Introducing Our Newest Contributor…..Julieta!!


Wow! The day finally came and I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe I’m going to be a part of this great team. Shana was a big inspiration when I started my blog and I was always using the #myeverydayedit hashtag to see if I could get a feature. But this? I’m still in disbelief. And we met in person! We sat, talked and laughed while enjoying some chips and guac.

So…hola! I’m Julieta. I’m almost 29 years old, a wife to an amazing man, a mom to a threenager, a three-month-old and a baby I never got to hold.  I was born and raised in Colombia, but love and fashion brought me to NY. During a semester I came to study English my now husband made the move and didn’t let me go back to my country without a ring on my hand. He was lucky because I always had in mind to finish college and come to NY to continue my fashion studies at FIT. I quickly returned to Colombia to finish my last semester. Once done, I got married, packed what I could of my life and moved to the United States at the young age of 21. I know I was crazy! oh and he’s Colombian too!

Less Generic Info

I think I’ll have an accent forever. I’ve struggled with depression. My best weapon to fight perfectionism is to confess my imperfections to whoever I meet. My miscarriage changed my life, but I’m thankful for both my depression and my miscarriage. I love God and my prayers are more like tantrums. I check all the labels of the groceries I buy, make protein kale smoothies but have no issue when it comes to eating three or five doughnuts at once.

Designing my own line has always been my dream. My grandma taught me to hand sew and cut some patterns since I was very little. Every time I went to her house I would leave with a bag of fabric left overs to sew clothing for my dolls and barbies. I rarely played with dolls. I would make clothes while my sisters played.

My friends text me asking me what to wear or how to style something, but sometimes I have no clue what to wear myself.

On Style and Motherhood

I’m my pre-kids life I used to have 2 wardrobes to account for my more formal and special clothes and my casual, more like old and stained clothes.  There was very little overlap between these two and I would never wear a nice top on a regular day. I would say “oh, no I can’t waste this today” even if I wanted to wear it.

Once I became a mom and decided to be home, all my “nice and special” clothes stayed intact in the back of my closet. Even if I wanted to wear something from it on a regular day, my mind would yell “you’re going to be home nursing a baby 200 times a day, save it for other day” But the day never came or it would be a long time before it actually did.

It took some time and a change of mindset about my new role and job. I learned that taking care of my son, managing to get out of the house and going to the playground or grocery store was especial enough for me to feel good and wear what I wanted.

I don’t have mom style figured out and never will. It’s a never-ending progress just as motherhood is. However, I believe we can still look good despite the puke, the wrinkles, the sleep deprivation and the dark circles under our eyes.

Like in these pics. They look so cute, but do you know what’s going on behind them?

– 3 year old chopped his hair off one or two days before the shoot. He was also hungry and sleepy, hence the froyo and pizza in the pics.

– I wasn’t chasing him to get a pic of how fun a mom I am…pfff was just trying to get a smile out of him.

– and I totally forgot the diaper bag at home and the baby pooped. Luckily his poop doesn’t smell bad yet!

So, what’s my plan? find ways to look stylishly tired…and be a total mess while doing it.


Blank NYC suede jacket: I literally want it in all colors. Other colors and limited sizes 35% off here.

A&E white tank top I really like the fit. I tucked it in to go for the look I wanted but it looks good on its own.

Asos high waist Jeans: Size W26 L30 for reference. Love the two different washes and the uneven hem. This pair is very similar but I kind of like it more.

Dolce Vita cutout loafers: I wear them at least 3 times a week. Other colors and some sizes here. Obsessed with these too.

Vince Camuto crossbody: Old but I love this one! I can’t live without cross body bags.

Chao, chao!




  1. Love your introduction – your honesty, humility and humor all come through. Look forward to your contributions!

    • Thank you! I think those three are necessary when you’re a mom and want to genuinely connect with others. I’m so excited to start contributing. Let me know of anything you’d love to see!

  2. Hi Julieta! I can so relate to you and being home with my kiddos, I rely heavily on my uniform of lululemon leggings and sneakers. This made me want to put on that maxi dress I’ve been saving for an occasion, on this random Tuesday morning. Looking forward to more from you!

