Gift Guide For The Sassy Tween


My gal’s nickname since birth? Little Spicy.

So when co-worker + friend Lex suggested this title for a gift roundup, I knew who she had in mind for the inspiration, haha.

Sienna is now 9 going on 16. There are pop concerts daily from her bathroom as she memorizes lyrics to everything from Olivia Rodrigo songs to Dua Lipa to Imagine Dragons. Girlie wanted to wear makeup every day this summer and brushes her hair in the mirror constantly now, and yet still has that adorable kiddo side to her, hanging on in there. I want to keep that little bit forever…

…like when she still gets SO excited about cool animal facts or tells a silly joke or occasionally, TOO occasionally, mixes up a word. I used to keep a little list of her mixed-up words, and my favorite ever will remain “overgirls” for overalls. Cuteness.

A Fun + Colorful Holiday Gift Guide Approved By My Sassy Tween

My gal recently sold pies (successfully, on her own) to our entire neighborhood for her school fundraiser. Her curiosity is beyond, and she has zero qualms about walking up to start a conversation with anyone at any time about anything.

She compliments strangers on their outfits walking down the street daily, and she is sassy/spicy in all the best ways, and I love it.

I think she could have written “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” hence why I included it, haha…but the teen version actually gets great reviews! It makes me want to read it myself! LOL. I probably should’ve had her just write this whole post. Next time!

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Gifts For The Budding Photographer

We’re stuck at a point where we’re not doing a smartphone for a few years yet, but Sienna would love to take more pictures. This little setup would be so fun for our tweens to use for sleepovers, parties, etc. Posy, my pal and photographer, also suggested one of these thermal-printer digital cameras as a great option if you have a kiddo who takes ALL the photos, haha.

  1. An adorable mint green Instax camera is perfect for letting your tween capture memories of their own.
  2. Clip the photos in this cute cat photo clip! (More animals available too!)
  3. Their first test subject will most likely be a stuffie (or stuffed animal or whatever you call them, heh), so at least get them the softest squishiest kind, a Squishmallow! This one is the cutest.

Gifts For The Future Rockstar

School of Rock classes are definitely in our future. So far, Sienna has an excellent rock education if I do say so myself, but of course, she’s in her pop phase. I’m seriously trying to get her to play bass guitar (#KimDealForever)

4. A classic wool peacoat for Beatles vibes + inspiration. Sienna just got and LOVES this exact one. Runs pretty big.
5. Scrunchies for serious song-writing seshes.
6. “How To Win Friends and Influence People” will come in handy when you’re the next Beyonce.
7. Can’t go wrong with a Rolling Stones graphic tee.
8. Olivia Rodrigo hoodie with cat ears…DUH.
9. A rainbow, Warhol-esque Brittney tee too, obvs.
10. The tween version of a lava lamp? Haha, who cares — it’s adorable.

Gifts For The Artist Type

It’s so fun to think about what your kid will grow up to be in their teen years, college years, adult years. I don’t know that mine will fully follow in my artist/designer footsteps, but she is LOVING this marker set and drawing book right now! It makes me so happy to see her enjoy it.

11. Take it from this art-school girl…Docs.
12. And Chelsea boots in gray leopard are also acceptable.
13. Really awesome marker set that comes with its own travel case. These are dual-ended and in SO many good colors too!
14. A sketchbook with actual no-bleed marker paper is game-changing, trust me.
15. A drawing book on their favorite subject (manga for my kiddo!).
16. YES, checkered flare leggings. We have and adore these. TTS.

Gifts For The Gamer Gal Or Pal

It’s all Minecraft, all the time for Sienna right now, but she’s also been pretty stellar at Mario Kart from an early age. It’ll be fun to see her jam on her own device. I just hope it doesn’t cut into her skateboarding too much (I still have a secret desire to be a skater girl).

17. Minecraft EVERYTHING these days, but this Transforming Turtle Hideout was “SO CUTE! Just look at the baby turtle!”
18. A plushie Minecraft axolotl, of course!
19. Oops, this pink, fluffy “Clueless”-inspired pen prob could have gone somewhere else, but gamer kiddos like pink feathers too.
20. A rainbow Nintendo Switch case…to go with the Nintendo Switch console Sienna will not let up about. Top of her list this year.
21. And/or a purple dockable Nintendo Switch case. She “definitely wants this too, mom.”

Girlie thought when I asked her approval on all of this that it meant she was going to get it all, haha. Nice try, little one, nice try. But she has used those magical, charming persuasion skills to wear me down on a few of these things for sure.

I hope this provides some inspiration and ideas if you’re also shopping for your own wonderfully spicy tween who loves tiny animals, purple, rock ‘n’ roll, drawing and influencing people. Long live Geminis, and if you want to start a support group for Gemini moms, lmk. Heh.

And hey — when you’re done here, head over to our holiday gift idea hub for more seriously cool gift ideas for all your loved ones (or whomever).


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Need holiday gift ideas for the sassy tween who's a budding photographer/artist/rockstar/gamer? I can help! Nintendo Switch, Squishmallows & art supplies, anyone?


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