Kid’s Brand Spotlight: Tucker and Tate


Have you heard of Tucker and Tate?  It’s a children’s line of clothing found at Nordstrom that’s similar to Splendid, with a little Tea Collection thrown in…but with more edge.  It’s kinda our fav.


I love how the styles are seriously cool, yet always SO SOFT.  Tucker and Tate designers really seem to try and cater to the kinds of things kids can wear while still running around and being kids.


For example:  Raines hates jeans.  But these pants?  He LOVES.  They’re a good compromise for the sweatpant kid (and they happen to be on sale).


“Mom, can I look mean?”  Sure, buddy.



shirt: Tucker and Tate pullover hoodie

sweater: Tucker and Tate tiger sweater

pants: Tucker and Tate Canvas Lounge Pants

shoes: Vans flames

hat: Neff beanie


Even the Tucker and Tate skinny jeans seemed to pass Raines’ seemingly arbitrary and infuriating pant-test.  I’ve learned not to hold my breath when it comes to R and jeans, but he has worn the Tucker and Tates several times without pitching a big fit about how high the rise come up (Gap) or how much they slide off his butt (Joe’s) so I’m calling this a win.


Pax, who I typically do not include in these types of sponsored posts simply because he is completely and totally unpredictable in every possible way…wanted in on the action.  So he wandered into the studio dressed in Raines’ stuff.




Awwww….right?  DON’T BE FOOLED.  Hugs don’t stay hugs for long in this house.


And we’re DONE.  That’s a wrap, folks.



shirt: Tucker and Tate woven shirt – this shirt is genius for boys.  It’s a button-down made out of t-shirt fabric.  I sent ours back for one size down.  It seems like this shirt runs a bit big (and the fabric is so soft that even a bit snug it’ll still fit ok).

tie: sold out…but to be honest, I didn’t love it.  At this age, the zipper ties work SO much better.  I like this star print zipper tie.

jeans:  Tucker and Tate Townsend skinny jeans

sneaks: Converse for kids

hat: Neff beanie

And BTW, the girl’s Tucker and Tate is equally amazing.  For example….


I KNOW, right?  I’d wear that in a heartbeat.  (Here’s a link to the whole outfit.)

Also?  OH BABY.


If you end up dressing your man-baby in this Tucker and Tate romper, please tag me on Instagram so I can coo. (Actually….this would be pretty adorbs on a girl-baby too….)



ps.  A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  We all had so much fun with this one.  And as always, all product choices, thoughts, opinions, and dubious parenting choices (take the picture or break up the fight?) are my own.


  1. Raines looks like a serious badass here, but the picture of Pax with the hat over his face made me laugh out loud. This clothing line looks perfect for my son–he’s all about comfort but is also on the search for a tie (not sure how he got it in his head that he needed one!). I’ve also noticed that his jeans all seem very wide leg lately and I think it’s time to switch him over to a skinny-type of jean. Here’s hoping he’ll be open to it!

  2. My six year-old has a similar aversion to ‘hard pants’ because *obviously* he can’t run as fast in them as he does in sweats. We live in Spain and last year he wore shorts (also need to be soft!!!) until mid-November, but for the rest of the winter I think accepted to wear non-sweatpants exactly three times. So I am going a-hunting for the pants Raines is wearing! And by the way that smile of his is breakin’ my heart! Thanks Shana for a great post.

  3. Aaaah – I love it! I am forever on the lookout for cool kids clothes that won’t break the bank because let’s face it, when buying times three, it can get expensive. I’ve gotten several things at FabKids lately, but will have to try Tucker & Tate too. Another thing I love is that I could put any of the boys stuff on my boys OR my daughter – that’s another thing I try to do – buy clothing that any of them can wear. I have done it with several of the Harijuku Mini pieces from Tar-jay (their plaid suits are RAD). Annnnd now I’m rambling. In any case, thanks for sharing mama!!


  4. So weird… I was seriously just standing in Nordstrom’s boy section yesterday debating on these pants, and ultimately left without out them because my little guy is a “sweatpants only” kinda dude. Now I’m feeling like I need to give them a try after all! Love the photos of your boys being such boys, too!

  5. So, I clicked through and looked at it, but I don’t get it – what’s a zipper tie? I need to know before my 3-year-old clothes-opinionated boy figures this one out!

  6. I love these posts. I’m always on the lookout for cool little boy clothes, but never end up buying anything but sale stuff from Carters, Oshkosh, or Old Navy because… while I’ll drop several hundred dollars on a single piece for myself, I try to keep the kid clothes to under $10 a piece (I have a 3yo and 8 month old). Selfish? Maybe. But until my kids CARE about fashion, I just can’t justify the price. And right now, it feels like a visit from the queen is the only reason to ever get them both fully dressed. *sigh*

  7. I actually bought a few of the girl items you listed a couple of weeks ago – but how to style them? For example, the bunny sweater. It can easily go too-cutesy. So what would you suggest pairing it with? (And don’t even mention jeans or cool boots – will.not.happen.) It’s gotta be comfy. 😉 Thanks!

  8. You nailed this! I picked up some Tucker + Tate jeans on a whim during the Annual Sale for my “soft pants-only” little guy and they were a huge win! It was the first time he’s ever consistently worn jeans in his 6 years of life. (I also picked up some Joes Jeans at the Rack since they were so cute and I was hopeful that maybe the no-jeans spell had been broken. Alas, they did not work at all. They were “too scratchy” and they had a propensity for, let’s say – plumber-style fashion). Now, I’ll have to go check out the lounge pants…

  9. Thanks for your post! Do you know where they make their clothes and if they’re ethical? I love Nordstroms, they have such great stuff, but it’s hard to find ethically made kid’s clothes, even there 😛

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