A Holiday Gift Guide For The Modern Tenenbaum


Stand up straight. Let me get a look at you.

What’s so funny?

It’s nice to see you, too.

Ahhh, The Royal Tenenbaums. One of the quirkiest movies I think I have ever seen (gotta love Wes Anderson), and yet — its genius has made it an all-time favorite. When I watch movies like this one (much like how I listen to music) I really feel it. The style, mood, the subtleties of a character. I walk away from it feeling like I really got it, the whole thing.

In the same vein, a clothing brand can have the very same effect. For instance? Lacoste. It’s such a culturally significant brand. Who doesn’t remember having (or lusting over) their favorite piece from Lacoste?

Now, maybe it’s simply Margo Tenenbaum’s ability to wear a striped Lacoste dress in an amazingly understated way, even with a full-on fur coat, loafers, hair clip, the works…yeah, maybe that’s why I still have such an affinity for the brand. I don’t know though, there’s also a lot of nostalgia there — in the crisply folded colorful polos, the signature croc, all stacked in neat little rows. I remember standing in that store in Georgetown, D.C., and feeling like the coolest person alive.

When Lacoste reached out and asked us to create a holiday gift guide based on their iconic pieces, I was instantly brought back to that store in D.C., and then the shopping excitement set in.

Gifts For The Modern Tenenbaum: The Best of Lacoste

I took some time to browse Lacoste, and came across some really solid inspiration for gifting this holiday season. The selections below are the answer to the question: What Do I Gift This Holiday?? Easy. You buy your guy, your sister, your friend, ANYONE, something very French Casual, yet sophisticated and luxurious.

The Royal Tenenbaums would (and so would I).

Remember having (or lusting over) Lacoste? Like the Royal Tenenbaums, it's French-Casual, yet sophisticated & luxe. A go-to for solid holiday gifting inspo.

1/ Detachable Hood Quilted Water-Resistant Jacket – The color combination, with the stripes, make this a very cool jacket, indeed. The filling is down, and the outer material is water-resistant (which yeah, very useful). It also comes in black and blue.

2/ Unisex LIVE Signature Fleece Sweatshirt – Lacoste did a fun retro spin on their logo for this one. It’s unisex, so everyone can enjoy wearing this too-cool pullover. It also comes in a few different colors (I personally like the white).

3/ Stretch Cotton Pique Zip Polo Dress – This has Margo written all over it. So good. Who wouldn’t want such a chic, cool dress to wear all of the time?

4/ L.12.12 Vertical Tote Bag – Never enough tote bags. Especially when they come in any color your heart could ever desire. Think of that person’s favorite color (or even just one you think they’ll love) and give them the gift of a great carry-all. FYI: can easily be cleaned

5/ SPORT Signature Bands Piqué Track Pants – A breathable and durable material that would be a great gift for that active person in your life (or just someone who likes to be comfortable, honestly). Would look great with the graphic tee and hooded sweatshirt I included.

6/ Graphic Croc T-Shirt – You can’t go wrong with this classic tee. It comes in a few different colors, too.

7/ Petit Piqué Slim Fit Polo Shirt – There’s nothing more classic than a polo, but some versions are just cooler than others. This is one of the cool ones. Slim fit, sophisticated style and whatever color desired. BTW: Petit does not mean it is a petite fit.

8/ V-Neck Cotton Pima Jersey T-Shirt – Anyone can appreciate a really nice t-shirt that they can throw on with anything, any day of the week. This one comes in different colors, too.

9/ SPORT Striped Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt – I’ll just put it out there…this is a winner of a gift. It’s not JUST a sweatshirt. I mean, one could work out in it, but it’s really a more dressed up version of an athletic style. Basically, the person you’re gifting this to could wear it all the time.

10/ Slim Fit Stretch Cotton Poplin Shirt – Never not a good idea to gift someone a really nice button-down. Lacoste does them justice, too.

11/ SPORT Piped Fleece Tracksuit – How good looking can a tracksuit get? Sheesh. I want one! This one is for anyone you know. Comfy tracksuit = happiness.

Shop All Of My Favorite Gifts From Lacoste

Now through 12/25, Lacoste is gifting US a Winter Sale!! Take 30-50% off select styles (exclusions apply) plus, free shipping & returns (that’s always a good thing, right?)

Now I need to go re-watch The Royal Tenenbaums STAT.



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