Christmas!! Comfy Slippers & Fun PJ’s for our Favorite Holiday


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Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.  The lights, the presents, the food, the music . .  . I love it all.  (I’m seriously trying to get my family to go caroling with me this year . . . I’ll keep you posted on how that goes).  Luckily for me, Greenlea has inherited my love for all things holiday – especially Christmas.

This Christmas Eve, we’ll put on our festive pjs and our favorite holiday tunes (Jackson 5 and NSYNC are among our favorites), make some hot chocolate, and dance around the house.  Once the chocolate buzz has worn off, we’ll tuck her into her our bed and read “The Night Before Christmas.”  This is the very book that Dad read to Shana and I every Christmas growing up . . . and I do mean every.  We have a picture somewhere of the two of us, fully grown, sitting on his lap reading this book.  Tradition is my jam and I love that we’re keeping it going.

Once she’s asleep (fingers crossed it won’t take long), we’ll pour some wine, wrap some last-minute presents and have some time to relax together before the craziness that’s Christmas day.  I can’t wait.


Comfy PJ’s & Slippers:

Slippers: LOVE. Not too hot (thanks to breathable, moisture-wicking smartDRI®), super soft and comfy cushioning and with an indoor/outdoor sole.

Sweater Knit Slipper | Striped Knit Slipper | Marla Clog | Gia Flat

PJ’s: These are my new favorites.  Available in a ton of colors and patterns, these are warm and comfy.  I love the buttons at the top that are actually functional – one reviewer said these were the perfect “nursing pjs.”

Greenlea’s PJ’s (similar) There is nothing cuter than Christmas pjs on toddlers and babies.  100% cotton!

Greenlea’s Skirt (similar) I realize skirts are not typical nighttime attire, but she insisted.  #pickyourbattles


Santa always gave us books growing up so we’re keeping that tradition with Greenlea.  Here’s what we’re reading this winter.

I am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness: I just discovered this book, and wish I had it when I was younger.  It’s all about finding peace when the world seems chaotic (doesn’t it always?) and is perfect for both mamas and kiddos.

After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back up Again): I LOVE this book.  It’s all about facing your fears and it’s beautifully written.  This one has rave reviews and a ton of awards.

The Night Before Christmas: If I didn’t have the book Dad read to us, I would absolutely buy this one to read every year.  The illustrations are beautiful and it’s such a great tradition to have every year.



A huge thank you to Isotoner and Amazon Fashion for sponsoring this post!! Pjs and slippers are pretty much my favorite thing – especially during the holiday season!  And readers, thank you SO much for your continued support.  We are truly grateful and wish you all the best holiday!

Photography by Emma Tembreull


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