So, What’s Up with the “New” J. Crew?


So, here’s the thing. I’ve got a little bit of a love affair with J.Crew. In my early college years, my aunt gave me a bag of hand-me-downs from J. Crew. I know, awesome, right? Safe to say I was probably budgeting more for macaroni and cheese than I was for nice workwear, so I was beyond excited to dig through and find so many gems. Until then, I’d really only looked through the catalog, filling my mental shopping bag. Moments like that aren’t lost on me when I received the J. Crew catalog last month. My bestie mentioned a J. Crew rebrand, and I thought to myself, “It’s J. Crew…what could they possibly improve?” Well, turns out they had a few things in mind:

    • Provide basics at a lower price point: The J. Crew Mercantile line is quite the steal. Think $50 cardigans and denim and $16 tees. Those are “stock up” prices, even for college students! Those are the items bearing the “J. Crew Mercantile” name; they’re only available online. I have noticed they’re not included in promotions, but may be marked down, like many are now.
    • Make J. Crew Mercantile available on Amazon Prime: Yep, y’all read that right. I mean what is life right now, that we can get a large selection of J. Crew Mercantile delivered in two days? I’m eyeing this gray collar sweater, bell-sleeve sweatershift dress (that I’ll probably also wear as a tunic), and denim jacket. And, by eyeing, I mean already in my cart…Is it Monday yet?
    • Infuse more color: Yep, I’m a fan! I’ll admit, when thinking of J. Crew prior to the rebrand, I probably didn’t associate the brand with much color. I mean, they have neutrals down to a science, but now there’s so much more color EVERYWHERE.
    • Extend the size range: Last I checked, the average woman wears something like a size 16 -18. I’m a size 10. My girls cover the whole range of standard and plus-sizes. Kudos to J. Crew for creating fashion-forward clothing up to size 24.

So, are you excited yet? I sure was, but I had to see for myself. Here are some of the new fall goodies I found at my local store. Lucky for all of us, nearly everything is 40% off through Monday with code “BIGSALE”!

Cute and Casual

Whether you’re planning a look for your casual office or a weekend with your family, here are a few outfits to do it in style.

Sweater | Jeans

I love this camo sweater because leopard can’t have all the fun! This top is the love child of your fave sweater and sweatshirt: It’s soft and goes with everything. Done and done. It’s TTS, I’m wearing a medium. I’ve styled it with the toothpick jeans. I like the length of these, even after I sized up. I don’t have a good pair of black/charcoal wash jeans in my regular rotation, and these are making me rethink that.

Sweater | Jeans | Belt

Hooray for another soft sweater! This merino wool turtleneck sweater has blousy sleeves, giving it a romantic touch. It’s TTS, I’m wearing a medium. I styled it with straight-leg jeans because a little denim variety never hurt anyone. I’m digging the button fly; it adds a little more interest. These jeans had just enough stretch and made my butt look amazing. Bonus points: They’re made from “sustainably-dyed organic Italian cotton from one of the most sustainable denim manufacturing facilities in the world.” Slow clap for jeans that make us look and feel good while doing a little good. They’re TTS, I’m wearing size 30. Don’t tell my skinny jeans…Top it all off with a leopard-print skinny belt, because you’re gonna need one this season.

Sweater | Jeans | Belt

Not sure how I’ve made it this long without a cheetah sweater, but I’m happy to report my life is back on track now. It’s got that weird-cool vibe. You guessed it, it’s super soft. I also love the burgundy stripe detail, mostly because I have the perfect booties to make it pop! I sized up to a large because the sleeves looked too snug in the medium. And yes, throw in the leopard belt for good measure. Same sweet toothpick jeans, size up.


Sweatshirt | Button-Up | Jeans

This sweatshirt is business in the front and the prettiest party in the back. I sized up to a large for a relaxed fit. I’m wearing my usual size 10 in the button-up floral shirt layered underneath. It’s the perfect way to add color to fall layers. Same straight-leg jeans, they’re TTS, I’m wearing a 10.


Top | Jeans

I get it, this top doesn’t look like much, but it’s probably going to be the softest tee you own…it’s so good. It hits near the bottom of the tush, so it’s approved for leggings, too. Yeah, you’ll probably never take this off. Same straight-leg jeans, they’re TTS, I’m wearing a 10.

Fancy Pants

I get it, you can wear jeans everywhere. If your day calls for something a little fancier, I’ve got ya covered.

Pants | Sweater

I’m pretty sure cashmere and silk is the epitome of cool. It’s funny because I never thought much about how different silk pants would feel compared to satin. They’re both lovely, but these silk pants feel weightless, while still being, literally, silky smooth. The print is gorgeous; I chose the pale pink cashmere sweater to pull out the color in pants. I’d finish the look with these leather loafers for work or sneakers for a casual edge.

