Introducing Our Newest Contributor….Laura!


Gang, I’m beyond thrilled to introduce our latest contributor, Laura!  She’s been killing #myeverydayedit on the regular (@elletrain), we’ve featured her before in one of our reader style columns, and she’s just an all-around seriously kind, creative, and inspiring mama.  (She’s organizing a creative retreat in Portland that sounds AMAZING.  More on that soon.)  Her playful approach to life carries through in her outfit selections, and I think you’re going to love what she has up her sleeve! (I saw a sneak peek of her holiday style – it’s gooood.)  So.  Without further ado….Laura.  -S

Hello! You guys. Wow am I beyond thrilled to become a part of this team…this is so rad. I have been following The Mom Edit for a couple of years now.


I’ve been completely inspired by Shana’s amazing creativity with fashion and her incredible strength as a woman, mama and wife. I’m totally in love with Cam’s easy style and Scotti taught me that I was applying both under-eye concealer and blush wrong for years. (Fixed! Thank you!) I even hacked off some boots thanks to OE (I wore them ALL summer, btw, OE!) Amanda, you find THE coolest home stuff and if I can ever put a hold on shoe shopping I will actually be able to snag some of your suggestions for our new home. Jess, I’m such a fan of your illustrations and style. LOVE. I just so appreciate the content, style and generosity of this group…and the authenticity of these women. I am here to respect the community that exists and hopefully contribute a few ideas here and there.


Being a new mama is such a mix of wonderful and crazy. I adore my little gal, Sienna, who just hit 2.5yrs. I always knew I’d love to have kids and am grateful we were able to have this little spit-fire of a human. But…I realized (it took me a bit) that I am also more than a mama…that I desperately need a creative outlet to be a complete human. I’m a graphic designer by trade and continued to do some of that work after Sienna was born, but the projects were few and far between. Enter this blog…a saving grace as far as my creative outlet was concerned. Shana inspired me to have fun with my outfits again, to not feel like I was too old to wear skinny overalls (I love my overalls), to feel like I had an approachable, convenient way as a new mother to apply my brain to something creative again.

Posy Quarterman Photography,

Yes, fashion is a fun thing: a privilege. But I believe it’s also a fabulous venue for expression of who we are. We need to have that voice. Maybe we have trouble finding that voice elsewhere. Let’s just say my speaking voice is not the most commanding. I have always fought to be heard. Being creative with what I wear and not being afraid to wear interesting things has let me be a bit louder in a different way. Being a small part of inspiring other mamas to feel creative and good about themselves during a really weird, wobbly, confusing time in your life? Yes.

The details: I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband, Pinky (a long story, but a good one) and our hilarious daughter, Sienna. Pinky and I met in Nashville where we worked in the music industry and decided we loved adventures. So, we married and moved across-country in the same year. I am a graphic designer, an artist and a lover of my new-found home in the Pacific Northwest. I’m originally from Arkansas so you’ll hear a y’all now and again. I wish I did more yoga than I actually get around to and I love to dance. My current dream is for Sienna to be able to do the Thriller dance by next Halloween. #toddlerthrillerflashmob anyone?
In my head, my style lives in a place somewhere between Madewell and Joan Jett. I love rock ‘n roll. My go-to items are denim, black jeans, and boots and for the past 4+ years I’ve been learning how to make everything work with a raincoat. I love mixing in vintage finds and items from local shops with more convenient purchases from bigger stores. I like to think that I’m not as short as I am, but have been figuring out a few tricks to make my legs look longer lately. I like adding something that feels tough to each of my outfits.


Oh, yes. And I love getting my haircut. It’s therapeutic. I highly recommend trying a totally different hairstyle now and again. It’s incredibly fun.


Outfit Details

top –  Express Portofino Blouse in a different pattern, but same colors. I’m loving the tiny polka dots!

jeans – Express Mid-rise Flares same fit, but in a different wash. These are a lighter wash and I love Free People jeans.

bootsvery similar and same brand, but a different color.

hat  – similar

ring – Old Stylemint, but this scarab ring is also really cool.

earrings – Mine were my grandmother’s, but these are lovely and similar.


on Sienna

top –  similar H&M top

jeans – Circo denim leggings

bootsMinnetonka fringe boots

hat – H&M from last year and I cannot find it this time of year, but OMG this one is so cute!!


Photography credit for the above pictures goes to the fabulously talented Posy Quarterman Photography who was as excited as I was about doing a family photoshoot in a trailer park. Hahaha! She’s traveling all over the country in 2016. Be sure to snag a session if she’s coming near you…or drive to where she will be…so worth it!


Also…here is the link to the boots from Instagram! They are SO comfy. They come in black and I’m tempted to get those, too, because even after schlepping around New York for a couple of days in these they didn’t let me down. Ooh, and these are Emu Australia, too, and so rad, right?


Did I say how thrilled I am to be a part of this group? Ok. But really. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn from these women and their brilliant ideas and from you all and your input, too. How fabulous has the holiday content been? Seriously. Thanks for putting up with me as I learn the ropes here. I’m so excited.

See ya soon…



  1. Loved your blog & story, Laura! And Sienna is so dang cute! ❤️ Keep up the great work girl! Great family picture of “y’all!”

  2. Yay, someone in my neck of the woods. Can’t wait to hear about where to shop in Portland and how to dress for the rain. PS any tips for a flooded basement

  3. i live in portland and am excited to have a local contributor as well! love your style and definitely hope you’ll be posting about how you “make everything work with a raincoat,” because that’s hands down my biggest challenge fashion-wise since moving here!!!

    • Seriously, I know! Sometimes I just ignore the rain and wear what I want, but yes, I attempt to make things work with a raincoat as much as I can! Especially lately! Sheesh.

  4. Getting new haircuts was my favorite part of having short hair. And dyeing it, because it grew out so fast then you could just cut all the color off and dye it something else. 🙂 Looking forward to your contributions on the site!

  5. Hi Laura! Im a momma to two boys and have been reading this blog for years. Super excited to see your post because we are packing up the family and heading to PDX from Boston in June 2016! I feel like this is a good sign 🙂

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