A Review of J.Crew’s One-Piece Swimsuits (with pictures)


jcrew swimsuit


Guys, I’ve had a long-standing love affair with J.Crew Swim.  It started in high school when I bought a light blue and white seersucker string bikini that my little sister took one look at and pronounced, “DISGUSTING”.

Yeah, it was hot.

Fast forward, uh, several years [snort] and I’m still a huge fan (and Scotti is now too – she quickly got over her Puritanical phase).  Over the years, J.Crew swim has been my go-to for sexy little bikinis, big-pregnant-girl supportive bikinis, and OK-fine-good-enough-it-is-what-it-is-post-partum bikinis.  But this year?

I’m seriously loving their one-piece suits.   Here are my favs, and a review of each:

J.Crew’s Halter Wrap Swimsuit

But first, liquid courage.


Ok.  Let’s do this.

I crazy-love this halter wrap style.  It has just enough ruching to be kind to my tiny but stubborn pooch, and the wrap (when tied tight – that’s the key) covers ‘the girls’ with very little risk of wardrobe malfunction.  I wouldn’t size up in this suit – go for your regular size or even size down – the top needs to be snug.

Mike loves the low back, and the bum coverage leans a little skimpy without being overly so.


J.Crew Halter Wrap Suit in sea mist (size 0 for reference)


J.Crew Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit

This is another one of my all-time favs.  J.Crew’s Ruched Bandeau has enough ruching for softer bellies, and I love the strapless neckline for many reasons: nursing-friendly, no tan lines, crazy flattering, to name a few.  Unlike other strapless suits I’ve tried on, this particular one feels like it will stay up – even without the detachable halter strap.  AND THIS BLUE.  Gorgeous!!

ps.  This suit also comes in short torso, long torso, D-cup AND DD-cup.  Well done, J.Crew.

pps.  If you love this suit, but need more support up top, try J.Crew’s Ruched Halter.





J.Crew’s Ruched Bandeau in tidewater, size 0 for reference, Ray-Ban mirrored sunglasses in matte blue, Tarte matte liptint in fiery

J.Crew’s Italian Matte Deep V One-Piece Swimsuit

J.Crew’s Italian Matte Deep V is my husband’s favorite.  I loved it too…but….there was a little too much potential for boob slippage (especially since my implants are, um, harder than real ones, and pop out of stuff easily).  But this suit comes in a long torso version and is just so sexy and fun.




J.Crew Italian Matte Deep V in pagoda blue (size 0 for reference), Vans, Tarte Matte lip tint in Lively, Pax’s penny board

J.Crew’s Neon Ruched Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

The best thing about this suit?  THE COLOR.  J.Crew’s neon colors are AMAZING, and the Neon Ruched Halter is no exception.



I do have two small concerns:

1.  The neckline of this suit is oh-so-vaugely sad boobs and I’m not sure it would be flattering on Mamas with normal breasts.  But all you breast cancer survivors with implants, REJOICE!  Ha, ha…ha.


2. In a strapless suit, I understand the reason for the high back – it’s for support.  However, I think a sexy strapless neckline offsets the high back and it all works out.  In this suit I felt overly covered up.  Personally, I need something a little sexier – this was just too much suit.  You can kinda see what I’m talking about from the side:


JCrew Neon Ruched Halter, Volcom hat, Tieks Unmellow Yellow flatsBite Beauty high pigment pencil in Zinfindel

I mean IDK.  It’s not bad.  The color is gorgeous, anyway.  But I’ll probably stick with my neon bikini.

J.Crew Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit

J.Crew makes these underwire one-piece suits every year, in a ton of colors and prints.  Mike loved this one, but to be honest, I did not.  Underwire isn’t always comfortable (and since my mastectomy NOT AT ALL), and the body of this suit has too much fabric for my short little self.

However, I’ll concede that it IS super cute.

I think the fundamental problem here is that I keep forgetting my actual cup size.  In my soul I’m a B cup, but all of my bras say D and my brain cannot process this difference (the plastic surgeon and I agreed on a ‘full B’  A FULL B!).  I think if I had actually gone with the D-Cup size in this suit (or heck DD?) I would’ve been happier.



J.Crew Dotty Underwire suit (size 0 for reference), Superga sneakers

So….yeah.  More S than you could ever have wanted to see.  Uh…you’re welcome?  [snort]

But seriously – I find that looking at swimwear on real, not-photoshopped bodies is so helpful.  If you’d like to play along and inspire other mamas (and we’d really, REALLY love for you to play along), feel free to send in a pic.  I’m happy to soften the light, or even completely hide your face and call you Daisy.

All in the name of helping mamas out.

UPDATE:  Cathy recently sent in these pics.  She’s very post-partum (4 weeks!!), and wanted to see if the J.Crew ruching was enough to flatter her post-baby belly…


Cathy wrote:

I called J.Crew customer service for help with sizing and took my best guess. They said to order off bra size and the rest will be stretchy and should fit. They suggested if my bottom half is smaller, to err on the smaller size. Normally I wear a 2 on bottom and 4 on top, but I still have almost 20 lbs to lose, and I’m nursing, so my boobs are huge. I picked two styles to try that come in DD cups and ordered in sizes 6 and 8.

I am going to keep the blue one (size 6DD). It is comfy and fits now, but I think it will also work as the summer goes on and my belly gets smaller. For reference I included a side view of my belly – the style definitely works for postpartum (or probably early pregnant) mamas.  I feel like the style of the red one (size 8 DD) makes my boobs look enormous – maybe the size 6 would have been a better fit but I still prefer the strapless style.

Cathy, thank you so much for playing along.  Post-partum mamas everywhere are thanking you.



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