Need A Minute? 8 Crafts For Kids To Keep On Hand


We’re a crafty bunch over here at our house, and it stems from early childhood for me. Neither of my parents are particularly crafty, though they’re both musical out the wazoo. But from an early age, I was enamored with crafts and making and creating.

I used to flip through the KidCraft Encyclopedia book of projects constantly as a wee one. When it was time for making a birthday or Christmas wishlist, I’d always go bonkers over all the craft sets: marker sets, paint sets, bracelet making supplies, potholder looms. My parents had it so easy. Give me a set of colorful items to create with and I could spend hours. The organization of an all-in-one kit to create something amazing at the end was just so exciting for my young little self. 

Keep ‘Em Busy: 8 Craft Kits For Kids At Home

Thank goodness my kiddo inherited that same itch to create…all the time. It’s so fun seeing what she comes up with. It took me a bit longer to become a rebel and veer off the path of the instructions, but not my S. I love seeing how she uses the supplies — sometimes to make what it’s suggesting, but other times to go completely ‘off track’ and make her own creation. This girl could go through a warehouse of tape and paper in no time flat. Throw in a few exciting boxes (you know, the ones that beauty products or jewelry come in?) and girlie is in heaven. 

So, while I love giving her basic supplies to create with, sometimes (oh hi, quarantine time) it’s nice to mix in a few bright kits to stir it up a bit….kits that have everything she needs included and in one place so she won’t have to ask me for tape 5 million times in one day…heh. 

We haven’t tried all of these kits out yet ourselves, but just know when it comes to this stuff (surprise) I’m picky. Of the ones we haven’t used, I tried to find those where you create something actually cool that you can use or gift or that were worthwhile and fun. S is 7 years old and interested in these kinds of projects, so most of these are probably best for 7 and up.

Fun quarantine activities for kids? On it! We're rounding up 8 easy craft kits for kids at home -- think rainbows, unicorns, beads & bracelets.

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1/ pop-in bracelet kit: These are just simple and fun, and don’t require much skill, but are great for gifting and sorting through the charms provides a few hours of entertainment. It comes with a TON of charms, so you may want to order extra bracelets

2/ potholder loom: I totally had one of these as a kiddo. Start them now and everyone gets a potholder for the holidays! Done. (more elevated colors here if grandma isn’t into neons)

3/ heart light: I liked this one because it’s a cute end result. Sienna LOVED it when she saw it, so that’s all the approval I needed to include it. It’s definitely something that would have been up my alley when I was a kiddo.

4/ bath bombs: Science lesson and crafting can come together in this one. Love it. This is another set that would encourage gift-giving, which is also a plus! 

5/ unicorn sewing kit: This looks like an adorable first sewing kit. There’s simple stitching on this one, but I mean, if anything can get kids to sew, it’s gonna be unicorns. (Oh darn, currently unavailable, but here’s another similar first sewing kit and here’s another that includes unicorns –whew. 

6/ clay bowls: Love these for a more grown-up gift. They’d make a cute ring bowl for grandma, auntie or a friend.

7/ bead pets: This is on order right now for us. Sienna cleaned out her whole art cabinet to get it. Score one for mom. They do look super-cute, and there’s a great instructional video included with the product information here. 

8/ rainbow mini loom rubber bands: The full rainbow loom comes with a bunch of bands, but the Mini Loom doesn’t. You’ll want to order some of these to go with it!

9/ rainbow mini loom: This is what prompted this whole post. We got the original Rainbow Loom at the beginning of quarantine, but much prefer the Mini Loom for the 7-year-old. The other was a little complex, even for this mom who typically does lots of making. Girlie has made a ton of bracelets with the Mini Loom now though and even sold them to neighbors & family recently because she was tired of waiting a week for her allowance. Haha. My little entrepreneur. She did this all on her own…should I be proud or worried?, heh. 

Bonus find: Uh oh. I found this little terrarium nightlight kit while looking at the details of the clay bowls above. Goodness. I know a little gal who is going to put this on her wishlist immediately! 

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I know the Beastie Boys song isn’t actually talking about crafts, ahem, but that song immediately pops into my head anytime I hear the word crafty. Anyone else? K, thx. Happy Crafting!



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  1. Rainbow looms for the win! The fact that my 11yr old daughter and my 6yr old daughter are equally into them is a win. And the fact that my 8 yr old boy will tolerate them as an activity…double win!

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