Meet Tiarra: Our Newest Style Contributor!!


This one was a no brainer.

I think it’s safe to say this is NOT a totally new face to many of you. Tiarra has been our break out #TMEStyleChallenge star – embodying everything we had hoped the series to be and more. From the very first time we put her awesome self on the blog you guys went crazy for her (rightfully so). Not only was Tiarra so into these challenges – not missing so much as a single week – she totally spread the word about our little sartorial experiment. I’m talking she was allllll over Instagram, holding friends accountable for participating in the weeks to come, rooting for literally everyone. We. Love. It.

As some of you may know, I manage @themomedit Instagram and that comes with a LOT of amazing comments, messages, etc. but that also means I can lose track when responding from time to time. Next thing I know…

TIARRA HOPPED ON THERE AND ANSWERED STYLE CHALLENGE QUESTIONS FOR ME. I she REAL?! What’s the next #TMEStyleChallenge you may wonder? Tiarra will tell you. She’s on it. We love her.

When we saw the way our TME community received Tiarra overall, we had to at least interview her for the blog. That, coupled with her actual first interview answers, was all the affirmation we needed to invite her to be a regular contributor. We are SO thrilled that she accepted. Read her interview below to get to know Tiarra – you’ll be seeing plenty more of her right here on The Mom Edit.

Meet Tiarra 

You’re a mom, with a job in Corporate Communications and you also contribute to Columbus Mom’s Blog. How do you find time for everything? What does your weekly schedule look like?

T: I’m a mama to a beautiful daughter (6) and son (3) and have been married to my husband for nearly eight years. We live in Central Ohio where I work in corporate communications, write for a local blog, and am gearing up to launch my own (OMG, did I just say that?)! So yeah, like many mamas, I don’t find time for everything, but my husband is my not-so-secret weapon. He does virtually all the cleaning and home maintenance while I take the lead on cooking and getting the kids ready. We play to our strengths, but are good about backing each other up: He does a mean ponytail and I am down to sweep and mop so the kids can continue eating off the floor with only a little mom guilt.

During the week, we wake up by 7:00 and my husband leaves to drop off the kids by 8:30. It’s intense, but prepping our meals and the kids’ clothes over the weekend makes it happen. I leave after them and have a few minutes to decompress, and sometimes, fit in a quick run/workout. I don’t do that often enough, but it’s really nice since I spend all day sitting at my desk.

Our evenings are pretty hectic, so my husband starts dinner while I pick up the kids. We’ve been better about slowing down to eat more dinners together at the table, which I love. When it happens, it’s my favorite part of my day.

The hour-ish between baths and bedtime is a black hole of time that I don’t have much explanation for. It’s a 60%/40% split of laughing and yelling before we read, pray, and tuck them in (multiple times, some nights).

It takes everything in my power to stay awake after our exhausting evening routine, but it’s my time to write, exercise, or do my hair. I’m really trying to get better about reading in bed instead of scrolling social media, but that’s definitely a work in progress!

We do all of that so we can live it up on the weekend. We start on Friday nights with pizza and a movie for the kids and let them stay up an extra half hour or so. It’s not much, but it seriously makes their day! We sleep in a little on Saturdays, but I like to start early so we can pack everything in…it takes us forever to get anywhere! This month we’re looking forward to checking out a new arcade, visiting a fashion exhibit (with a free craft!), and attending a family jazz concert.

Sundays are for church, playing outside, and prepping meals/outfits for the week. Then we do it all over again!

What’s your go-to outfit?

T: I usually go for jeggings, a statement tee, and a lightweight camouflage jacket. I mix up the shoes and it’s like a new look every time. My job has a casual dress code, so my mom uniform even works there, though I may opt for a nicer top or sweater; still sticking with my camo jacket, though! I’ve been on a fitness journey since last fall, but have always been big on knowing how to dress my curves because they’re not going anywhere…and I love that! The best thing about my mom uniform is that it’s flattering at literally every size.

How do you define your style?

T: Is “chic slay” a thing, because that’s what I’m going with! No matter the outfit, I like to mix pieces that make me feel comfortable and confident with at least one statement piece that pushes the envelope. Lately, it’s been lots of leopard and floral prints and velvet everything! I love mixing prints and textures, from my turbans on down to my patterned shoes. It has a way of elevating my look without a ton of effort. I don’t want to see a photo of my outfit years later and love every single piece…I’m totally OK with a piece that is a bit “extra” and makes me wonder what I was thinking.

How has your style changed since becoming a mother? (If at all)

T: My style has become much more casual since two little humans started calling me “mama.” Before them, I always wore heels – no flats or sneakers – literally everywhere. Oh, and everything was fitted…there’s no way I’d be caught in a shift dress back then! It’s silly to think about it now that I own eleventy million sweatshirt dresses, (pointy-toe) flats, and fashion sneakers. I still love heels now, but not nearly as much…I feel just as powerful and sexy in statement flats and crispy Adidas sneakers. Ultimately, I need to be able to run down the Kroger aisle after my kids, comfortably, and look good doing it.

