you wanted to go all crazy and choose a few colors, would be beautiful!

3/ Radius | Another great lightweight, indoor/outdoor option with a pre-drilled drainage hole. Comes in three sizes and three colors, my personal favorite grouping of which is one of each size, blue in the medium. The white and grey are also gorgeous.

4/ Fiber Concrete | Indoor/outdoor, pre-drilled drainage hole, lightweight…but…requires a bit more recommended frost care. They want you to drain it and turn it upside down for winter. So, if you are somewhere mild year-round, or have a covered warmer porch, or a great spot indoors, this is a beauty. If not, skip over this one, because in reality, who’s got time for that when it’s freezing cold?

5/ Jardiniere Planter Box | Available in three sizes and fourteen colors — blue among them — this is a great, lightweight, indoor/outdoor planter box. I love boxes especially for planting boxwood, and then underplanting seasonal herbs, especially thyme. I love the way it drapes over the box, and smells so good!

6/ Bishop | Maybe it’s the six rounds of chess I’ve lost to my kids this week, or maybe it’s just the Bishop’s unique form that has me in love with him. He’s not your everyday planter shape for sure — he’s a great pop of just enough drama. He also has friends, two more in his grouping of earthenware, in white and terra cotta. Those are both wide. The blue Bishop is tall. Maybe that’s another reason I love him best—we can relate. Free shipping with code: bigdeal. That’s especially helpful for heavier larger items. And his draining is drilled; he’s also indoor/outdoor.

7/ Nantucket Tall | Not sure what else is on Sara’s porch, nor whether she tends toward more traditional, but I do love a taller planter near and entry, or under a mailbox or porch light. They leave room for something fun to be underplanted and dramatically drape over their edges.

8/ Pedestal Planter | Up to 30% off with code: SAVEMORE, so let’s start there. Comes in two sizes and three colors, none of which are actually blue. This one is grey. But I’d argue, it’s gray that reads blue, and therefore makes the cut, especially on sale, and even just because it’s a classic beautiful planter. Has drainage holes AND riser feet! Those help big time with drainage.

9/ Campania Sabine | Before we all go into sticker shock, a few notes: Campania is a VERY high-end garden accents company. Their products are artisan, and it shows. And they last. But no, inexpensive they are not. So if we put on our pretend hats here, and pretend we are buying art, rather than just a pot to plant in, well, then it feels more reasonable—emotionally anyway. I don’t need to argue in favor of it’s beauty, that’s just there. This one is special. It’s substantial; it’s not going over easy. But if kids and dogs knocked it over wrestling on my porch, I’d cry. If you would too, and those are your kids and dog too, this one is not for you. If you have a safe place, where you can eye this guy every time you walk past a certain window, but where it lives out of harm’s potential way, yes, it is a beautiful sight.

10/ Mayne 32 | Here, is a far more affordable, also similar-sized, also big, blue and beautiful planter. The angled edge is fantastic. Indoor/outdoor, double-walled, durable and comes with a warranty…for those of us who share porches with the high-energy, high-spirited creatures.

11/ Altamont 3 Piece Set | Pause on the price tag freak, it’s for 3 planters, handmade, hand-glazed, terra cotta, AND…even the smallest of the set is fairly large. You need a little space for the grouping of three. But they are so pretty.

12/ Shamritsky 4 Piece Set | Same comments as above, set of four, handmade, hand-glazed, terra cotta, and sizable—a bit smaller each than the set of three above, but in a grouping also take up a reasonable amount of space. Also so, so pretty!

Here’s looking forward to all the good things, especially pretty planters this spring!

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  1. I’m not sure how I didn’t see this until now, COVID perhaps?!? Thanks so much. So many amazing choices and how I so appreciate all the effort you went to. Now I just have to choose.

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