Just Delivered 10.5


Hi Gang!  In this week’s Just Delivered, I’m going through a bunch of cozy pieces that have caught my eye recently: think super soft sweaters, grandpa cardigans, and a silk top I’ll be wearing on repeat this holiday season.



Look 1:
Weekend Getaway Cardi (size xs for reference)
Lost Dreams Silk Cami (xs)
AG The Legging Ankle Jeans (my favs – size 24 for reference)
Cecile Ankle Boot – these are my all-time favorite sock boots.  Just bought in another color.

Look 2:
Fluffy Crew Sweater (size xs) – this is the lavender fluffiness I’m obsessed with in the video

Look 3:
Low Tide Cardi (xs) – cool on the right person (but a little rougher in texture than I’d like)

Look 4:
Park City Pullover (xs) – such a strange fit, but I ultimately ended up liking it….

Look 5:
Rock ‘n’ Roll Cropped Hoodie (xs) – Def Leppard, baby.

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  1. You NEED to try this top:


    I have it in copper and I loved it so much that I snagged it in black (the black is really a very pretty grey!) color too. You can tie the slit to change up the look. It is oversized so xs worked best for me and I could have used an xxs if it was available (I’m 5’1″ and 118#). It is so soft, comfortable, and has amazing drape. It is so easy to dress up or down.

    I loved this post. I had an eye on a couple of the Free People tops you featured and it was great to see them on someone with a similar size. I love how you can get a better idea of how the pieces work ‘in the round’ with the video. That cami is perfection. ?? Thanks!! ?

    • I tried that top and it was such a disaster. I would love to see it work. Maybe I got a weird one but that seam in the pic on the model near her stomach was down by my thigh.

      • It DOES fit more like a tunic on me, but I love it! I’ve been wearing the copper color with distressed skinnies and booties. I pair the black/grey with moto leggings and sneakers. ??

  2. I love this video please do more of them.!!!

    Just kind suggestion. ::

    Maybe get a vintage rug to stand on because the microphone is picking up so much clicking of your shoes… Maybe it’s just me and I’m over sensitive to sound but again love the video it… gives a really good sense of the clothing you are showcasing!! Great job!

      • I am SUCH a clomper, it’s true. Even when I worked at Lockheed, it was a joke that they could hear me coming for miles. Allll 5’2″ of me, haha. But thank you for this!! Syd (the amazing intern responsible for videos) has been saying that she wants some constructive feedback, so this is great.

  3. seriously laughed out loud from your expression wearing the turtleneck pullover. You could do free people and nordstrom vid and I would never get tired of them. Love the cami, the cardigans do seem to look better in pictures than real life, so yes it’s cute on you. Sometimes when I wear all this oversize stuff and and pop on something that actually fits, it’s like hmm maybe I’m going overboard. Then next time it’s back to something oversized. Free people just suck me in so much. I love the last look, but I also like it best on myself and feels like it’s so easy to do and it looks amazing. I just get bored with it sometimes. I guess now I’m challenging myself with this skirt https://www.freepeople.com/shop/modern-femme-denim-mini/?category=mini-skirts&color=030. I just can’t see how it’s going to work without flashing everyone.

    • I had that mini in my cart! And then….dropped it for the very same reason. I mean…SO cute with sneaks, etc but there would be no sitting. And I suppose leggings would help, but I kinda hate wearing leggings under skirts. IDK, man. But yeah – I feel you on this comment.

    • No! It’s very woolly and fluffy, but I didn’t find it itchy at all. Although, it might get itchy if it’s hot outside, it has that sort of feel. I found the second cardigan (the pink-ish one) to be much rougher in texture.

  4. I love this video series, please keep this feature!

    Free People is one of my favorites, especially for their sweaters. They did such a great job for this season, I just bought a bunch of Free People stuff too. Namely, the Park City pullover in the tri-color combo, the ribbed tunic sweater in white and in tomato red, a boho maxi dress, a racerback bralette in black and in blush pink, and a few pairs of their fishnet anklet socks (I’m so obsessed with these, I had up buy all three colors).

    Now I really want the Weekend Getaway cardigan based on your video review….

    • This is an amazing list, but talk to me about the fishnet ankle socks. I’d LOVE to see how you are wearing these. Can I talk you into sending in a pic? 🙂

      • Yes, please!!! I’m so intrigued by the fishnet sock look. I would love to see it in action! I am trying to see if I can go the entire month of October without buying anything for myself, but I think socks might not count, right? Or maybe even camisoles like the one you have on in the video? And quite possibly scarves are ok to buy, too? Like Laura’s huge gray Asos scarf? I’m thinking socks and scarves and camis are more necessities than anything else! Ha!

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