Never Not Talking (& Other Cute Kids’ Graphic Tees From Zulily)


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If anyone else needs the Never Not Talking or the Don’t You Mean Leg Prison Tee featured above right this hot second, I get it…they’re GOOD.

And now for everything else: It is totally a “thing” with many of my friends that when someone gives you a compliment on a cool piece you’re wearing or a fun toy your kids are playing with, the go-to response is to proudly tell them how you got it on sale. I used to think it was only a Midwest thing (I was born and raised in Missouri), but plenty of my East Coast friends do the same thing. We are all in our 40s, many of us professionals who have a budget to invest in full-priced clothing or toys, and yet STILL it’s definitely a badge of honor to NOT have spent a lot on the fabulous look you are rocking. I, therefore, do not know HOW I’ve gone this long without shopping Zulily.

Here’s what I’m looking at and loving today:


Cute graphic tee shirts, swimwear & activewear — some kids' clothes (& family activities) are fun to shop. Zulily brings the sale to us. #addtocart — It's GOOD.

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Kid Tee Shirts That Make The Whole Family Smile

1/ Never Not Talking Tee: I’m guessing many of you may have a little guy or gal who this would work for.

2/ Can’t We All Get Along Tee: My older son would love this one.

3/ Pants-Don’t You Mean Leg Prisons Tee: And this one for my younger.

4/ Is That You Bro Tee: This one definitely made me giggle.

5/ I’m The Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things Tee: Hmmmm…maybe for both of my boys AND their father?

6/ I’m Here To Eat All The Pickles Tee: Considering this as a birthday gift for several of our little friends. Seriously…you come over to my house and eat ALLLLLLLL our pickles? I say this in the most loving way, of course.

Kid Swimwear & Momming In The Sun

7/ Octopus Swim Set: This one for my little guy. So cute!

8/ Mermaid Swim Set: I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of long sleeve UPF swim shirts for all summer long. SOOOO much easier than the constant reapplying of sunscreen.

9/ Striped Swim Shorts: My older son needs several swimsuits for summer–camp and such–so I always am looking for great deals on basic striped shorts.

10/ Blue Swim Set: Always nice to have a few sets for my younger son too–for those times we realize the shorts and swim shirt got left in the corner of the bathroom still wet and smelly.

11/ Unicorn Swim Set: Ummmm…unicorns AND tie-dye? Yes, please. I also really like having the swim shorts option for girls and boys.

12/ Nude Sunglasses: Oooooh! So pretty and at a great price.

13/ Tortoise Shell Sunglasses: Love the color combo on these.

14/ Black Sunglasses: Can’t decide between these or the tortoiseshell–both are good and at a perfect price if you’re a sunglasses misplacer.

Quality Family Play Time Activities

15/ USA Wooden Map Puzzle: We have this and LOVE it! I remember doing almost the exact same puzzle when I was little.

16 & 17/ Unicorn and Shark Popper: I can’t stand nerf guns in the house, so my compromise was these guys. The boys, of course, shoot each other (and us) with them, but we’ve also set up family competitions shooting down cups, trying to get the ball through a hoop, in a bucket, etc.

18/ Giant Checkers: We got this when my little guy was born so that he wouldn’t accidentally eat the checker pieces when my older son and I were playing. It’s a giant set and perfect for the beach, the pool, the yard, or the living room carpet. Easy to throw in a suitcase, too.

19/ Family Bingo: My aunt has one of these for large family gatherings and it’s SO much fun. The kids love cranking the handle and bingo seems so much more official with one of these guys.

20/ Wooden Card Holders: We have and love these too! Great for little (or lazy) hands, and they look a lot prettier on the table than the plastic ones.

21/ Family Charades: We have a giant family charades boxed set, but this card set seems so much more practical. Easy to throw in your bag for travel, too.

22/ Travel Chess: We have this and play it on airplanes and road trips. Comes in a checkers version, too.

Kid Activewear Refresh

23 & 24/ Baseball and Basketball Tee: So cute, right? Love these!

25/ Sports Short Set: Can active kids EVER have too many sports shorts? I’m a fan of finding them in great priced sets.

26/ Tie-Dye Adidas Set: Someone in my life needs this little set. So good.

How To Shop Zulily

I can’t tell you HOW many people I have complimented on their outfit or something their kids are wearing, who have told me proudly, “Oh! I got it on super-sale on Zulily!” They actually sound like a walking advertisement, they’re so excited about it. It’s pure laziness on my part that I haven’t checked them out sooner, since many of my friends have been shopping Zulily on the regular. They have been finding amazing prices on Lolë bags, Boden dresses, Athleta workout gear, Fly London boots, Magnatile sets, designer denim, cool home decor…the list really could go on and on. When Zulily reached out, therefore, to see if anyone at TME wanted to work with them on a post, I felt like it was a sign for me to stop being lazy about trying new things and get on board with Zulily’s different way of shopping.

It’s actually far easier than I thought it would be…here is my Zulily plan:

  1. Set up Zulily notices to go to an email I actually check on a daily basis (super easy).
  2. Glance at the subject line (that includes the brands on sale that day) as part of my morning email routine (also super-easy). 
  3. Click through when I see one of my fav brands or something that sounds interesting (this is actually the super exciting AND easy part).
  4. Do my shopping thing (the site lays out the different brands offered really well and there’s basically a “new store” every day).

What I Found On Zulily

Today is my first day giving it a shot, and so far so good! It really is a different store every day, so today I found the cutest kids’ tees that totally made me giggle out loud, a TON of toys that we have and love, and some great prices on kiddo swimwear and sports clothes that I LOVE finding on sale since we need SO many of these items. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be on the lookout for those higher-end name brand finds that my friends have gotten in the past and will post on Facebook when I see them.

Shop Fav Family Finds on Zulily

Also, note that Zulily has a “Best Price Promise”….basically their price-matching policy. You can read about it here. Thank you so much Zulily and ShopStyle for reaching out and motivating me to try out Zulily’s new way of shopping—-looking forward to finding more special finds with you guys soon.


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