It’s Movember!



Happy Movember!  

(And yes, Mike is using a chunk of my fallen-out hair.)   Mike D. Making me giggle with wildly inappropriate jokes since 1995.

Go get your guys checked out, Mamas.  We're not the only ones needed by our kids.


Some fun stuff:

I was literally working on a shopping-enabler post of my favorite flannel shirts…when Who What Wear Daily published this one:  Top 20 Flannel Shirts For Fall.  Nice. 

Zara literally has the best coats EVER right now.  I just bought this one (in the army green color) and it's amazing.  Can be worn three ways and is warm and I looove it.

Jentine goes through her process (pictorially) of turning a basic outfit into a fabulous one.  And then accessorizes with a kitty, natch.  SO fun. 

We are crazy-loving our Nature Box snack subscription.  Not only are the snacks insanely good (and save me on those mornings we need to grab-and-go), but they end up costing waaaay less than the snacks we were purchasing at Whole Foods.  (Or, as one of my dear friends refers to it, "Whole Paycheck".)  This might be worth a post on it's own.  Let me know.

I know school has already started, but I'm kinda in love with Boon's lunch gear.  The bento-style Boon Elephant Lunch Box is like a starter bento box (meaning it'll fit a sandwich if you don't want to be all creative that morning.)

With all of the cancer shit lately, I've fallen off of my mom game.  Living Montessori Now's article on How To Start Using Montessori at Home has re-inspired me.  It's filled with really easy tips for all ages.  A must read. 

Remember when we talked about my friend Dena's Free Thursdays?  (Part of an attempt to follow Dave Ramsey's cash envelope system?)  The Happiest Mom shares how they've tweaked the system to be a little easier to follow.  We may try her technique. 

The folks over at i-Ella, in an amazingly kind show of support, are donating 5% of all November bag proceeds to me.  Can you believe it???  I'm thinking about how best to use the proceeds….there are some really deserving organizations out there that I'm benefiting from directly….but WOW.  So nice of them.


Did you guys have a good Halloween?  Ours was OK.  Instead of recovering nicely after Chemo #3, I got hit with a bad cold.  Nothing serious, I think, just crappy timing.  Hopefully will be back to normal by next week.  

Have a good weekend!!




  1. I am in a subscription box frenzy right now (popsugar and kiwi crate) and have just signed up for this. I’d love to know what you guys have liked so far.

  2. Wait, the ultimate shopping enabler is also telling us about Dave Ramsey’s cash envelopes system? Awww, S, you do care about us. 🙂
    I hope you feel better soon. You’re almost done girl. Gettin there.

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