Jenni Kayne’s Rove Dress Is 20% Off – Here’s Why I Love Mine


Gang, one of the most beautiful AND useful dresses I’ve ever worn is 20% off at Jenni Kayne. Not only is this dress on sale, but it’s been restocked…again…but better. Confusing, I know – but I’ll explain!!

I bought Jenni Kayne’s Rove Dress last summer, during one of her 20% off sales. Reviewers were raving, calling it a truly special dress. The dress was made from 100% raw silk and those reviewers were right: it’s gorgeous, comfortable, and deeply, deeply chic. The raw silk gives it a sturdy (but luxurious) texture – it really is a unique piece.

jenni kayne rove dress in navy, with a clare v sandy tote and saltwater sandals

dress (s) | bag | sunglasses | shoes

This dress is comfortable in the heat, looks so darn good with even the most casual of footwear AND is the kind of dress that can literally be worn anywhere (restaurants, school trips, traveling, office). I ended up wearing mine multiple times per week, all summer long (including our trip to Biarritz).

woman walking over a pretty bridge in  france, wearing a navy midi dress by Jenni Kayne

dress (s) | bag | sunglasses | shoes

Before I could write about this dress, however, it completely sold out. So, when I first noticed that the Rove dress was restocked earlier this spring, I was, *initially*, thrilled. EXCEPT: Upon further inspection, the new Rove dresses were made from a viscose/polyamide blend, not raw silk. BOOOO.

HOWEVER!!! There has been another restock!! In addition to the “black” and “tan” Rove dress colors from spring (both viscose)…Jenni Kayne just dropped two new colors – dark moss & ivory – and both are 100% raw silk!

Navy midi dress by Jenni Kayne, with tan sandals and woven bag

dress (s) | bag | sunglasses | shoes

I’ve gotta go back and update the What I Wore in Biarritz article, because I was grumbling pretty hard about Jenni switching my beloved silk Rove dress to viscose (for the same price). Thank you for bringing back the raw silk, Jenni Kayne!

woman wearing jenni kayne rove dress in navy silk, with woven bag and saltwater sandals

dress (s) | bag | sunglasses | shoes

The dress fits TTS (I’m wearing a small), and while the length is probably intended to be a little more midi (I’m 5’3″), the classic shape of the dress really allows it to hit anywhere on your calf and still look amazing.

If you’re in the market for one great dress, a hard-working-but-gorgeous dress to wear everywhere…I’d go with the Rove in Dark Moss. It’ll be the most useful, especially if you plan on traveling in it. That said…I currently have the ivory in my cart. It’s so stunningly beautiful and would be an absolute dream to wear.

I highly recommend this truly special piece (now that it’s back in raw silk), especially at 20% off. It’s still pricey, but the Rove is the kind of timeless-but-interesting piece that I’ll be wearing for years.