Our Favorite Work Laptop Bag Just Went On Sale (that’s rare, folks)


Gwen turned me onto Tumi backpacks.  At first I thought they were just annoyingly expensive, probably over-priced…until I tried them.  They’re so well engineered (down to the smallest detail) that I’ve actually been walking down the street – backpack fully loaded with laptop, etc. – and thought, “Crap! I forgot my backpack!”  It’s so comfortable I didn’t think I was wearing it.

This backpack goes everywhere with me – I travel with it, I use it for meetings, I grab it in the mornings so I can quick a bit of work between school drop off and dance class – everything.  I do everything with it.  And since so many of you have asked for a laptop bag round-up….I wanted to let you know that our top pick is on sale.

Tumi rarely goes on sale….but Bloomingdales is currently offering 20% off of all Tumi until Sunday.   If you’ve never ordered from Bloomies, they’re great.  Free shipping for loyalists (just join – it’s basically like AnthroPerks), and their return policy is similar to Nordstrom – you have up to a year to return.

Now.  My only complaint with the Tumi backpack style I’m currently carrying is that it’s teeensie bit smaller than I’d like it to be.  Once I have my laptop and the rest of my mobile office stuffed in there (chargers, external hard drive, camera, etc.) there’s not really room for anything else.  I do stuff extra things in anyway, since the cinch-top and straps let me close it, even overstuffed (kinda like the photo)….but I’d love one a bit bigger.  Here are the two styles I’m seriously considering.  And while I thought I wanted the taupe…..that bright blue is kiiiiinda calling my name.

TOP ROW:  Tumi Voyager Lexa Zip-Flap Backpack

This one has the laptop sleeve I need, but a larger compartment for all of my crap. It also has a sleeve on the back that allows it to slide onto the handle of rolling luggage. What it’s missing, however, are the hidden zippers on the side that let you sneak in and access the bottom of your bag.  The side pockets are nice, though.

BOTTOM ROW: Tumi Voyager Halle Backpack

This one is a little more similar to the one I’m carrying, size-wise, but with a few extra external pockets.  The link above goes to the black and blue versions, but you can find the taupe leather (also on sale) here.

If you need a bigger bag (my laptop is 13″ and it does fit, though it is tight), the Tumi Voyager Calais is basically the same, but accommodates a bigger laptop.

(Of course Nordstrom is price matching, and they have a bright red.  Pink?  IDK. )