Instead of Flip-Flops…Try Slingback Sandals

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Do you have a cute pair of backless shoes? But every time you wear them you:
  • make an annoying slapping sound with every step
  • have to grip your toes to keep the shoe in place
I have them — flip flops, mules, slides….They look so cute, but every time I put them on, I want to take them off. Most unworn shoes in my closet are like that, except for these slides, which I live in. Other than that, I hate the slapping sound and the lack of support of backless shoes. I also just found out gripping your toes when wearing these shoes causes hammertoe. NO, thank you! As I get older, I’ve found myself avoiding uncomfortable shoes more and more. It doesn’t matter how stylish they are. 

My Fav 3 Styles of Slingback Sandals

In the same way that I’ve noticed which shoes I wear the least, I’ve also noticed the ones I wear the most. And they all have one thing in common: they’re slingbacks. The two sandals in these pics? I wear them on repeat. No slapping sound, more support. Cost per wear down to nothing. These are my three favorite types of slingbacks right now…

1. Flat Slingback Sandals

It all started because I got these Madewell bestsellers. I wear them with dresses, jeans, shorts. I’m even considering the black ones. Should I get them? See more of them in this post and more flat slingbacks below!

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2. Platform Slingback Sandals

In my research about comfort shoes, I found that the best platforms are those that can bend a little. So if I had to pick one pair, it would be the UGG ones. I got these Marc Fishers from last year and love them, but UGGs are next on my list! 

Backless sandals — they look SO GOOD, but trying to keep them on? Another story. We're crushing on slingback sandals right now. Try these 3 styles.

Shop More Platform Slingbacks

3. Heeled Slingback Sandals

I don’t own slingback heeled sandals, but these are in my shopping cart and I’ll order them soon. Under 3″ heel and leg-lengthening color, can’t ask for more. See more comfy heeled slingbacks below.

Backless sandals — they look SO GOOD, but trying to keep them on? Another story. We're crushing on slingback sandals right now. Try these 3 styles.

Shop More Heeled Slingbacks

For more comfy shoes approved by a mom of two little ones, you can follow me on Instagram (@julietatorresd) and my personal blog The Unbosom. I share more of my style, the story of my postpartum body and now my life after an abdominal repair aka tummy tuck. See you there!  

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  1. Keilexandra on

    Oh man, I struggle with this. The thing is, my go-to flip-flops have *arch support* so they’re super comfortable despite the toe-clinging issue. Whereas slingbacks often have a flatter, thinner sole, which creates its own problems. If I’m standing a lot and only walking intermittently, like shopping at the mall, I’d rather wear my flip-flops. (Yeah, I really should be wearing strappy sandals with sturdy soles and arch support, and I own those too… but they’re a pain to take on and off, and not as cute. Tradeoffs.)

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