Blazer | Shirt | Slacks

It felt really good to be in a suit; it’s been a while! The blazer was a smidge roomy in the waist, so I sized down and it was perfect. I liked mixing the pattern with the stripes and the rhinestone embellishment. It’s an unexpected detail on an oxford shirt. I honestly haven’t been in actual, nice zippered dress pants in a while, but these are nice. They’re not lined, but the material was thicker, which is good. I was surprised the length was perfect, too.


Ah yes, back to my pull-on pants, but with a twist. These velvet pants are so fun. I’d love to wear them out to dinner or even an event, in lieu of a cocktail dress. I’d probably style them with a tunic-length, off-the-shoulder sweater or a cami and blazer. Something about the wrap bodysuit was squaring off my curves, which I didn’t think was even possible. I do love the top on its own. Both pieces run TTS; I’m wearing a 10 in the pants and medium in the bodysuit.

A Dress for Every Occasion

Leave it to a va-va-voom velvet wrap dress to be surprisingly sneaky-sexy. Curvy babes proceed with caution if you have a larger bust. I definitely need something underneath, but I’m not letting that scare me away. No worries, the rest of the picks play it gorgeously safe because, balance.

Navy Floral Wrap Dress

I love navy, but this golden yellow is starting to follow me around, and I’m loving it! I think it’s my color this fall, so the pattern was calling my name. I wasn’t sure about the elastic wrist at the sleeve, but I always push my sleeves up, so it works. The material is thicker, which some reviewers hated, but it’s fall, so I think it’s perfect. Supposedly, there’s a (very well-) hidden snap, if that’s too much cleavage for ya, but I didn’t even realize it until I read the reviews afterward! I’m just used to wearing a tank under wrap dresses to adjust as I see fit. It’s TTS, I’m wearing a 10.

Velvet Wrap Dress

Quick! Someone invite me to a holiday party so I can wear this dress! I feel like a corporate Jessica Rabbit. It’s covered up, which is just practical for the Midwest, but the wrap is hitting my curves just right. Again, I’ll need a pretty tank to wear underneath, which is typical for me. I sized up to a 12, which helped a little.


Striped Fit and Flare Dress

This dress is just too sweet. I can see myself wearing it to work or hanging out on the weekend. You may be thinking my fav feature is the mixed stripe detail at the shoulders, but it’s the fit. It’s flawless! It’s TTS, I’m wearing a medium and it doesn’t do the annoying lift in the back at my booty. So nice!

Striped Shirtdress

Don’t make me choose a fav piece, because I can’t, but this dress might be it. I can’t wait to wear it! Be warned, under the waist belt there is a band that really cinches in the natural waist tailoring. It made it slightly snug at the bustline, but nothing a different bra wouldn’t fix. I’d still say it runs TTS, I’m wearing my normal size 10.

Shop My J. Crew Picks

It’s a wrap! After shopping in-store AND scrolling online, with a sale like this, I’d definitely recommend shopping online. My store had some bare sections where they were beginning to bring in the new items. And, it appears some prices were reduced online! Everything I tried is linked below, along with a few others for my online cart.


Eesh, I didn’t realize how much I tried on! I guess you could say I was pretty excited about this big sale. I mean, 40% off (including new arrivals AND clearance) is no joke! Tag me in your haul on Instagram, and follow me there and on, if you’re not already. Happy shopping!



  1. Wow! What a great post. I was seeing some of these looks around and about online, but seeing you wear them gives me great hope. I am going to head there this weekend and check them out. The cheetah sweater YES! The velvet… the all of it! Great post and you look fab

  2. J. Crew is so so good right now! Everything about the revamp is right…the sales, the sizes, the styles, everything! I’ve even purchased some things for my mom (who’s going to Paris and Rome in February!!!) We have two J. Crew Mercantile stores around us here in Philly and honestly, for the basics (think basic sweaters, classic white blouses) I wouldn’t buy them from a regular J. Crew store anymore. The details are all the same for a fraction of the price. Both of the tops that I have on in my #tmestylechallenge post are from Mercantile and they were both under $25. Now, if J. Crew would only bring back the classic rollneck in WOOL, like I wore from 1992 to about 1998, all would be right in my world again!!!

    • I’m a little late on the comments here, but just wanted to say I’m super jealous you have a J. Crew Mercantile stores!!!!

  3. I love your style!!! More posts by you!!!! :). Could you do more work casual-ish posts specifically? I work in a doctors office and am always looking for cute outfits.

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