Holiday Styling Tips For Moms: A Modern Take on Lace Tops



Lace is huge this season.  And while I run, run, run away from lace that takes a literal interpretation of scary 80's lace (as in gloves or skintight bodysuits), or lace that is in any way reminiscent of the doily that, for years, covered my grandmother's coffee table, the lace looks I'm loving now are clean, modern and sexy. 

Keeping to our holiday styling formula, described in our previous post, mix one of the new lace tops with a simple tank and jeans, or dress it up a bit with trousers or a skirt. 


I'm wearing Pencey's Lace Bow Top, $128 at, with my standby skinny jeans (Goldsign) and a white ribbed tank from J. Crew.  The dressier the jeans and tank, the dressier the whole outfit looks, but I wanted to demonstrate that you can pull off a party look in an old comfy favorite. 

I especially love this lace top for nursing moms – it's soft, and short and floaty enough to be pulled up to nurse, and a cute nursing cami could easily be layered under.

Add a few glam accessories – in my case, I used a sparkly necklace as a bracelet and added red shoes for a pop of color, but really, any fun bracelet/shoe combo would work.  You can layer any color of tank under a lace blouse, but if you want the lace detail to really pop, use a contrasting color tank.  Looking for something subtle? Layer black over black (or cream over cream, etc).

If jeans aren't appropriate for your event, you can simply replace the jeans with black pants or a skirt. 


Hmmmm….I somehow forgot the red shoes and shiny bracelet in the black pants photo….I blame it on too much wine during the photoshoot*.  This outfit is begging for a little glitz.

Inspired to try it?  Here are my favorite lacy tees that can must be layered over a tank top:

Beyond Vintage All Over Lace Blouse Lnaaa2005012867_p1_v1_m56577569831786759_254x500 Free People Lace Wings To

First is Beyond Vintage's All Over Lace Blouse, $220 at  I love the flattering cut of this top.  It's great for big arms, poochy stomachs and big boobs.  Yeah, momma!  (FYI – Dillards has a top that is similar for only $68).  Next is LNA's Lace Tee, $88 at  I love the delicate rose pattern in the lace.  This shirt is gorgeous, but again:  TANK TOP. (Unless you are an adoptive mother, under 30, with killer abs)  The rest of us….that stomach skin will never look the same.  Cover it up.  Last is Free People's Lace Wings Top, also $88 at  This top is great for the mom with decent arms but whose poochy stomach pops back out after eating.  And now, say it with me: TANK TOP.

Forever 21 Lacy Cropped Cardigan BB Dakota Rose Dust Lace Blouse 

Finally, if you like the idea of a lace t-shirt, but it's just not you, try either Forever 21's Lacy Cropped Cardigan, $22.80 or BB Dakota's Rose Dust Lacy Blouse, $52 at Ruche.  Like the lace tees above, either of these choices can be layered over a simple tank.  The blouse can be worn buttoned (as shown), or sexily unbuttoned, showing a black cami underneath.



*These pics didn't make the cut.  My husband refers to the first one as "Mary Catherine Gallagher" and the second as "Constipated".  HOT.  That's what we're all about, people.  HOT HOT HOT 

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