What To Buy At J.Crew Right Now (#dressingroomselfies and everything)




Trends have been shifting, slippery things lately (especially in the denim department), so I wandered into J.Crew to see Ms. Lyons’ interpretation.  It’s…fantastic.  J.Crew is doing what they’ve always done so well (cozy sweaters, bright stripes), but have managed to update small details to keep the pieces relevant (hello, little bell sleeve, for example).  But the shocking surprise?  The denim.  Let’s get right to it….

This Whole Outfit



sweater (S) | jeans (25) | boots

This entire outfit came home with me.  Technically speaking the jeans did not, but only because I learned that they have PETITE SIZING ONLINE.  Also, tall sizing.  Which is so freaking important when we’re talking cropped flares with that fabulous released hem.  The jean is made out of fairly thick material, has a high-waist, and is comfortable.  The stylist working at J.Crew insisted that they don’t sag in the bum after hours of wear.  I just ordered mine online, so we’ll see.  Fits true to size (I’m wearing a 25), and currently 25% off!

Also of note?  Cozy fisherman sweater, updated with bell sleeves.  I’m wearing a size small.

Lastly, the boots.  J.Crew is doing the mod, higher-on-the-ankle boot to perfection:  a not-too-high, perfectly walkable heel (that’s still sexy), gold zipper detail, and comes in black OR brown.  I’m reallllly loving the brown suede.  Softens up all of my black. (And HEY!  They’re 25% off!)


Let’s Talk More About This Sweater

J.Crew’s sweater sizing has been driving me nuts lately.  If you’re seriously making XXXS an actual, for-real size, and not using it in some kind of jokey, ironic way….your scale is off, amiright?

Anyway, here’s the same sweater in an XS…..





And in an XXS (dying over this color….the fluorescent lights do it no justice)




Which brings me to my next point….


The Best Denim Skirt.  Maybe Ever.



sweater (XXS) | skirt (25) | boots

Um.  I’m confused by how fabulous this denim skirt is.  Soft, stretchy, but still feels enough like denim.  Easy to walk in, didn’t move around all crazy and so stinking flattering.  Currently 25% off, and comes in petite sizing as well.  I’m wearing a size 25 (regular).  Gotta order the petites.


shirt (0) | skirt (25) | boots

This indigo-colored shirt is insanely soft.  I *think* it’s supposed to be chambray, but it feels like one of Mike’s shirts that has been washed a thousand times.  And looks kind of amazing with both light-wash denim and that faded black denim I’ve been wearing on repeat.  Love this one.  And currently 25% off!

Also, Faux-Leather.  And Pleats.



sweater (S) | skirt (00) | shoes

This skirt was another happy surprise. Faux-leather, under $100, and can easily be dressed up, or worn to the office with collared shirts and blazers, or with turtlenecks and some sort of interesting top layered over.  Available in petite or regular sizes, but tall girls may want the midi version.

Confession:  I Bought A Cardigan


cardigan (XXS) | v-neck tee | jeansboots

I know, I know.  I’m not usually a cardigan girl.  But this one managed to walk that fine line between rumpled-and-cozy grandpa cardigan, yet fit across the shoulders, preventing the unfortunate linebacker look that so often happens with truly oversized cardigans.  Also, I really, really wanted something in this mossy green color.

I’m wearing this pair of jeans, I think.  I just grabbed the closest pair – they’re totally forgettable.  But since the denim appears to be 25% off right now, I seriously wish I had tried on this pair or this pair.  Both pairs come in petite, regular, or tall.  Love that.

Prepare to Be Blinded

I was shocked by how much I loved this bright little combo.  Also, I’m wearing the skirt backwards.  Oops.


sweater (XS) | skirt (00) | boots



striped tee (xs) | skirt (00)

Yeah, I’m totally digging the brights-and-stripes.

Now back to that brightly striped sweater – it totally stands on it’s own….


sweater (XS) | jeans | boots

Lastly, Two Cute Tops

There’s some interesting possibilities for this faux-layered sweatshirt.  I’m thinking casual holiday style – festive, fun….but still a sweatshirt.  Perfect for holiday parties at the kid’s school.  I’m wearing the Metallic Ruffle-Neck Sweatshirt in size XXS.  I think fitted is best for this style.


