Reader Inspiration: Playroom Redo!


When our posts inspire our readers, and they are kind enough to share back, it’s just the best blogging thing ever!  We are moved by you, by all of you always.  But we especially love when you share yourselves back to us!

Remember this post?  Shana’s Playroom Reveal!!!

One reader took it to heart.  And to her own home.  And wrote us with this amazing note:

Hi there!!

You don’t know me, but I had to say thank you for the amazing playroom ideas!!! I had been wanting to update our playroom since it seemed like my 5 and 7 year old didn’t use it much anymore and it was turning into wasted space. After seeing your playroom reveal I was inspired to recreate our space. Both my older kids have January birthdays so my hubby and I did a birthday surprise for them. They flipped out!!! (literally ?) And they basically haven’t left the room since. So thank you for your creativity and inspiration! So grateful.

Lindsay S. 
Lindsay:  Readers like you make it ALL worth it, ALWAYS.  So THANK YOU Woman!!!  And oh my gosh, look at her littles, climbing and upside down, having a blast, and propped like the best looking real life accessory a sofa ever has seen!  The littlest of the littles is pure JOY for sure!
Here’s Lindsay’s Playroom:
Thank you Lindsay, for reading along, for playing along, for taking it and making it yours and for sharing it with all of us!  You rock a wall and rule 3 kids and several mom followers hearts!
xoxo A
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  1. I”d love to hear how you guys did the rock walls! I found some DIY posts that involve cutting plywood sheets to put the hand holds on, then attaching the plywood to the studs in the walls. I’d love some tips!

    • Yes agreed – if I spy correctly, you’ve got something over your drywall here for relatively easy removal sometime in the future. Share the magic! 🙂

  2. For S, we did plywood over plaster into studs. Direct into studs works as well for support, but not necessarily for spacing the rocks for small people. xo A

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