Do I Still Love J.Crew Swimsuits? A Try-On


Ahh here it is. The lovely February swimsuit try-on. Honestly, it’s fine (and I think this is publishing early March) because you know what I’ve discovered? Self-tanner is my forever bestie…and not just for swimsuit try-ons mid-winter, but if I’m feeling down…self-tanner! Feeling bloated? Self-tanner! I swear. Make fun of me if you will, but I forget how much it lifts my spirits. What I am using right now is this one, at Amazon…non-toxic and non-streaking. Love it!

Anyhoo, J.Crew has forever made (like, since high school) my favorite swimsuits. But over the past couple of years, Boden has won me over more than J.Crew. BUT, enter me running across this beauty on a Facebook ad recently…and I was smitten. Ruffles and florals? I know. (Also comes in solids, too.) They don’t seem super up this sporty gal’s alley, but with summer and swim I tend to branch out a bit into more feminine territory. If you want to check out all of our swimsuit picks for 2024, head over to our Swimsuit Guide!

3 New J.Crew Swimsuits (And One Cover-up) I Had To Try

J.Crew swimsuit try-on

Swimsuit (8) | Cover-up (M) | Birkenstocks

So, I thought I’d revisit my old friend and long-time favorite place to buy suits, and do a little J.Crew try-on. When I say little, it’s just 3 suits and a cover-up this time…but hey, it’s still winter-adjacent, my friends, and this is what I could handle right now.

I’ve got a couple of one-piece suits for you that make me feel secure but do not look mumsy, and one two-piece that is…just ok. But have no fear, these one-piece swimsuits I tried make the boobs look good, friends! And as a reminder, I’m 46 and a past viewer has actually accused me of having ‘tired boobs,’ so I KNOW when they look good. LOL

1 | J.Crew Balconette Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit

J.Crew striped balconette underwire one-piece swimsuit

Swimsuit (8)

The Fit + Some Thoughts: OK sure, this suit is cute online, but I hadn’t tried an underwire style in a while…I’m not sure why, but dang! I love! This is such a classic J.Crew suit but either they stopped making it for a bit, or I overlooked it. I adore it in the diagonal blue and white stripe. The top gives great support without needing wider straps.

I could have used some adjusting to pull it up a bit more in the back, but it felt great on and isn’t too cheeky or full coverage in the butt. Just hits in the perfect spot between the two.

J.Crew striped balconette underwire one-piece swimsuit

Swimsuit (8)

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2 | J.Crew Ruched Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

J.Crew Ruched Ruffle One-Piece Floral Swimsuit

Swimsuit (8)

The Fit + Some Thoughts: Like I said, I was so pleasantly surprised with this suit. The blue poppy print…I just couldn’t resist. It’s the Libery of London and Rifle Paper Co lover in me. Sadly it’s now final sale, but if you know your size it’s worth it! And majorly marked down! But this pretty suit also comes in solids, too.

I was worried the straps would fall off but they actually felt nice and secure. I feel like this might be an issue if you’re on the shorter side, but I am just 5’4″ and am short-waisted for reference. TTS and a great suit for sunning by the pool or soaking.

The straps probably wouldn’t hold up to heavy swimming or ocean-play though. This is your vacay suit for that sunny trip to Palm Springs or the beach where you’re planning to read all of the ACOTAR series accompanied by a frozen drink (or two).

J.Crew Ruched Ruffle One-Piece Floral Swimsuit

Swimsuit (8)

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3 | J.Crew French Bikini Top + Ruched High-Waist Full Coverage Bottom

J.Crew French Bikini Top + High-Waist Full Coverage Bottom

Top (L) | Bottoms (M)

The Fit + Some Thoughts: Eh, I felt fine in this two-piece bikini and I don’t wear a lot of bikinis these days. But ehh. I just don’t love the look. The French Bikini top has been a go-to in the past, but I sized up to a large and that was the wrong move. I’d rather have it be a little bit boobalicious than not be supportive enough (too loose in the band, here.) But, I do think I prefer a racerback style or something with thicker straps for my 34D’s.

And these bottoms? No shade if this is what you feel comfortable in, but I think they’re too much fabric for my frame. They feel mumsy on me. I prefer a high rise bottom without ruching and medium coverage. I do a lot of squats every week so I want to show off that booty a bit more!

Not a fan of cheeky though? This might just be the style for you. The fit was true to size and they’re comfy.

J.Crew French Bikini Top + High-Waist Full Coverage Bottom

Top (L) | Bottoms (M)

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To Finish It Off: The Perfect Swimsuit Cover-up

J.Crew swimsuit try-on

Swimsuit (8) | Cover-up (M)

This voile cover-up is beautiful. I really wanted to hang onto it, and I bet I’ll find myself re-ordering it closer to summer. It’s light, but not too light, and just the best length, fabric and cut. I feel like most I’ve tried are too long or too short. This is perfection. Comes in a few other lovely colors, too.

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Thanks for following along here, as always, friends. I hope this little preview has been helpful if you’re heading on any fun trips this spring! Here’s to sunshine and pool time!



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