J.Crew is doing a collab with my fav, St. James.  Alllll the stripes.  Give me allllll the striiiiipes….


shirt (XS) | AG jeans (not J.Crew) | sneakers

That’s it!  My current favs (at least the ones available in store).  If any of you have notes or thoughts on the rest of J.Crew’s denim, I’d LOVE to hear about it.  I tried it years ago and was underwhelmed, so J.Crew denim hasn’t even been on my radar.  The cropped flares were a total surprise.

Oh!  Forgot to mention:  Nordstrom is now carrying a small selection of J.Crew!  None of the pieces I’ve featured here are currently available at Nordies, but it is good news for those of us annoyed that J.Crew still charges for shipping like it’s 2003.  I mean please.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend….




  1. I especially love the red skirt with the stripes!

    The jeans in the top pic look great on you…but I’m not sure about these crop flares in general. Can you consider doing an updated denim post? I am getting a little sick of basic skinnies but nothing else seems…practical. I like flares but I’m 5’3 so only with a 4 inch heel – not an everyday look in my world 😉 How do you wear the crop flares? Shoes? And I’m a 28/29 not 25 – is this even flattering for more average sizes?
    I guess I’m really just confused about denim in 2016…

    • This is such a tricky topic! I’m working on a post about cropped flares – which shoes, etc, and it’s really tough. In general they look best with a heel – even a small one.

      Have you tried cropping your skinnies? Just cutting them right about the ankle bone? I’ve found that helps to make mine feel fresh again. And one other trend (if you are getting sick of the skinny jeans) is cargo pants….HUGE this year. More coming on that topic, too.

  2. These are some cute pieces and of course you look great. Can you tell us honestly how you can possibly afford to buy multiple items from multiple high-end retailers each week? We see so many posts about what youre buying from Nordstrom, JCrew, Anthropologie, etc… where do you put all these clothes? How do you budget for these high volume purchases? Do you take things to goodwill or sell online later?

    • You bet. Strange as it may seem, this is actually my full-time job. Part of investing in the business is having current pieces to style. Sometimes just inspiration is good (ex: take your old tshirt and style it like THIS kind of article), but in general, most of the readers at TME are BUSY, and we’re (hopefully) trying to simplify shopping. I tend to read other blogs for shopping and styling inspo, and get annoyed if bloggers are all, “oh look at this fabulous piece from years ago that you have no ability to hunt down, suckas!” You know? It’s a balance. I try to choose pieces that have a reaaaally long shelf life, although, in this line of work sometimes I also invest in trendy pieces just to try them. It helps me figure out if I should recommend a particular trend to you guys, or skip it. Soooo….if there’s a trend you’ve been eyeing, but aren’t sure about, let me know. I’m happy to do some of the legwork. xo

      • My closet is a total disaster right now. When I figure it out, I’ll let you guys know. 🙂 But if I am getting rid of stuff, I usually donate it. I’d love to find an organization like ThredUp that would donate the proceeds…if you guys know of any, let me know!

        • I try to take my nicer donations to my local women’s shelter. I just imagine that if I had to leave all my stuff behind that having a nice outfit to wear would be helpful for a lot of reasons ( vs someone’s cast aside sweats). Same goes for nicer outgrown kids’ clothes.

          I also imagine the closet situation for fashion bloggers to be a bit of a pain in the butt. JoLynne Shane talks about it sometimes on her blog. Do you keep a separate, personal wardrobe? It seems like it would be overwhelming trying to organize and keep track of everything. Plus the weird intermingling between your personal and work life.

          • What a fabulous, fabulous idea. I am going to take all of the nice clothes I can no longer wear (lost 45 pounds! Yay!) to my local women’s shelter. Love this blog for such great ideas! Thanks!

