The Kind of Sweats You CAN Wear Out of the House: J.Crew’s Saturday Pants


The other weekend, Zack taught me how to ride a Strider Bike.  Kidding.  Kind of . . . I had to do some modeling for Greenlea, who was SO excited to ride her bike until it came time to actually ride her bike.  She was having none of it.  She even ran away from me at one point and I had to chase her down while carrying the bike (see below). I mean, I can’t really blame her considering I didn’t learn to ride a bike until the fifth grade.  We would go on family bike rides and because I didn’t know how to ride one, I had to sit in a baby bike seat behind my dad.  I was so embarrassed that I would pull his shirt up over my head so no one would see me.  (I’m sure no one had any idea who I was, either).

I don’t want G to end up with the same fate, so we’re starting her early.  


J. Crew Saturday Pants (30% off with code SWEET and also in navy.  They run big, I’m wearing a small and am usually a medium/6/28 in pants.  I LOVE these pants because they’re super comfy like sweatpants but don’t look as sloppy as your typical sweats.)

Band T-shirt (Guns N’ Roses is sold out, but this Led Zeppelin shirt is the exact same cut and on sale for under $20!)

Topshop Faux Leather Jacket (My favorite faux leather jacket of all time is from Topshop and this one is on sale for $60 . . . this one is similar and is available in more sizes)

Converse Dainty Low-Top Sneaker (ALSO on sale, I like this smaller version of the Converse sneaker . . . more sizes available here)

Similar Black Hoops (I love my black hoops . . . they don’t feel as fancy as gold or silver but still add a little something to a more casual outfit)





    • Strider bikes are way faster at bike training than training wheels. They teach balance where as training wheels let the child cheat. My older kids rode a bike at 6 with training wheels and my younger kids rode at 3 with a strider bike to teach.

  1. Keep trying with the strider bike! Soon she will be gliding all over the place!
    Also, these pants look awesome! Some days even jeans are too much.

  2. We love balance bikes! We got my son one when he was almost 3. It took him a few tries to get confident but he zips down our neighborhood trails on it now.

  3. Keep up with the balance bike. We got our son one at 18 months. He ignored it. The when he was 3 he started coasting around on it. On his 4th birthday we got him an actual bicycle and he literally hopped on it and took off on the first try. Did it so fast I didn’t have time to capture the moment on my cell phone!

  4. Yes, just keep at it with the balance bike! My son got one for his 2nd birthday and wouldn’t touch it ’til he turned 4. So frustrating. Was about to buy one with training wheels, like his sister had before, but he saw it in the back of the garage, jumped on again, and once he got back on it, he was a pro in no time and loves it now (we bought the extendable, larger/padded seat to make it more comfy for an older child). And, your outfit looks so cozy while also put together. Love it!

  5. We got my daughter one when she turned 2, and she’s JUST now learning to ride it at 3.5! They go at their own pace. 🙂

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