Introducing…Cams (And Her Resolution to ROCK)


Introducing our newest contributor….Camille!!  I first found Cams during one of my midnight web search sessions when I came across her old blog, Life in Modification.  Her writing was witty and relatable, her outfits inspired (yet easy – a tough combination to find), and I. Was. Hooked.  So I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce her as part of The Mom Edit team.   I feel so lucky and honored to have her here!!  Now, in her own words (and they make me want to stand up and cheer)….it’s time to ROCK.  Everybody, meet Cams.  (ps.  You can find her on instagram here.)




The Mom Edit Mom Style blog Everlane Banana Republic Seychelles outfit

I’m a wife, I’m a mama, I’m a lover, I’m a fighter (my husband will attest to that), I’m a little closer to 30 than I’d like to be and I am the first to admit that I am a style addict through and through.

…but ya’ll. What’s the deal with the constant barrage of perfection we are faced with on a daily basis? I mean…everywhere –  blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, yada yada yaaa-da. We see “perfect” women in perfectly constructed outfits, sipping perfect tumblers of coffee all while perfectly keeping their outfits in order as they push their designer babes in their perfect $900 strollers. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate all of these things. Beauty is beauty is beauty and like every other human, I appreciate it and even seek it out.

…but ya’ll! The bar is set too high. Is perfection, or at least the illusion of it, really what we want, what we should be striving for, what we live for? It’s not genuine and definitely not attainable. At the end of the day,  all I want is to keep my kids alive and happy, feel hot and have fun with my husband, go out on the town every so often and feel frikkin’ good while doing those things…regardless of whether I’m wrestling the kids at Trader Joes (or wrestling someone for the last Kringle – had one yet? You must. They are as close to heaven as you can get. Definitely worth a little tussle in the aisle), grabbing diapers at Target, pacing the back of church with a squirmy babe, running out for a much needed drink with a girlfriend after a hard month/week/day/last hour, flying with two children (because I’m a partier like that), or simply having a night in. I just want to feel good, content and comfortable in my own skin.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. I’m fed up with the same-old-same-old shtick we are being served. I feel bored. I want a change. This year I want to try to accept, embrace, even highlight the flaws in my life, because in doing so I think I may begin to value more what I have to give, what I have to share, who I am (and not apologize for it!) – especially when it comes to my style. So Cams. How?

The Mom Edit Mom Style blog Everlane Banana Republic Seychelles outfit work at home mom


The Mom Edit Mom Style blog Everlane Banana Republic Seychelles outfit home office playroom

I do have a game plan, ladies. It’s not far off from Shana’s own New Year’s style resolutions, actually. (I can admit that I am a shameless S copier)

The Plan

Purge, add, repeat

I am a firm believer that the more you have in your closet the more difficult it is to put together outfits. How are you supposed to make sense out of your clothes if it’s all just a bunch of stuff, stuffed in your closet? So…my remedy: purge. I no longer want to keep clothes just to keep them and feel good about having a full closet. I’ll strictly keep items that I wear on the regular and that fit well. After tossing or selling, I can do the fun part and add some of those wish list type items I’ve had my eye on – these, this and this are a few. They will act as the molecules, so to speak, that bind together with things I already have to create one glorious outfit. Did I just get all science nerd on you? I did. I had to google it, so don’t get too excited.


I’ve always loved a good DIY. However, Pinterest fail is a very real thing.  A lot of the ones I’ve attempted to tackle prove to be way too time-consuming, meticulous and end up falling apart after one wear…or just simply are not practical for a mom. I want to put together simple DIYs (stress on simple) for clothes, shoes, accessories that actually work. They have to be awesome too. Like…seriously rockin’.


I remember being a newly wed. We had a tiny closet, no money, but you know what? I could put together a mean outfit. I had little and it forced me to be creative, to experiment. I didn’t overthink it, wasn’t worried about what other people would think about my ensemble…I just went with it. It. was. awesome. I want to go back to that mentality – try new things, look at my clothes differently, be confident.

Ditch Fear

I struggle with anxiety, always have. It  is rarely logical, causes me to over-think, feel self conscious, fearful and is a seriously big mother effer that gets in my way all too often. I want to make a bigger effort to slow down, notice and appreciate the beauty and joy around me this year. I know that my style can only blossom and ROCK with the absence of anxiety and, in turn, my anxiety will lessen the more that I feel content, comfortable and confident. So. Peace out, anxiety. You’re being dumped this year.

The Mom Edit Mom Style blog Everlane Banana Republic Seychelles outfit home office playroom

& that’s the plan. Sha-boom, baby.

I want a little bit of imperfection. I crave a bit of disarray. It fits me, suits me and makes me feel like me – a bit of a mess, but you bet your patooty I have a rockin’ pair of shoes on.


tee: Everlane Ryan Pocket Tee in a small – true to size, not fitted. If you like a bit of a relaxed tee, order your normal size. Da bomb. For realz. I rarely take it off. I do wash it! Maybe…

skinnies: Banana Republic Medium Wash Skinny Jean, size 4/28, regular (I know, I’m tall…how? I like my skinnies to hit a bit higher than the ankle. Tall sizes are always waaaay too long). Mamas, do not underestimate the power of a higher waist on a jean. I never really knew its magical powers until now. No fear of any kind of bum show when I am bending over to pick-up a kid. I feel like a rockstar in these jeans.

booties: Seychelles Scoundrel Buckled bootie. I am a size 9.5 in shoes, but ordered a 10 after reading reviews. They fit perfectly, but I could never wear socks. I’d definitely order a half or whole size up! These are easily my favorite pair of shoes…and they’re currently on sale. $58. Fifty-eight dollars! Too good.  (Also on sale at Nordstrom, full price at Zappos, on sale at Amazon)




images : Andrea Monteruil Photography 


  1. The Mom Edit just keeps getting better and better!
    Question for Cams: I have the Everlane tshirt in my shopping cart and can’t decide on size. If I was in the Gap, I’d go with a medium, but the nature of the Everlane tshirt makes me think small. Thoughts? I’m looking for a similar fit to how you are wearing it. (Also, I’m Canadian so returns/duties can be a hassle so I like to get it right the first time).
    Thank you!

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