Lane’s Christmas Wish List


With a four week old baby, life is somewhat of a blur and I have no illusions that I will get much Christmas shopping done this year at all. However, if your wife or partner is a book lover, a bargain hunter, and perhaps a bit of a homebody (sounds so much nicer than shut-in, don't you think), my wish list might help point you in the right direction.

1) Amazon's Kindle for $139. No, I do not want to discuss whether or not electronic readers are going to be the death of paper books. (Maybe when I'm less sleep deprived and more likely to have use of two hands) Yes, I do want to be able to read for pleasure with one hand while breastfeeding and walking circles in my apartment with a baby on my shoulder because it's the only place she seems happy.


2) Wrap Dress with Shawl Collar by Lirola for $98. I love this Etsy shop, and this gorgeous, richly colored dress looks like the perfect antidote to my post-partum pooch, and has all the right elements to be dressed-up with heels, dressed down with flats or boots, and worn basically every day.


3) The limited edition, restored Beauty and the Beast DVD for $17.99. I know Disney movies aren't exactly the educational fare that hip moms will allow their kids to watch these days, but as soon as I heard this movie was being re-released, I knew my future daugther/son would have it in their video library. Why have kids at all if you can't re-live your old childhood a little? Belle was always my favorite Disney heroine, because she loved books, wasn't a princess and lived in an adorable French village where baguettes are plentiful.
3) Shawl the Bubble-Sunshine for $68. Everything about this makes me feel good! It's handmade, soft, and a lovely shade of yellow that will make the gray of winter seem more bearable!


4) French Lace Nursing Bra at Bella Materna for $66. I first read about this bra here on Ain't No Mom Jeans where S wrote about it's benefits but noted it's price tag of $120. Well I definitely didn't have it in me (or my budget) to spend that much, but when I went back looking for a nursing bra that could make me feel less like a dowdy milk-machine and more like a sexy mother who feeds her baby with her breasts, I clicked this link to find the price much more manageable! 


5) Ruffle Collar Wool-Blend Jacket at Old Navy for on sale for $59.50. I love the idea of buying a fun, bright jacket for winter, but on the cheap so I don't feel guilty when the color or the ruffle or both aren't in style next season. I could get this one in black to be practical, but how fun is orangey 'Golden Gate' choice?


Contributing author Lane is an intentionally unemployed social worker who is currently a new mom, following her husband's dream, trying to stay relevant, and practicing her mothering skills on two rescued dogs, Enid and Falcor (in addition to her new addition, baby Vesper).  Check out her fabulous blog, the Overseas Trapeze.



  1. Lane – Thanks for the head’s up on my fav nursing bra!! I actually just went out and bought yet another (my old one is well, well worn…after two straight years of use). And I’m loving your jacket pick. In the orange color. Perfect.

  2. Lane… ANY of the Bella Materna bras are fantastic! I have four of them. Also? I can’t live without their black nursing tank. I have worn mine so much it’s completely embarassing. I am pregnant with my second and definitely going to need more. I especially favor the bras with their ‘strap keep’ feature — I am a push-aside kind of milk accesser — not a huge fan of the clip style. Lazy? Efficient? Whatever. I adore Bella Materna and give every new mom gift certs so that they don’t waste their time on other stuff. Wow, that was a lot of adoration. 🙂

  3. One of the new moms that I recently met has turned me on to the most amazing store if anyone is having a REALLY DIFFICULT time finding a good nursing bra. I bought several before J came along and unfortunately I severely underestimated the size and weight of boobs while breastfeeding. While not inexpensive (around 100 a bra) – this place will not only help you find the most perfect fit, but they do it in a “normal” bra and then alter it (FOR FREE) into a nursing bra AND as you change sizes or if the straps stretch out – they will fix it for you over the span of owning the bra (FOR FREE). Ah-mazing – A GC here is the #1 item on my christmas list. Hilarious stage in my life when a nursing bra is what I really want from Santa this year.

  4. Gorgeous dress, Lane!
    Also, love the pretty nursing bra. Makes me think maybe I should get out of my black, white or nude and get something with a bit of pizazz. Stocking stuffer alert 🙂

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