Wearable Mom Shorts: J. Crew’s Ruffled Shorts


So, mom shorts.  Sigh.  When Shana brought up this style challenge I was all “soooo . . . how ’bout I skip this one?”  I mean, I played along with cropped flares and making menswear glam, but mom shorts . . . they’re like the exact opposite of what you want to put on a person whose booty is big for her body.  As someone whose upper body is at least two sizes smaller than her lower body, mom shorts are pretty much the last thing I’d ever try to pull off.  As Shana’s sister, though, I’m also the last one who would be let out of a style challenge.

I’ve been loving J. Crew lately (these pants are my favorite, wear-every-day-over-and-over pants), so I thought I’d start there.  I could have just taken a picture in the first pair I ordered, had a good laugh and called it a day, but I really wanted to see if there was a pair that I could actually wear (those bermudas would look super cute on a different body . . . just not so much a pear-shaped one).  I ended up ordering these ruffled shorts based off the fact that reviewers loved them.  They were a bit higher than I typically would choose, and a bit wider than I’d like, but I actually found myself liking the way they looked when paired with a slimmer top like the bodysuit I wore them with.  The key, I found, is to wear these with either a body-skimming top or a cropped one.  When I tried to tuck in a shirt (like the model), it just made me look wide.  These shorts definitely accentuate my lower half, but I like them anyway!  Sometimes you just gotta embrace the booty.


J. Crew Ruffled Shorts: TTS, wearing size 6

Yummy Convertible Bodysuit: I love this thing . . . it’s the first body suit I’ve ever found that doesn’t ride up, has no VPL’s and is actually comfortable!  Wearing medium/large . . . there’s a discount if you buy two.

Cropped Denim Jacket (similar)

Sam Edelman Patti Sandals: My favorite, most-worn pair of shoes (available in a ton of colors).  Comfortable lower heel.

J. Crew Petal Earrings: they’re always coming out with new colors for the seasons

Banana Republic Silk Scarf

Lily Jade Diaper Bag: Shana, Cam & I all have this diaper bag and love it.  The insert it comes with is sooo very helpful and this is the only one I used for the first few months of G’s life.




  1. Ok, slightly off topic, but I had to google VPL, which led me to this cool by-women-for-women b-corp fashion athleisure brand, including nursing and maternity! https://vplstore.com/pages/vpl I’d never heard of them before, but they seem perfect for the Mom Edit crew!

  2. More shorts recommendations please! Maybe each of you post about your favorites so we can see what each bodytype likes?

  3. I will have to try these! Between my thighs and the crazy short inseams I hate wearing shorts these days. Have you tried bodens Lottie short? Those are roomie enough in the thigh AND come in various inseam length!!!!

  4. I have some denim bermudas from Banana and find the J Crew selection decent for my pear shape too. Hard to find shorts that are long enough but not too long and big enough in the thigh. Thanks Scotti!

  5. Scotti, I have a similar body type and am really struggling with shorts these days. I’m not interested in short-shorts at all – I feel ridiculous – but struggle to find mid-length, modern, edgy, fun, flattering shorts (who me, demanding??)

    You say “mom shorts” are no good on girls with a booty – but (what does “mom shorts” even mean? Bermudas? Khakis? Anything not denim?

    I would honestly love to see a pic of you in those bermudas – so I can see why they don’t work — and what DOES work – because right now I am avoiding shorts altogether — not really viable for the whole summer!


  6. You look amazing! I so wish I had any booty. Mine is flat and my shorts sag, soI am envious? But I want those shorts and love how you paired them with a heel!

  7. Such a unique post. Love the higher waisted shorts with a fitted top. I am pear shaped but have a super flat chest :(. You always look amazing – well proportioned and toned! I just put the shorts in my J Crew cart …in pink.

  8. While you look great… you are wearing a size 6 so you are not big. I want to see a pear shape with sizes 12 top and 14/16 bottoms in an outfit.

  9. In general, I would love more posts that analyze a style on each contributor and why it does or doesn’t work on their body type and how to make it work or imitate the trend in a workable flattering way. That’s what I struggle with the most. All these nice things featured, but I guess I don’t know my fit well enough. It would also just be nice to admit the reality that we all struggle with some styles/trends (not just boring things) and then tackle that problem.

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