Just a Mom, Trying To Find A *Really* Cute Swimsuit


Well, it’s March, which mean that it’s that time of year when I squeeze my un-tanned self into tiny scraps of fabric and take pictures for the internet. Yay swimsuits!

This year, I’m looking for something really…fun. I’m tired of black one-pieces (although I’ll tire of my black string bikini exactly never), and I want a suit (or bikini) that I can play in. And yet, I do not want something overly modest. While the more covered swimsuits often feel good during a try-on February, once summer actually hits…I’ve found that I don’t end up wearing them.

10 Mom Suits That Are Pretty, Cute or Fun: A Try-On

So. I ordered a bunch of swimsuits (& bikinis) that all looked like they could stand up to some movement, but also struck me as playful. We’re talking colors that range from pastel to neon, and prints from florals to tie-dye to conversation prints. There’s even some…embroidery. None of these suits are cheeky, but none are full coverage, either.

I have them roughly in order of my most-to-least favorites.

1. My New Favorite One-Piece: Farm Rio Strapless

best mom swimsuit

swimsuit (m)

THIS was such a fun surprise! On the model, it looked the front ties would squish on my softer stomach (I carry my weight in the middle), so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the opposite happened – the tie-front straps are adjustable (so no squeezing) and actually distracted from any softness in my tummy. I LOVE this suit. Happily, this suit also has a removable halter tie around the neck – it won’t stay up without it (due, I suspect to my fake boobs, thanks to reconstruction after breast cancer).

swimsuit (m)

2. The Best Active Bikini: Beach Riot

best active bikini for moms

top (m) | bottoms (m)

This was another total win. I’m a huge Beach Riot fan because they use this suuuuper soft, ribbed fabric. And the suits are so high quality, there’s zero itchy hot spots, even at the seams (my pet peeve with suits from Old Navy, Amazon and/or Target). I love how this bikini almost has the coverage of a one-piece, but feels sporty & fun. Anthropologie also has this suit in plus sizes, too.

top (m) | bottoms (m)

It’s wildly comfortable, and comes in some seriously fresh color combinations.

3. The Sneakiest Active Bikini: Beach Riot

top (m) | bottoms (m)

This is the exact same bikini bottom as the previous one (solid colors, this time), with a different Beach Riot top – same amazing fabric, tho! This top also feels really secure, and I actually love the coverage. It’s not squeezy, and completely stays put. I can definitely move in this one. There’s a few additional colors to choose from (including sparkle, if interested).

4. Just Really, Really Pretty: Dippin’ Daisy’s Bliss One-Piece

mom swimsuit try on

swimsuit (m)

This swimsuit is another that’s available in both standard & extended sizes. And it’s really pretty on. It’s available in a ton of gorgeous colors, and, despite the plunge neckline, really seems to stay put. This suit was such a nice surprise – it’s much more practical than it looks at first.

swimsuit (m)

5. Bright & Flirty: Seafolly’s Cut-Out One Piece Swimsuit

cute cut out swimsuit for moms

swimsuit (US6/UK10)

Just when I thought I was over tie-dye…I tried this suit. It’s an instant mood booster, and I LOVE how the back looks like a bikini. Seafolly is a really good brand, too, so this one is well-made, durable, and stays put.

swimsuit (US6/UK10)

6. The One Black Swimsuit I Tried: Beach Riot One-Shoulder

cute black swimsuit for moms

swimsuit (m)

Full disclosure: I’ve had this suit in a different color for years. It’s one of my favorites. I was feeling like, ok, maybe I should try ONE black suit? And so I ordered this thinking it would be an easy win, but it’s…different. I don’t know if mine has just stretched out over the years (totally possible) or if Beach Riot changed the shape slightly, but this one isn’t *quite* as high-rise as mine and is a little more squeezy on my right hip. Hmmm. Don’t love that.

swimsuit ()

7. The One That’s Cute, But Not My Color: Beach Riot X Anthropologie

high cut swimsuit for moms

swimsuit (m)

Beach Riot did a collab with Anthro, and it’s great. The fabric is normal swimsuit fabric (NOT Beach Riot’s usual ribbed material) but I like it. I especially love this sunburst design, even those this range of warm tones isn’t great on my cooler-toned skin. (Julieta, you’ve gotta check this one out!)

swimsuit (m)

8. The Most Beautiful Bikini I’ve Ever Seen: Aqua Bendita

best bikini for long torso

top (m) | bottoms (m)

Ok so: the photos do NOT do this suit justice. Actually…neither does my body, haha. I say that with love! Between the high-rise bottoms and the wider top, this bikini really needs to be worn by someone with a long torso – and I am not that girl.

But the colors are stunning in person, and the top has actual embroidery. This is one of the most incredibly well-made suits I’ve ever worn – it’s like art. Agua Bendita, if you’ve never tried them before, is based in Colombia and make truly special suits.

top (m) | bottoms (m)

9. The One That Isn’t Adjustable: CupShe (Amazon) Swimsuit

amazon swimsuit honest review

swimsuit (m)

This one is cute enough, but I didn’t love it. The top isn’t a great fit, and, despite the plunge, feels too-covered. It makes me feel like one of those Utah mom bloggers with the big hats. I mean…fine, but not me.

The biggest problem with this suit, however, is that the straps aren’t adjustable. Like, at all. Which is problem when the back looks like this:

swimsuit (m)

It was really hard to get into.

10. The One That Was Too Squeezy: Agua Bendita

floral high rise bikini

top (m) | bottoms (m)


I think…I think I’m just getting older, gang. And it’s whatever. It is what it is. But what it isn’t, at least for me, not yet, is a suit that is so squeezy. Would anybody else notice? Probs not. But I didn’t feel great in this suit – I didn’t feel cute or playful or happy – and what I learned in this try-on is that there are still plenty of suits that are a big ‘ol dopamine boost. Even for this forty-whatever year old.

And I’m just sticking with those.




  1. They all look great on you! I struggle with suits that have one shoulder or anything that would produce a strange tan line..am I the only one?

  2. i love the lavender and tie dye ones on you! so fun. you look great! i don’t buy them anymore because we live in the midwest and i hate pools (miss the ocean though!)

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