Top three beauty products you can’t live without.

T: Foundation: Rather than working with multiple shades based on the season, I’ve been mixing Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation (shade 410) with Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer (Mocha) in varying proportions and love the result!  They both have such a natural finish and blend effortlessly. Not to mention, they don’t irritate my oily, breakout prone skin (yep, even in my 30s). The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r shade range is amazing and doesn’t go orange or ashy on my skin, which is seriously the holy grail for melanin mamas.

Lipstick: I love how bright lipstick makes me look and feel pulled-together. ColourPop’s Lippie Stix in “Bossy” and “I Heart This” are my faves, but I’ll dabble in browns/maroons, like “Grunge” and “LBB” in the fall/winter. The price point is amazing, it’s super pigmented, and wears for hours through meals, etc. Just know, #GirlCode dictates you tell me if there’s lipstick on my teeth.

Blush: Blush makes me look awake and accentuates my features in a soft, natural way. I’m generally not a fan of contouring because I feel like blush makes my cheekbones pop just the same! My fave blush is Becca Luminous Blush in Dahlia because it has a shimmer to it for a subtle highlight. I love any product that does double duty!

If you had to pick ONE piece from your closet right now to wear the rest of your life, what would it be?

T: Wow, this is really hard, but I think I’m doubling down on my camo jacket! I’ve dressed that thing up and down; worn it to playdates and church. I had grand plans for this jacket when I bought it, and it has totally lived up to my expectations. So much so that, when I misplaced it a few months ago, I called into question the loyalty of my husband and mother. In my defense, the hubs is known to move my stuff and my mom is known to take it! Anyway, I just really feel like me when I wear it. And well, I always want to be me.

What’s your favorite giant mom bag?

T: I’ve been rocking a leather backpack from Fossil for three-ish years now. It transitioned me out of the diaper bag phase (happy dance!) and it’s still my everyday bag. It’s so, um, “distressed,” but I can’t bear to part with it long enough to get the leather reconditioned. I love that it has a pocket with room for a tablet for the kids, even after all my stuff is in there. I wouldn’t quite call it “giant,” but it’s large enough to lose an apple for a few days…not that that’s ever happened to me multiple times a week. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve stopped selling it, so I’m kicking myself that I missed a good sale on a backup!

Dinner with three people dead or alive, who and why?

T: Is it cheating to consider the Obama family as one pick? Even though they all shared a historic experience, my Spidey Sense makes me think it was uniquely different for each of them. I’m inspired by everything from the grace with which President and Mrs. Obama served our nation to how they raised their children. It’ll be cool to follow them through the years to see where their lives lead and how they’ll continue to contribute to society. No pressure, Malia and Sasha.

Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer at Uber. I love her bold fashion sense, but only second to her business savvy. She was at the top of her game at Apple Music when she stepped down to rebrand Uber as it was mired in scandal. Seriously, that’s demolishing your comfort zone, which is something I’m doing more of. The fact that she does it all while uplifting her squad and never turning down her unique style is beyond inspiring. I’m tuned in to see how she helps get Uber back on the right path.

Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships of Instagram. Eva cracks me up! I enjoy watching how she tackles being a working mother with a young family in NYC. Her posts and stories on Instagram are so real and I can’t get enough! Granted, I can’t relate to the hustle and bustle of Paris Fashion Week, but seeing her thoughtfully pack lunches her daughter won’t eat or finally buying a full set of dinnerware, only to have a child immediately break a piece, feels like a page from the book that is my life.


Keep an eye out for Tiarra in our normal post rotation!  Tiarra, we are so thrilled to have you on the team. Let’s give her the warmest welcome, gang.

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  1. I love following the blog because I get bits and pieces of style inspiration from each of you in different ways. I saw Tiarra’s style challenges and pretty much every time thought damn that’s cool! Can’t wait to add her to my very own personal style team (that’s you all). Smart move, TME!

  2. Totally loving and here for all of this!!!! Go framily!!!! Can’t wait to read more. You inspired me to stay wearing make-up. You may have just inspired me to rock more fashion too!!!!

  3. Tiarra sounds like a ton of fun! If I were lucky enough to spend some time with her, I know I’d laugh every minute and love her company.

  4. YES! You were my favorite style challenge contributor every week! So excited to see you here as a regular! (Is that too many exclamation points, LOL?)

  5. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations, Tiarra! That is a straight up #dreamgig! Can’t wait to see what you come up with on the blog! I’ve loved everything you’ve worn for the challenges!

  6. Oh thank goodness! I adore The Mom Edit (I’ve been a follower for years) but you all needed this shot in the arm–somehow who actually wears COLOR!!! Someone who can pattern mix like a ninja!!! Someone who has SHAZAM!!!! I am already a huge fan.

  7. Welcome Tiarra! I’m so pumped to see a fellow Central Ohio mama. I loved your answer to how your style has changed since becoming a mom. Could have been my answer! 🙂 Excited to see your contributions to the blog… off to follow you on IG!