  3. I’ve been a long time fan of j crew, going back to the late 80s/early 90s when I was in middle school! But I gotta say lately their things are tired, poor quality and expensive for what they are. I know the company is trying to change this but I’m just not excited anymore by the stores or catalog. Maybe I’ll get one or two things a year now. The bottoms are all cut super straight, for a “ruler” figure – and I’m a size 8 so not especially big but I do have an actual shape. Yet jcrew offers such a limited selection of styles and cuts in their bottoms (not referring to leg style but ratio of hip to thigh), that I stopped bothering. And I haven’t seen anything inspiring enough to check back. But thank you for the dressing room selfies- those are always entertaining and helpful.

  4. This is awesome! thank you! …so I keep going back to that St James many colored striped shirt….Its catchy…but would one get sick of wearing it?? thoughts?

  5. Just not interested in shopping advice from a person who is a petite 00. These posts are becoming more and more useless. No thanks Mom Edit. How many moms are this small??
    I’m a 4/6 post 2 babies, but nothing from J.crew ever would fit me. They don’t design for curvy bodies.

    • I appreciate Shana and her ability to rock her petite frame, everyone’s body is different and should be celebrated. But I disagree that J.crew doesn’t fit curvy people. I love J.crew for work pants and other basic tops and skirts. I am a curvy size 10. Cable knit sweater I will buy in M if Shana is XS and will try cropped flare jeans. Love stores like nordstrom and j.crew for their easy return policy if something doesn’t fit. And what could be better than crewcuts!

      • I am a curvy 8 and am 5′ 8″ and I find her suggestions useful as well! Not *everything* that looks great on Shana looks great on me but that’s part of the beauty and fun of style. Her several other posters also regularly have beautiful contributions too. As the saying goes “take what you need and leave the rest.”

        • “Take what you need and leave the rest”. I love this. So true and especially good to see this attitude given how people can get all up in arms over blogs. Thanks for this. A good reminder on a Monday morning.

    • As far as I can tell Shana has actually worked pretty hard to be inclusive of all body types (everything from new contributers to careful wording). I say this as someone who used to have similarly critical thoughts of TME. I had to ask myself what it was I was wanting her to do. Gain weight? Look frumpy? Anyway, I realized it was my own issue, not Shana’s.

      But I do think the topic of how American culture treats women’s bodies is extremely fascinating. There’s a lot going on there.

    • As a curvy size 14 and 5’10, some posts don’t apply to me…but others do (Same for J.Crew, btw; their pants don’t usually work, but their sweaters fit well). The fact that Shana and I are built VERY differently doesn’t bother me at all–I can appreciate her style!

      (And to second everyone else…I’d love a cardigan/blazer post! The perfect cardigan is indispensable, but so many of them are just not that wonderful.)

    • I’m 5’2″, a 2-00 (depending on brand/day/etc.), post 2 kids, petite, and even an engineer who has to appear professional in an office all week. And still can’t get dressed/needed advice on styles post all the changes of 2 kids, as well as during the maternity and nursing. So we are out here and we love a blog showing the styles on our size/shape/lifestyle!

      Though I do admit some of my favorites are where they “fix” basic outfits, the shopping posts have totally saved me a few times. (Like swimsuits. Thank you so so so much for the swimsuits ones! I was 4 months post partum at the start of this summer and living 10 minutes from the beach was happy you found me something I felt good in!!!!!!!!)

    • We should be celebrating our bodies differences as women, not body shaming! I am 5’10, size 10/12 and tried a lot of these exact Jcrew items on just yesterday and they looked pretty amazing on me….just saying. Shana, you gave me the perfect ‘edit’ to figure out which pieces will work for me with this styling inspo. THANK YOU!!

      • I would love to see pictures of these clothes on you! I’m a 10/12 but only 5’7″ and pretty broad (frankly, I probably need a plus size cut which doesn’t exist in my size) and Gap, Banana Republic, and JCrew clothes do not fit me at all. They look horrible! It’s very sad. Oh well.

  6. That crazy stripped shirt hurts my brain; I’ve already got sensory overload from two small, constantly loud humans all up in my grill. But the skirt is intriguing. It makes me think of Cam’s post on denim skirts. Are you saying it doesn’t have the multitude of problems she cited with denim pencil skirts for mom life? Is it a denim look with a knit feel?

