What To Wear In January: 4 Outfit Ideas


I’ve done some posts in the past about how to wear things like velvet after the holidays, but this year I’m taking it a step further and outlining four outfit formulas that I’ve been wearing this month that I’ll take into the new year.

It doesn’t hurt to start off the year with some outfit ideas that are already tried and tested. I don’t know about you, but January is definitely the month where I try to think less and rest up a bit. The brain cells can use all the help they can get by then haha. So for a little preview, here are the four January outfit ideas. More details below!

January Outfit Ideas: 4 Formulas I’m Taking Into 2024

1: Cuffed Men’s Jeans + Boots + Long Cardigan/Jacket

I wore this to a holiday market this month and it became one of my favorite outfits. Even though my cardigan is a consignment shop find you can easily recreate this look with any one of the stunning statement cardis out there right now or in your closet. I’m not really a cardigan gal, but an oversized maxi cardigan with a fun pattern? YES, please.

january outfit ideas

Similar Cardigan | Similar Jeans | Silver Boots | Similar Bag

Or, do a similar everyday version of this outfit where the proportions that work above are kept, but more everyday pieces are swapped.

Here I do think the oversized shirt underneath levels up the rain jacket a bit and the scarf coordinating with the shirt elevates the look, too. Trusty Doc Martens are always a good idea here and I love the chunky soles with the cuffed jeans.

january outfit ideas

Raincoat (M) | Similar Jeans | Boots | Scarf

2: Monochromatic Sweater + Pants, Plaid Coat On Top

This outfit formula has been my late fall go-to. I’ve worn the second look too many times to count and recently styled up some new favs from Nordstrom in the same vein. If it ain’t broke and all.

This is a great way to make a fun coat really shine and while any monochromatic combo underneath would work great, I’m definitely on a chic ivory kick!

january outfit ideas

Coat (S) | Sweater (M) | Trousers (8) | Boots | Bag

january outfit ideas

Coat (S) | Sweater (M) | Jeans (28) | Sneakers | Bag

3: Fancy Sweats (I Heart Aviator Nation)

I recently discovered I’m in love with Aviator Nation sweats. I snagged some on sale during Black Friday and haven’t looked back. The prices are kinda dumb but you might get hooked too…they’re SO soft and comfy but also look really cute on.

The first set below is my favorite, so go for the styles that look a bit drapey like these. Their designs sell out super fast, but here are my favorite easy places to find them and there are always lots of variety in colors and styles in stock. It’s just tricky to link to any exact design for very long.

Where To Buy: Revolve | Shopbop | Nordstrom | Bloomingdale’s

january outfit ideas

Sweatshirt (M) | Sweatpants (M) | Mou Boots | Coat (M)

Fit Info: I think the Medium set above is super comfy, but it’s a little big. I would probably order a S in the pants and top if I were to order more of these styles. Below I do have the same style pants on in a S and they’re perfect.

Thought I’d link to some additional cute matching sweats I love below. Free City has been a favorite for years, too.

Coat (M) | Sweatshirt (S) | Sweatpants (S) | Nikes

4: Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, Knee Boots + Sweater

I did a whole article on this combo because I love it so much. It definitely freshens up the wide leg cropped jeans we have in our closets and warms them up for winter at the same time. I love that this combo feels dressy but is still super comfy. It’s perfect for elevating a jeans look a bit.

Sweater (S) | Similar Jeans | Boots

Both of the sweaters I’m wearing here are phenomenal, by the way. Above is from Alex Mill (at Nordstrom) and is thick and warm and gorgeous. Below is the Quince Cashmere Fisherman I’ve raved about. You cannot go wrong with either choice. TTS below and the one above runs boxy.

Sweater (M) |  Similar JeansBoots | Similar Bag

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I hope this helps in the never-ending dilemma of “what to wear in January.” Sending warm hugs! Be sure to leave us a comment with your go-to January outfit ideas, too!



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Pro pics by my pal Posy Quarterman.


    • That’s a great question. I had a vintage pair that I wound up just ordering the same size in the Gap pair I recently tried and it was a nice slouchy boyfriend fit. So I think it was 2 sizes up essentially. It will depend on the pair of jeans of course but I found that to accommodate for my hips and booty and still have that slouchy vibe. I hope that helps!

  1. Hi. I just wanted to say that as well as always being super stylish, your articles are always so so helpful in making that style approachable for those of us without your vision. Thank you and Happy New Year. 🙂

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