Weekend 6.30


My boys are both asleep, napping.  It’s our shore thing, making them nap.  We tend to go to the shore right after school gets out for the summer, and I find that no matter how old they get….they need a reset after a long year at school.  So I make them nap.  They get so pissed about it – they’re 7 and 10 – can you imagine?  But by the end of our first week, they’re resigned to their fate and, I think, relieved?  I swear Pax was happy to go down just now.  Maybe I’m projecting.

If you haven’t yet heard the latest from #keepfamiliestogether, a federal judge has ordered that families separated at the border must be reunited within 30 days.  Which sounds like good news, except for the fact that this administration had completely failed to set up effective tracking methods before deploying their dehumanizing immigration policy.  Which means…their ability to comply with the judge’s order is questionable (at best).  Furthermore, there are cases of parents being deported…only to find out that their children were moved to a different facility in another state.  It’s like watching a horror movie unfold.  What dark days these are for our country.  If you haven’t yet donated to RAICES, they’re still on the front lines of this disaster.  In fact, they’ve just set up a hotline to help reunite immigrant families.  And I’ve really appreciated the coverage from @together.rising on Instagram.  They’re especially good about breaking down the headlines AND keeping us informed on how best to help.

Now….a little distraction.

I’m in a stripe swoon.  This striped set (top linked here, wrap skirt here) is on insane sale at J.Crew.  I’ve been wearing the top on repeat (see it on my IG), and reader Katie sent us this pic, which has me convinced that I need the matching skirt, too.  The top is literally on sale for $12, the skirt, $50.

Before I forget again….this is the cool cowl-neck sweatshirt I was wearing on IG stories (and totally forgot to link).  It’s from Amazon brand Core 10.  I’ve been really impressed with this line – it’s very similar to Zella and Lululemon.

And speaking of sweatshirts…I just picked up this cute tie-dyed one at a local boutique.  They only had a medium in stock, but I like the slouchier fit.  It’s young, sure, but also….fun.  The big question, however, is whether or not pick up the matching shorts.  Too much?  IDK. (I realize that I’ve been talking about sweatsuits incessantly the last couple of weeks.  I blame the beach.  I promise to try and move on.)

On my list.  I’m seriously craving these easy, beautiful, embroidered tops.  My current favorites are this one (from Madewell) and this one (from Anthro.)

Always order the right kid’s shoe.  A friend of a friend just launched the Jenzy app, a foot-sizing app for parents.  You basically use the app to take a photo of your kid’s foot and the app will not only tell you their size, but recommend the best brands/shoes for your kiddo.  NOTE:  Once your kid graduates to adult sizes it no longer works, but I can still use it for Pax.

Well, there goes an hour of my life.  Martha Stewart.com has pulled together a seriously drool-worthy list of 4th of July recipes.  I just spent the better part of an hour browsing through and dreaming.  I suspect the only recipe I’ll actually attempt is the grilled corn with cilantro-salt butter.  YUM.

What’s in the newsletter this week? I’m not feeling the rah-rah-rah USA this July…but we did round up some tops that would work on the 4th…and long past.  Like this.  I’d like to think, despite current events, that we will eventually find our way.

Headed to the beach?  You’ll want this packing guide.  We’ve been working on a fun little something-something to make summertime packing a bit easier.  I know I’m always running around gathering goggles, towels, sheets, a sharp kitchen knife (just me?)….and often leave my own stuff for the last frantic minute.  So.  This guide focuses on a small capsule wardrobe for Mama, as well as suggested outfit formulas for beach days, lunch dates, boat trips, movies on the beach, etc.  The guide will be out soon…but only for newsletter subscribers.  We’re super serious about our newsletter because it’s the only way we can reliably notify you guys of new content on The Mom Edit.  We never, ever spam or share your email addresses.  If you’re already subscribed – thank you.  Look for the Beach Packing Guide to drop soon.  If you haven’t yet subscribed, we’d love to have you!  You can subscribe to our newsletter here.

Lastly, a little something to make you laugh.  My boys are obsessed with this.  We’ve watched it a dozen times.


Happy weekend, everyone.  Squeeze your loves tight.



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  1. As someone who is also not feeling super yay USA at the moment, I just bought my kiddo some pieces from the Tea Collection collab with indigenous artists. It felt like a small way to more accurately remember and celebrate our history, as you put it last week S. They aren’t 100% transparent on how the artist is compensated, but hopefully it’s a generous share. Cheers and happy 4th TME!

  2. Happy 4th!! I love your weekend updates (Updates? Musings? Summaries?). Always a good mix of thoughts and cute clothes. ??

  3. Hi Shana! It tugs at my heart to hear you say you’re not feeling rah-rah-rah about the USA right now. I feel like it’s times like these when we most need good people to believe in what America was founded on. If we forget, over time we might stop fighting for the rights and principles that made us unique in the first place. (Not that think this would ever happen to you, personally, but I imagine you know what I mean.) We don’t have to agree or even support our current leadership to still believe in what America has been in the past and can be in the future.

    Okay, OFF soap box! I’m with Wenderly above who said she enjoys your weekend musings. I always like the mix of light and serious, issues and style—anything you dish up. Sending love!

  4. This country of ours is far from perfect. However, we enjoy a rather unique freedom ( thanks to our service members) in that we can freely express dissenting political opinions without fear of black bag rendition. It is this kind of open conversation that leads to change. I have faith that we can and will get it right.

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