Spark Up Some Backyard Fun This 4th of July!


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Bepa (my childhood BFF) has that quote on a six-foot board in her mudroom. She, more than anyone I know, LIVES that TRUTH! It’s a bit of a mom-gymnastic to balance celebrating our own freedoms and wishing, hoping, praying, living and working for every human to share those same liberties; one that we can all just work our own personal best at, and model for our children in every way possible. And when given any opportunity, we celebrate what we have with those we love!

Here’s some backyard fun inspiration if you too are planning a 4th of July party because, well, more fun is more fun is our Momming M.O.! And yes, we gathered things you can have delivered in time for the party because our other Momming M.O. is procrastination.

Independence Day, July 4th...whatever you call it, it's almost here & we're ready to PARTY. Chill, grill & in the backyard — mai oui. Shopping list, inside.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19

1/  Horseshoe Set – Tell me that playing horseshoes isn’t a life skill we should all be sharing with future generations? I love the classics, and living on the edge. But if safety is a thing, here ya go.

2/ Croquet Set  – And a nod to our British friends and their backyard sports because fun is fun, and b/c we’re also funny sometimes.

3/  Giant Wooden Toppling Tower  – My favorite way to get a little tipsy! Sized for outdoor BIG fun!

4/  Cornhole Set – Classic easy, hours of fun for all ages!

5/  Giant Wooden Playing Dice – Is there a better way to battle summer slide in arithmetic? Probably not one more fun than this!

6/  Hookey – Safer and Cuter than darts. And possibly more fun!

7/  Outdoor Table Tennis – Best investment ever is an outdoor folding table tennis table! A little competition goes a long way toward lots of fun!

8/  Lighted Bocce Ball Set – THEY LIGHT UP!!!  No joke. Bocci just got better!

9/  CLEVR Red Foos Ball Drink Cooler – Well aren’t you clever??? Foos Ball and a Beverage Cooler in one? Amazing!

10/  Grillaholics BBQ Tool Set – Those big fancy sets, does anyone use all that stuff? Not us, we like to keep it simple and just what we need, high quality, and protecting ourselves from the burn. Oh, and easy to clean, that helps too. Done.

11/  Hand-Woven Black and Rattan Covered Serving Basket – Ugh the bugs!  Keep them off the food with these beauties!

12/  Covered Bamboo Serving Tray/Basket – And another beautiful covered basket should you decide this is the most genius idea ever and need to order many of them in two shapes and sizes!

13/  Party Tub – I may have tested a party tub or two in my life…these are the team favorite. They come in many colors, clean easy, sweat less than the metal ones, are a fun pop of decor color, and can also be used for 100 other purposes when the party is over.

14/  Foldable Charcoal Grill – Taking your party on the road? Or cooking up a big party in a not so big space like we do in our city gardens? This guy is the best!

15/  Classic Beverage Drink Dispenser – These are better when they sit on a lift and you can skip that whole edge of the table or counter thing. And I also happen to love this guy’s base!

16/  Weber Genesis II – Need a new grill, have the space and budget and 4th of July is just the motivation you need to go big and go home? Favorite freestanding gas grill. Do you have a line or need tanks…make sure you order the correct one. We have time for procrastination but not for tiny little mistakes.

17/  LED String Lights – Light it up!!!  String lights on porches, and decks, and in trees just add all the right feels to the fun once the sun goes down.

18/  Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill – Are you right there in the middle? Don’t want a giant grill, but have some space? Or maybe you are just one of those people that prefer charcoal! This is the classic, for very good reasons.

19/  Environmentally Friendly Flying Lanterns – The most amazing fireworks alternative ever! First of all, they are biodegradable, so clear that conscience. And it is a magical, spiritual, amazing experience I promise you to light them and send them flying off into the darkness!!!  We’ve done this from the beach a few times and it’s just breathtaking. ***Situational awareness: we don’t send these off into the forests. We’re all on that page, right? Open, often wet fields, rivers, ponds, oceans…but not forests.  


Here’s hoping your 4th is sparked full of fun, love and games with family and friends! 

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