I suspect that many of you may be in need of some light distraction from current events; I know I am.  These last few weeks have been really disheartening.  I tried writing my usual weekend post last Friday…and then deleted it.  I had nothing valuable to add to the discussion at hand….but inanely talking about shoes left me cold.  I am especially haunted by this political cartoon.  It expresses exactly how I’m feeling right now.  I don’t know what happens to a country when its people stop expecting their leaders to act with integrity, dignity, and respect.  I find it all terrifying.  I wish people would vote like their life depended on it.  And more importantly, I wish more people would run for office.  At this point, at least for me, political views would come second.  Instead, I’d focus on the old-fashioned values of “Not Evil” or “Capable of Understanding Science” or “Not An Angry Asshole” or “Doesn’t Pathologically Lie” or “Doesn’t Molest Women” or “Isn’t Racist” or “Values Integrity” or “Avoids Partisan Tantruming” and, most obviously, “Doesn’t Mock People”.

I’m old-fashioned like that.

But UGH I promised a distraction.  So….OK.  Let’s talk about shoes.

We are, in fact, literally going to talk about shoes.  Linzi and I are doing a live discussion of our favorite pairs of comfort shoes this Sunday, at 4PM EST.  In “researching” her Fall comfort shoe article, Linz and I realized that, between the two of us, we had ordered 20 pairs of comfort shoes.  (This was necessary, we each explained to our hubs, because comfort shoes often look much worse online than in person.) We’d love to have you weigh in on the discussion.  We’ll be streaming from both FB live AND Instagram live (@themomedit) Sunday at 4PM EST.

I might be stress shopping.  But whatevs, because I just found two seriously cool pairs of light-wash jeans:  The first is AG’s Sophia Vintage High-Rise (also on Amazon), and the rise is unapologetically high, but just sort of eases down, hugging your hips.  The jean is super soft, and ever-so-slightly straight-legged, so a perfect gateway if you are having trouble giving up your skinnies.  I’m wearing them now, in fact.  The second? Mother Denim The Duster Cuff Jeans.  They have this sort of sexy-tomboy vibe that I’m completely obsessing over.  They’re much too long on my 5’2″ self, but I think the tailor can work some magic.  (That glorious cuff is sewn into place so it doesn’t fall….)  Sidenote: I think cuffed jeans are shaping up to be a microtrend…more on that later.

Well, this looks French.  Cable Stitch’s Pointelle inset sweater reminds me of my much-loved Maje tee (I have the older, short-sleeved version)….but for under $50.

Much cuter on.  I just picked up this denim dress at Madewell, and it’s….really good.  I think I need to chop 6″ off the bottom, but it’s a raw hem, so should be fine.  It’s currently 30% off and can be worn so many different ways.  Worth doing a quick styling sesh?  Let me know.

The boys are pumped.  Amulet, one of my boys’ very favorite graphic novel series (and it is pretty spectacular), just came out with the long-awaited Book 8.

I don’t wear makeup.  Just kidding.  A bunch of you wanted to know where I found my irreverent makeup bag.  It’s here.

My fav weeknight meal right now.  Kitchen Treaty’s Pumpkin, Chickpea and Red Lentil Curry is vegan, goes into the slow cooker, and is delicious.  Don’t skimp on the toppings (cilantro, lime, and we even do slices of avocado).

Wow.  Glacier melts are solving decades-old missing person cases.  This one was fascinating.

Moms matterJust your average feminist club at a New Jersey high school.  (This one gives me hope for our future.)

Lastly, head on over to our Instagram (@themomedit) to check out our October #TMEStyleChallenge. This week we’re going to be styling up leopard print for work.  To play along, upload your version of leopard print at work, tag us and use #TMEStyleChallenge for a chance to win a $50 gift card.  (To be given away at random, not based on Who Had The Best Outfit.  This isn’t mean girls, haha.)

Happy weekend, everyone.



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  1. I don’t always like your sartorial choices, but politically, I’m with you 100%.

    Drowning my sorrows in the best way possible. I’m on my second glass of Syrah, ready to eat a mud pie with extra hot fudge.

  2. Definitely stress shopping over here. I don’t think it’s helping. I literally feel existential angst all the time at this point.

  3. Today I’m feeling sad and drinking a cocktail and eating al the carbs. Tomorrow I’m back to being angry and motivated. I will not let my country devolve into this. We are better than this.

  4. That cartoon hits hard, doesn’t it? I feel like we’re living in some kind of dystopian society tv show. And I am really not into dystopian society fiction. It’s terrifying. I’ve had numerous talks with my boys in the past few weeks. I can only hope they are listening.

  5. You are speaking the thoughts that have been on my mind non-stop for the past couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing. It helps to know we’re not alone. Love you and your team. Such a great group of women.

  6. I love your emails for style trends and great fashion finds. It’s amazing. Thank you!

    Don’t ruin it by injecting political leanings. We already hear enough and it is disheartening on many levels. Our society as a whole has become a circus and as you said Shana – we all need some old fashioned sensibility now more than ever!!

  7. Thank you for putting into words exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. People who don’t understand why Dr. Blasey Ford came forward when she did probably haven’t been victims of sexual assault, and for that they are fortunate.

  8. This is how women are silenced. “Be pretty and sweet and nice. Don’t say or do anything controversial.” This is Shana’s blog. You don’t have to agree with her, but you don’t get to tell her what to say.

  9. I am a survivor of sexual assault and I was deeply saddened by your post this morning. It always makes me sad when people (women in particular) make decisions and form deep seated beliefs based on emotion without any reasoned thought. I encourage you to take the time to listen to Senator Susan Collin’s speech on Capitol Hill yesterday. She has always been a passionate supporter of women’s rights. The speech lasts over 30 minutes. You will definitely learn something. I know I did.

  10. I am a survivor of sexual assault and I deeply appreciate your post this morning. It always makes me happy when I see people (women in particular) make decisions and form deep seated beliefs based on whatever the hell they want. I encourage you to continue to do, write, wear, listen to, and say whatever the hell you want.

  11. Thank you for your words and for speaking up, as always.
    Unrelated, I love the denim dress and want to order one while the sale is on. Please let me know how the sizing runs. I have a small chest but hips so need it to be a-line. Do you recommend sizing according to chest size? How did it run for you and what size do you buy? Thanks so much for a reply if you can before the sale ends Monday.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on styling the dress too! Long time fan and enabled shopper 🙂

    • You bet – I bought a size 2. The dress has a bit of stretch and is also A-line. I’ll follow up with some styling ideas… xo!

  12. I was hoping you would share a few of your thoughts. It’s refreshing to remember that there are others that feel the same punch to the gut and are equally as motivated to take a stand. Xx

  13. Thanks so much for speaking up. It’s more than the style that keeps me coming back here.

    I’m rededicated to volunteering for the midterms, not just voting. I’d rather sit on my butt at home, after working full time and having two small kids, but that’s not an option.

    I’m starting here:

  14. I love your style and humor, and follow the blog almost daily. It’s an inspiring, refreshing online outlet, away from the politics that saturate our news and social media. Please please don’t mess it up by incorporating political opinions.

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