  7. I’ve never been able to wear j crew pants due to my hip to waste ratio, but I’ve always liked their sweaters. Haven’t been in a store for years, I’ll definitely check out their denim this year- hope they have started offering a more curvy cut.

    • Agreed on the problems with their hip-to-waist ratio! I wish they’d make different styles to fit more body types like many other stores do. In the meantime, I only look at their tops…

  8. You must have a million and one things to write about BUT it would be extremely helpful to have a cardigan post. I know you’re not a fan but many of us find them practical and indispensable yet maddening in terms of finding The Right Ones. Know what I mean?

    Also, the above clarification about this whole fashion blog thing being your JOB is a helpful. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I don’t want to have a ton of clothes because the decision fatigue (Not to mention laundry!) stresses me out. So sometimes it get overwhelmed seeing you guys post All The Things We Should Be Buying Right Now. Especially since I have a somewhat limited clothing budget right now. But then I realize that since this is you’re like a hard core professional at this stuff you wouldn’t be doing a very good job if you only posted articles about the same handful of items (Okay, like my wardrobe…) all season long. I wouldn’t want to read a food blog about the same ten recipes! So yeah. I treat it as eye candy and inspiration so I can pick and choose which kinds of items will actually work for me.

    • This is exactly what I meant when I asked the question above. Like- I turn to the mom edit for advice sometimes and so I followed many instructions during the Nordstrom sale and bought a bunch of things that bloggers suggested I might need, and now I’m reading that I need a whole bunch more things! I need to think more critically and like its eye candy- thanks for that, Beth!

      • I’m glad you understood what I meant in spite of the typos and grammatical errors. Egads! Guess that’s what happens when I post right before going to bed.

  9. I second the idea about a cardigan post. Or a when to wear a cardigan vs when to wear a blazer post. I can never seem to find the right “topper” for my different t-shirts, tanks, and blouses. Thanks, Shana

  10. Seriously I love this blog. I just got the sweatshirt too….not a normal pick for me but you’ve validate my choice. Love the bright sweater and skirt going back,for that next!!!!

    • Just realized I also got the skirt – but got it in black – so excited to wear that! And I just got some New Balances similar to yours but not quite that I found for a steal at Macys 🙂 I’m so glad I found this blog!!!!! just like the Nordstrom Anniversary sale you nailed this!!

  11. I’ve gotten some pieces at J Crew this summer I absolutely love– the ballet cap sleeve tees and a button front denim skirt. I”m a bit surprised because I find J Crew to be a too preppy and tailored for my style (also a bit behind on certain trends??). But individual pieces can be fantastic.

  12. I love everything J Crew is doing for Fall. If I weren’t currently pregnant I would be purchasing like crazy. Unfortunately, I’m stuck trying to find something that isn’t hideous and tent like (I’m petite) or WAY too body con.

  13. Loving those suede boots!!! Reviews indicate they run a little small. Did you get your regular size? Thinking of sizing up for thicker socks..

  14. So I have been kinda meh about Jcrew lately but after your post decided to wander into the store today. Well I walked away with the fisherman sweater and the cardigan, both in the olive green color, as well as a pair of New Balance’s in the all navy! Oh, and I ordered the sweatshirt you featured in the navy version they offer. If my husband only knew where all my shopping inspirations were coming from!

  15. Sitting here reading this and realized I’m dressed in all J crew today! Ha! For the record, I’m about 5’7″ and 170 lbs. I wear a size 12 and I’ve shopped at J crew since I was in high school and bought my first charcoal gray wool rollneck sweater that I pretty much wore as a coat (dear J crew, pleasepleaseplease bring that sweater back). I will admit, though, that I rarely shop at regular j crew anymore. J crew factory has lots of the same stuff (especially the basics/staples) for MUCH less money.

  16. I found your blog on facebook over the summer around the time of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Although my kids are grown and I am in my fifties, I love the appeal of your blog. I have used many of your pictures to purchase pieces to update my wardrobe and keep my look fresh. I am someone who must See something put together in order to get the idea. Thank you!

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