  8. I’m not usually one to comment, but that holiday family photo!!!!!! Loved everything about it. It’s 9 months til Christmas, I’m 8.5 months pregnant and have no idea what size I will be, I don’t tend to go to fancy holiday parties, but I want to buy everything you’re wearing plus the kids outfits. LOVE so much!

  9. Welcome Tiarra! Bring it girl!! You’re 5′ 3″ with my kinda curves…can’t wait to see more of your chicness!

  10. WELCOME! I’m 5’3″, an Ohioan, an OU grad AND in Corp Comms (but now living in Boston) — so basically you are living out my dream as a TME contributor. Can’t wait to see and hear more from you!

  11. YESSSS!!! This is so awesome and makes me happppppyyy! Welcome Tiarra, I’m excited to see you inspire us all and rock this!

  12. Congratulations!! ? Excited to see more from you, you are absolutely adorable and super funny. It sounds like you have such a sweet little family and your lifestyle gives me #momgoals ?

    • Thanks Molly, you’re too sweet! We all have our #momgoals moments, fleeting as they are, LOL! Glad you’re following along!

    • Thanks, Emily! It was a blustery 30 degrees when we took those pics, so glad to know it was worth it! Thanks for following along!

  13. Congratulations Tiarra! Your family and style are lovely.

    I love that there’s another WOC contributor on TME. As an Asian American woman and mom, I sincerely appreciate seeing Julieta and now Tiarra on one of my favorite blogs. TGIF!

  14. YESSSSS! Tiarra, love your style and love your writing! (The black hole of laughing/yelling between baths and bedtime is SO REAL.) Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    • Marnie, isn’t it fun to pull out all the stops for the holidays? Glad you liked that look and glad to be here!

  15. I’m super excited! I noticed Tiarra from the Style Challenges and loved her the most! She sounds really smart and hard working all while being fashionable. A role model!

  16. Yay! I started following Tiarra on Instagram the second I saw her first Style Challenge. I’m so excited to see another woman of color, with curves, that’s a full-time working mama. As a someone who fits into that category myself, I’m so inspired to see her boundless energy (career+blog contributor+ starting her own blog
    + a husband and 2 children!) and “chic slay” attitude. I no longer have the excuse that I’m too tired to dress myself because I work and have a toddler…if Tiarra can do it, so can I!

    • ECP, Oh dear, idk about “boundless” energy…mostly just faking it till I make it. I’m taking it a day at a time, like you! Toddler life is a legit “excuse” in my book! So, let’s laugh about the days we don’t make it out of leggings and inspire one another when we’re up for a “chic slay!”

  17. Welcome, Tiarra! I can’t wait to see a post featuring multiple looks with the camo jacket (this has gotta happen, right??), esp since I have one hanging in my closet that I always feel like I have trouble styling. I am really excited for your contributions 🙂

  18. Welcome, Tiarra!!! So thrilled with your on-boarding here, your style and joy de vivre is contagious — thank you for sharing your style with us!!

  19. Just echoing the previous comments– I’m so excited to see Tiarra join as a new contributor. Love her style and her writing.

  20. Yay! I loved Tiarra’s style in the weekly challenges! Way to go, TME! So nice to see increasing diversity on this blog.

  21. Awesome news! And as an African-American woman I say thank you for having a woman of color on your blog! It will be so great to see someone with my skin tone here. Love her style and that family photo too. I think you scored a good one! Congrats and welcome Tiarra!

    • Eva, I say “thank you” to TME, too! I couldn’t be happier to be part of this community. P.S. If you’re my skintone, I hope you’ve checked out some of the makeup recommendations in my closet!

  22. Tiarra,
    Go BUCKS!! So happy to have an Ohio girl on The Mom Edit. I am a long time reader and I live in southern Ohio. I love your enthusiasm, your style, and your pictures are amazing!! Welcome!!!

  23. Yay! I am so excited to see Tiarra bring it on TME. I have a feeling I’ll be upping my game pretty soon with her amazing style a guide.

    • Well, CS, if you’re part of the TME community, you’ve already stepped your game up *hair flip.* I’m just excited to keep this party train going! Thanks for following along!

  24. Welcome Tiarra! I loved your style challenge photos and now love you more after reading the interview. This long time reader is eager for your inspiration.

    • Yay, Julie, I’m so happy you’re following along! I had a blast w/the challenges; glad to make it a “thing” now!

  25. So excited! Especially love her family! I’m a mom to a transracial family, two kids adopted from Congo, and it’s so fun to see families with multi races. My kids from Africa especially love it and will say things like “that family looks like ours!” Way to go!

    • Oh Jess, thank you so much for sharing that. Representation is important; I’m beyond honored to contribute to the diversity of this community I absolutely love!

  26. This is awesome. Tiarra’s style rules, and so happy TME is adding a woman of color, a curvy woman, and a working mama all in one go!

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