  3. I’ve recent discovered the TheMomEdit and I think I might be a little obsessed! I even made my husband and teenage son read Shana’s post about her Mother’s Day formula (my boys needed a little help in that area!) Thank you Shana, they scored! Hey Julieta! I went to F.I.T. too…Class of (throat clear) 1992! Looking forward to reading more from all contributors.

    • Don’t blame you for being obsessed!!! and I had to give a little help to my boys here too! I loved F.I.T Sometimes I just really want to go back and take a class to see if I use my sewing machine again! What major did you go for?

      • I majored in Marketing Communications and minored in Fashion Merchandising. Attending F.I.T. was an amazing experience for me, I loved every minute! It also opened many doors, I was blessed with a 20 year career in the fashion industry. My last position was as a fashion merchandiser for Federated Department Stores…a.k.a.”My dream job”. Only one thing could have made me leave that job…I named him Finnegan. He just turned 17 and is in the process of checking out colleges. NYU is on his list, so I may get back to my beloved city just yet!

  4. Loved to read this! I think your honesty and humor is a plus these days. Welcome!
    And looking forward to reading more from you!

    • and I love you for loving that! As a perfectionist that wasn’t easy for me. Not exactly the being honest part but more the letting my imperfections out for the world to see.

  5. Thank you for saying “I don’t have mom style figured out and never will.” There has been mass online returns at my house, I just can not get a mom look that is real life. I keep buying something in-between what I was and what I think I can wear. Nothing is working for me I want to give up, but that would mean wearing my nice clothes strawberry picking.

    • What kind of style do you want to wear/used to wear/have in your closet right now? I found one of the hardest things is buying clothes that I used to like so think I should still like it – but it just doesn’t work anymore. My advice is just to go very very basic – nice fitting jeans, plain drapey t-shirts in neutral colours, really great bras, black sneakers, maybe a pair of tan ankle boots. A ponte jacket or blazer or nice waterfall cardigan, something comfy and machine-washable.
      It’s boring, but sometimes you need to go back to basics and then figure out what you really want to add. I found keeping things plain helped after I had my third baby and just didn’t have the energy to wear colourful or edgy or sexy clothes. I just felt like everything was wearing me. And accessories just made me want to run.

      • I have a lot of tight clothes, and high heals. I don’t even own a tennis shoe and have one pair of flat worn out sandals. I was into that rock chic look, now I am trying free flowing free people style. But I am finding that the clothes are too high maintenance (lace, delicate fabrics) or over the top for say story-time. I just bought a white linen tee and a fun bra, but when I went to actually wear it, it just didn’t feel right. I will try your advise. Thank you for your responds. I lol at accessories make you want to run, I could not agree anymore.

        • I actually packed away most of my jewellery for a while. It was too hard to have it all staring me in the face haha. I only just bought a pair of sneakers after years of looking after kids, I didn’t want to go down that road! I love ankle boots with a small heel and if they’re low cut around the top they look good with shorts and dresses as well. I wore black/grey/white/tan for about a year (I had postnatal depression after my third bub as well) but I’m getting back into wearing interesting colours again. It’s much easier to add in a boho maxi skirt here or something blush pink there if you’ve got your basics already sorted.

    • That’s truly frustrating! There are a lot of days that I can’t get it right either and leave a huge pile of clothes thrown on my bedroom floor…and closet…and bathroom. Hope that what I have to say in my future contributions is of help to you.

      and wear your nice clothes strawberry picking and see how you feel. If you feel happy, who cares?

  6. You are absolutely adorable, Julieta! I’m thrilled you have joined this wonderful group, and I look forward to reading your posts and seeing more of your beautiful familia!

  7. ¡Bienvienda! Also – Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Thank you for your bravery in talking about it. I had one also, and I know the ongoing heartache of this loss.

  8. I’m so glad you’re joining the TMR team! I think you’re going to add a really unique perspective. My kids are the same ages as yours, so I’d love to see more of WHAT THE HECK TO WEAR while nursing a baby and chasing a 3 year old???

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