Kate Spade NY & Ice Skating At Philly’s Rothman Rink


If I had to pick my very favorite month to visit Philly….it might actually be December.  Despite the cold, despite the gray skies and the fact that it’s dark by 4PM(!!)…Philly serves up one heck of a winter wonderland.  Rothman Rink, smack downtown in Center City, is a perfect example.   Lights twinkle, music plays, and you skate around this little rink surrounded by beautiful buildings.  (Also?  Heat lamps.)


















Know my other favorite thing about Rothman Rink??  I’ll give you a hint:  It starts with a “D”….




…and rhymes with RINK.  This, my friends, is what happy hour looks like at Rothman Rink.  Oh, baby.




Hot chocolate, adult beverages, and food from Garces.  YES.  Our new fav hang on the weekend.

True to form, I wore my typical uniform for winter outdoor adventures – jeans, sneaks, a puffer coat and fuzzy mittens (bought at a church bazaar in Michigan last summer).




But the icing (icicle?) on this ice-skating cake?  A pair of statement sunglasses.  They’re just the thing to brighten up a little wintertime excursion.  Kate Spade NY sent over this pair – chic, but with an unexpected pop of color and a modern, oversized shape.   Sunglasses like these are like statement necklaces…but they won’t get covered up by a puffer.  WIN.






Outfit Details

top – I’m wearing an old turtleneck under a spot-on, perfectly tailored KSNY wool shell (now on sale!!).  Also in leather.

coatKate Spade New York Funnel Neck Puffer Coat c/o (size XS for reference – I’ve had this coat over a year now and can vouch for its warmth and versatility – I wear it with everything from little dresses to thick sweaters.  One of my most-worn pieces all last winter, and sure to be this winter as well.)

jeans – old Rag and Bone, surf wash

shoes –  Keds for Kate Spade New York Dori Sneaks (unlike Converse, these have a seriously cushy bottom.  I love them.)

bag –  Kate Spade New York Hazy Floral Weekender c/o – a seriously cool duffle.  Perfect for an overnight, or, in this case, our hockey skates.

scarfKate Spade New York Zip Neckwarmer  (the zipper makes this circle scarf fit over – or under – anything)

sunglassesKate Spade New York Raelyn Sunglasses c/o – these were my favorites, but the entire line of Kate Spade NY sunglasses is stunning.


What are you guys up to this weekend?  In a fit of panic, I dug out our old DIY advent calendar and stuffed it with holiday experiences, like a good little Pinterest mom.  I had DIY’d this baby back in the days when I had only one child and thought maybe crafting could be my thing.


No.  Not my thing.

So anyway, I stuffed our old advent calendar full of little slips of paper in which I’ve scrawled things like, “Go Ice Skating”, “Make Hot Chocolate”, and “Give Mummy Christmas Smooches.”  Not sure how that last one’s going to go over.  But my handwriting is so bad (like really and truly left-handed terrible), no one can decipher it.  So frankly I could’ve written, “Mum’s Special Day – She Gets To Shower!” or “Mummy and Daddy Sleep Alone Tonight!!” and they would be none the wiser.

I think tomorrow’s experience is picking out a Christmas tree.  But Pax wants one that goes up to the ceiling and completely fills the room like a forest, Mike wants a fake gold one he can easily stick in the basement after Christmas, and I want a cute little tree in a pot.  All Raines wants is eggnog, so…yeah.  We’re good there.

Philly Mamas, in addition to Rothman Rink, The RiverRink is also open, Franklin Square is doing a light show every 30 min after dark, Santa will be at Frankford Hall from 11:30-3:30 Sat & Sun, or brunching at Sister Cities Park on Saturday.  Whew!

Happy Holidays!!


A huge thank you to Kate Spade New York for sponsoring this post.  Your playfully modern twists on classic pieces make my heart sing.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you so much for the support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.




  1. Love this. We usually go to the outdoor rink at night… If there’s snow it’s truly magical.

    Can you show me some fun ways to style a puffy vest? I just bought a Northface vest in black and I need some ideas for how to wear it. My typical hockey mom look is a sweater and leggings or jeans but I’d like some ideas for how to dress it up some.

    I love what you put together! Even though most of the clothes you show are a bit out of my price range I find myself being more adventurous and less concerned about whether I can “pull something off” than I used to be since discovering the mom edit.

  2. Love this! I had to laugh at all the pics of the lacing of skates – completely keeping it real. I take my two girls skating all the time and – oof – the time spent lacing all the skates! Now wishing for a rink with a bar…

  3. You have the cutest boys! And how you manage to look so effortlessly put together in cold weather is what draws me back to your blog time and again.

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