Shop Your Closet: Solve the Keep-or-Toss Problem With a Picture (in other words, a high-waist denim failure)


Mamas, sometimes the key to shopping your closet is knowing what (and when) to purge.  You just can't make good outfit choices with a closet stuffed full of unflattering, ill-fitting items.  But when something has sentimental value…it can take us (or at least me) a loooong time to say goodbye.  But man, pictures sure help speed up this process.

I've written before about high-waisted denim for post-partum moms.  It's a strange strategy, to be sure, but my old high-waisted Sevens served me well after each baby was born.  Of course, I never showed off the high-waist (which included a jelly-belly squeezing out of the top), wearing them instead with my favorite pooch-hiding sweater.  

You'd never know they were high-waisted.

But my pooch is starting to shrink (albeit very slowly), and high-waisted denim is great choice for all of the shorter tops we're seeing this season.  And tucking a little tee into a pair of high-waisted denim is such a cute nod to the 70's.  

So I busted them out.  You've actually seen this outfit before….but not the a full body shot.  Why?  'Cause I hate it.

What's the problem?  Oh…so, so, so many things.  But let's just start with the fact that I look like a munchkin and go from there:

This outfit has so much potential.  But those pants….sigh.  Those pants.  It's time to say goodbye.

But goodbye was made infinitely easier by finding an awesome pair of high-waisted denim on sale at Nordstroms.  Hello, Mother Denim.  Look at the difference:


(wearing: Mother Drama High-Waist Wide Leg Stretch Denim, Stylemint Charlton tee, Dansko Rhianna boots)

A huge difference, no?

One more side-by-side compare:



Sometimes, Mamas, you just have to commit to a trend, in order to make it really work.  When I bought those Sevens, I wasn't quite committed to the high-waist concept (granted, I was 5 weeks post-partum…)  so this might be a good example of needing to simply refresh a trend.  It often takes our collective eye several years before we really are ready to jump into something so radically different.  And my stand-by denim pre-pregnancy was very low-waisted…making the high-waist on the Sevens felt like a shock.  Now?  Not so much.

I should've known that the Sevens were done, even before I saw the pics.  I haven't worn them once in the past…10 months?  Not a good sign.

They are gone*.  Wave bye-bye!



ps.  And by "gone" I mean that I stuffed them into a box in the basement to be resurrected again if we decide to have a third baby.  Because they are really soooo comfy post-partum.  IknowIknowIknowIknow!  Mamas…should we have a third baby?  I seriously can't decide.  Leaving it up to vote seems just as valid as the "let's just see what happens" approach that other people take, right?  (I'm making myself and Mike crazy.)




  1. Good luck deciding about #3! It’s so personal, but for us it was totally the right choice. I am able to appreciate things in such a different way with my third.

  2. I agree with the above comment, I am so relaxed and have already accepted the chaos that comes with two, so my third is just a breeze and a delight. I’m debating four, but then I’m definitely done!

  3. Love your blog! I am finally able to see the direction I need to go as I start purchasing an adult, non-pregnancy/nursing wardrobe in the near future (only 9 wks. postpartum with #3, so it will be a while longer).
    As for deciding about another baby, it is a truly personal choice for each family. However, I know absolutely that I am finished having children – our family is complete. I waffled and was unsure when deciding about #2 and about #3 – this is how I knew I must not be finished adding to my family. I have no ‘waffle-y’ feelings now. Done, done, done! Good luck!

  4. I am hoping Amanda’s advice will hold true for us. I’m 31 weeks pregnant with #2, and I can already feel myself wondering about #3. The advice I keep getting is that if you’re on the fence about having another child then you’re not done. And man, I think there would be something so freeing about having that full-on conviction that you’re “done”… hoping that it’s all made clear to you either way!

  5. we’re in the middle of IVF for #2 so no help there. but….all my jeans so look like the top pair. now i see it. so so sad. thanks for the posting both pics. read you daily!

  6. My vote for number 3 is YES! πŸ™‚ But then again, this is coming from the lady that wants 5 or 6 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We’ll see, right!?!

  7. Holy Crap! I just realized that the flares I wear every other day are more like the first pair than the second pair. Wow! Not nearly as attractive as I thought. Time to shop…
    And good luck with the baby, seriously such a hard decision. I know that was helpful. You’re welcome.

  8. Wow! That 2nd pair looks amazing!
    Funny you ask about #3. My husband and I were really unsure, but leaning towards #3. Then, on our family vacation, I woke up at 3:00 in the morning and new I was pregnant! Yep…here I am 14 weeks along w/baby #3 that we weren’t even 100% sold on! Very, very excited now of course, but I know this is it for us! I just can’t handle the first trimester one more time! Ugh..
    Best of luck on your decision!

  9. Today I went out in a Anthropologie dress over a J Crew tissue t — both worn over jeans with a slight boot cut — and threw a Boden plaid blazer on top plus a neon yellow scarf. HAD FOUR MOMS tell me how cute I looked at drop-off this morning! Which NEVER HAPPENS. And I would NEVER have done ANY OF THIS had it not been for the daily inspiration your blog provides me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Now … shall I commit to new high-waisted jeans? Will ponder that all week!

  10. Yes, have another! We had to do IVF to have our two boys & if I weren’t 41 & could get pregnant without spending $20K, I would have another.
    And ChecklistMommy, we need a photo!

