You Need This Crazy Flattering Under $100 Jumpsuit


I’ve always LOVED the way jumpsuits look on other people but never could find one one that worked for me, until now. I’ve tried several throughout the years but they were either unflattering or uncomfortable or too expensive. I finally hit the the jackpot with this one from Urban Outfitters. It’s lightweight,  flattering and under $100. Plus, it’s a wide-leg jumpsuit, a style I was convinced would never work for my frame.

Outfit Details

JumpsuitUO Straight-Neck Linen Button-Down Jumpsuit, $79.00 – Made from Linen, it’s super soft and lightweight and it also comes in three other colors: red, yellow and gingham. It runs a little longer on me than the model in the picture but I’m wearing flats and she has heels on. (I’m 5ft 7in tall)

ShoesLace-Up Raffia Flats, $71.84 – My new favorite shoes for this Spring and Summer. They are so comfortable and breathable and they’re handwoven and ethically sourced from Morocco.

Strapless BraWacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra, $65.00 – A really good strapless bra was essential for this outfit and I love my Wacoal Bra. It’s super supportive and stays up all day long without leaving nasty indentation marks in my skin. They also have full bust sizes.

Tanning LotionSally Hansen’s Airbrush Leg Makeup, $11.99 – If you need a quick and cheap fake tan, this stuff does the trick.  It’s actually make-up that comes off with soap and warm water but it rubs in smoothly and streak free and comes in several shades.

Happy May days ya’ll! It’s finally nice and warm here, so bring it on Summer!




  1. Jess, thank you for including a link to the foundation that makes your look possible. Great to have a recommendation for a decent strapless, with a great size range!

  2. Love love love this!! I think you’re right! I do need this! And I’ll second the thanks for the bra recommendation. I have been searching for a really good one!

  3. Jumpsuit roundup please! I have been looking for one, but I don’t do strapless anything these days…

  4. YESSSS. I think I’m ready to really give this a try…but I need more options. Especially comfy ones please!

  5. Ha….also, clues on how to wear them? Please include undies. I love that Jess included what bra to wear. I get so easily stumped by that.

  6. I literally bought this as soon as I read this post. Just got it in the mail today, and I LOVE how it fits. Even my husband complimented how I looked! This is a pretty amazing jumpsuit considering how self conscious I am of my stomach since having 2 kids.

  7. p.s. Jess….At the risk of asking for TMI….what size bra do you wear? I have 4 strapless bras in my dresser and they all “dig in” after wearing for about an hour or the top of the bra band shows under my arms.

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