Introducing Raising Surfers X The Mom Edit: The Coolest Ocean-Friendly Jewelry


Gang, we are so excited to drop a little collaboration of ocean-friendly jewelry we’ve created with Raising Surfers (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off). We first discovered this brand simply by accident – Aliya stumbled upon some pieces in a little boutique while traveling. She immediately texted, “do you know this brand?? You will LOVE” and then, “I will track them down!”

Imagine our delight when we realized that Raising Surfers, a women-owned and operated jewelry brand, has their home base and studio basically in our backyard (aka Wayne, PA). And not only do they make seriously cool, ocean-friendly jewelry that’s also affordable (each piece in our collab is under $100), but they also sponsor swimming lessons in communities of need, coast-to-coast.

Raising Surfers X The Mom Edit (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

Aliya and I ventured up to Wayne to meet with the owners and designers, Kristen & Ali, and…were basically blown away. Their designs are gorgeous – they feel really high-quality in person and look very luxe on – yet the prices were shockingly affordable. Many of Raising Surfer’s pieces are under $50!

necklace (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

How? It turns out that Raising Surfers mainly use a high grade, carbon-neutral stainless steel as a base, and coat it in recycled gold. They then use a proprietary blend of techniques to ensure their plating process is the best. “It may take a little longer of a process for us – twice is never enough” Kristen explains, but they get results: their Surf Jewels collection is 8 times more durable than traditional gold-plated jewelry. That said, Kristen does recommend rinsing the jewelry in freshwater (and patting it dry) after swimming in the ocean or chlorine. (Actually, she recommends this after any harsh chemical exposure – including ones from our hair & makeup regimes!)

Raising Surfers jewelry pieces are designed and created in Wayne, PA, and their entire ‘surf jewels’ line is also waterproof, tarnish-proof, and hypoallergenic. I happened to mention this to my son, Raines, knowing how much he loves to surf, and got his immediate attention.

Turns out that kiddo had some really strong opinions, and, quite frankly, wanted some pieces he could wear, too.

necklace | ring (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

Thus a little gender-neutral collab was born.

I knew Raines wanted a ring – it’s one of the ways he and his friends all dress up when going out at night, and I know he’s been struggling to find something he loved. So we designed a ring with gentle waves and a soft glow – not super shiny, but not matte, either – evoking the beach at sunset.

ring (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

I especially love the size – it’s not overpowering on Raines, and it’s just chunky enough that I’ve been wearing it as a cocktail ring, too. A seriously cool piece.

necklace | ring (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

Next, we pulled together a necklace that is so cool and badass – Raines and I keep stealing it from each other.

necklace (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

I love that it’s a blend of both strong and delicate chains, as well as a silver/gold mix. You’ll be seeing this necklace on me quite a bit (once I get my own copy, haha).

Sidenote: the day we shot these photos, the PLAN was to shoot the necklace on both of us…but Raines literally popped out of the ocean, sat for pics, then immediately ran back into the water, yelling over his shoulder, “Tell Mom I love it!” soooo. I’ll shoot that necklace later, haha.

Besides, we also have these in our collection:

necklace set | earrings (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

Apparently I like my necklaces either big, chunky and edgy…or really, really delicate and layered. And this set is my favorite combination of delicate, layered necklaces. The North Star pendant is hand-stamped, and reminds me of my space-obsessed husband. And the dainty strands we’ve paired it with have sooooo much sparkle. It really is a special little set.

We also worked with Kristen to design a pair of earrings that we could wear like giant hoop earrings, but aren’t giant hoop earrings. They’re just as useful, make just as much of a statement, but are little more unexpected.

earrings | ring (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

I’ve been wearing mine a ton.

earrings | ring (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

Lastly, there’s one more pendant necklace in our collection. Kristen had showed us their amazonite, and we swooned. It really is the most beautiful shade of turquoise, so we created a delicate little pendant with a perfect pop of color for summer.

amazonite pendant necklace | ring (use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off)

Amazonite is also said to soothe the nervous system, and help create calm energy. Raines thinks it’s good for me to wear while watching him surf, gahhhhhh. He’s such a little sh–. Stinker.

He’s a stinker.

A huge thank-you to Kristen & Ali (aka Raising Surfers) for making these pieces come to life. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out. (Check out this video on our Instagram for close ups of each piece)

You can shop the entire Raising Surfers X The Mom Edit collection here. And don’t forget to use code MOMEDIT10 for 10% off.