  11. Like when you “find” the perfect man, you will also just “know” when you are having the last baby. If you don’t have that feeling about your youngest, then it’s probably not your last! All my girlfriends said it too, you just know! Your done with being fat and pregnant, done with losing the baby weight (again & again!) and done with diapers, up all night, etc. Until you get to that point, just keep trying to make more babies!!

  12. What a difference those new jeans make- amazing! And yes, it doesn’t sound like you’re done πŸ™‚ I agree with pp: there’s something about my third that is utterably even more delightful and loveable than the first two times around. Maybe because I know for certain he’s our last. Good luck!

  13. You look soooo good in pic #2; those jeans are very flattering. The other jeans did nothing for your cute figure (I know you talk a lot about your pooch but I have yet to see it πŸ˜‰
    If I weren’t 36 I would have lots and lots and lots of babies! You seem to do pregnancy and post-partum so well…why stop now ? πŸ™‚

  14. So fun to see everyone’s comments ….. I only have one but both my mom and dad came from familys with 3 and she yells me they had a pact NOT to ever have 3 kids. They said it was always 2 against one when growing up! So they said IF #3 were to happen, then they would have #4!! Haha!!! looks like 2 was the lucky number! Good luck, it’s so hard ……

  15. 1. You make beautiful children.
    2. You’re a fantastic mother.
    3. The style/mommy world will thank you for more pregnancy/post-partum posts.

  16. Love that tee any way you wear it… may have to add it to my Pinterest board!
    As for child #3, I am feelin’ ya there. I’m 41, my youngest is almost 6, and I’ve wanted a 3rd since he was born. I know it in my bones. My hubby though is 51 and doesn’t feel the same, but he’s not dead set against it either. There’s a lot in the way of #3 – money, jobs, his fear of my health issues. And going from 1 to 2 was hard, and hit us at a hard time. He thinks 3 will be the same, but I don’t think so.
    So we’ll wait and see. My opinion is to go for it, especially while they are young. The farther out you go, you get into activities, sports, music, etc. and you get your body back, no diapers & potty issues, more independence – and it’s hard to imagine going back to sleepless nights. But oh, what I’d give for one more thud thud in my tummy as I sleep, a peaceful nap together after nursing, tiny little hands & first steps. It’s like watching a flower unfold in slow-motion. Beautiful.

  17. Yay! They had my size left online! Hope they look as good on me as they do on you! Thanks for another great find. As for the 3rd, I am on the fence too. I currently have a 4.5 year old and a 21 month old. VERY superficial of me but I just stopped nursing and am enjoying happy hour with the girls, getting a full night’s sleep (well, mostly) and wearing my pre-pregnancy size again so I do want to enjoy my “freedom” just a bit more before deciding. How about you go first? πŸ˜‰ PS I REALLY do LOVE my babies (guilt settling in for previous statement…)

  18. OMG – you girls totally made my night. Almost all of your comments cracked me up….except for you, Julia Smith. Yours made me cry. In a good way. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the love and advice, Mamas. Reading your comments is hands-down my favorite part of the crazy blogging stuff.
    And I informed Mike that the current “vote” is almost unanimously YES for the third child. Strangely, he wasn’t impressed? Hmmm…

  19. I love the side by side comparison – that really illustrates the point! The new jeans look amazing on you πŸ™‚ And I can totally relate to being on the fence about #3! –Lauren

  20. The new jeans are sooo much better! I love those.
    Yes have a third! Why not?! I am pregnant with a third so I might be a little biased… But after 3 we are done.

  21. As a mom who recently had her third (5 months old now) I can most assuredly say: have a third! It is a party of five, chaotic more times than not, but still a party and a blessing! You look terrific in the new denim, inspires me to get a similar pair! Love your blog! : )

  22. I didn’t feel settled after my first baby- like something was missing. Now that I have 2, I can confidently say that I feel that complete feeling, Of course it doesn’t help that I was sick as a dog during pregnancy and the thought of labor makes me want to faint but I can still say that I am happy with the 4 of us. So I’m done too!
    Good luck. If you’re questioning it, it probably means you are not done. πŸ™‚ GL!
    Love your blog- and your silliness.

  23. I realize that the decision to have a 3rd is more serious than a coin flip, but I read this once, and it really does ring true…
    “When you have to make a hard decision, flip a coin. Why? Because when that coin is in the air, you’ll suddenly know what you are hoping for.”

  24. Tracy – that is one of my favorite quotes – I read it a long time ago and it DOES work. Crazy, but it does – and when the coin lands and I feel disappointed, I know what my heart’s decision is..
    Shana – in terms of the baby – you will find your way. There is no right or wrong.
    And, question for you – do you like the higher rise flare denim or the Lovestory flares better? I am in need of some denim and would like to try flares out. Sadly the Gap didn’t work for me, so now I am on the hunt again…

  25. I hope that everyone’s right – that you’ll know when your family is complete. I’ve honestly felt since my 2nd came along that we weren’t done – even though I’m still getting up twice most nights with him at 9 months, I don’t think we’re done. Hubby isn’t so sure.

  26. I only wanted one kid. And then I had my son and knew I wanted more. I thought I wanted 13. Then I had #2. And now it feels perfect. I have no fantasies about another baby. I definitely did even this early (7 months) with my first. I actual have horrible realizations that I actually COULD get accidentally pG and that terrifies me. So I know I’m done,
    I agree with everyone else. I think you know when you are done.

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