Last-Minute Gifts That’ll Arrive On Time (& Make It Seem Like You Have It All Together)


Hey, hey procrastinators! Haha! No worries. Some of us (ahem — and I don’t mean me) are in the same boat. So, we got your back. All of these lovely choices here ship Amazon Prime, so you still have time to look like the fabulously thoughtful gift-giver you’ve always wanted to be. No judgment. Holidays be crazy, y’all. Just get anyone on your list that rainbow glitter set and you’ll be good.

Look super-thoughtful & feel accomplished by giving these last-minute gifts that arrive in time for Christmas with Amazon Prime shipping. We won't tell.

1/ Fincati Cashmere Blend Sweater – I can’t say enough good things about this cozy sweater. I’m actually wearing it right now in ivory. I definitely ordered the black, too. So good. True to size. Washes well. SO soft.

2/ Bee Earrings – These are just understated and adorable. A wear-everyday type of earring.

3/ Silk Pillowcase – Better hair, less wrinkles. That’s what these claim! Plus, who doesn’t want to plop their head onto silk? I know I do. A great lux gift that someone probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. I’m thinking for mom, sister, etc,.

4/ Sunburst Bracelet – I love this. It reminds me of a Madewell bracelet I have and wear all the time.

5/ Oversized Camel Scarf – This is gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with a camel scarf as a timeless accessory.

6/ Glitter Washi Tape – I mean, how gorgeous. This is great for any kid or crafter, or I mean, honestly anyone. I’ve designed a year-at-a-glance poster calendar (stay tuned,) and I use fun washi tape to tape off our travel. These would make that thing look so fab.

7/ The Dinner List – This book sounds adorable and so fun. Perfect for any Audrey Hepburn fan, too.

8/ Harney & Sons White Christmas Tea – One of my two very favorite teas ever (the other is Earl Grey). This smells like white chocolate and almonds. It’s ah-mazing. A great host gift.

9/ Foodie Dice – Attempting to make dinnertime fun!

10/ Beats – I always just use the basic Apple headphones, but I want an upgrade. These are so chic, if headphones can be chic.

11/ Packing Cubes – People who use packing cubes RAVE about them, and how much more easily they can pack what they need in fewer suitcases. I think I need to get on board before our trip to Florida this winter.

12/ Charmast charger – I like how this lays flat and is able to charge two items at a time (i.e. your Kindle and iPhone).

13/ Yeti Tumbler – My stepdad is THE hardest to buy for, ever. We’ve gotten him SO many Amazon gift cards for books that I thought I’d switch it up this year. He likes his coffee extra hot. I got him this and a Starbucks gift card. He will use it all year. And it will last for years, so, dang it. #pleasesendgiftideas

14/ Becoming by Michelle Obama – I cannot wait to read this. She’s a rock and an inspiration; I’m sure she has some incredible stories to tell. Tiarra said it was raw and real. Now whether to get the printed copy or Audible…probably both.

15/ Echo Show – My BFF lives in Nashville. It’d be so amazing to chat with her whenever we’re making dinner, or we could have coffee together. Plus, there are all the other benefits of the Show, like being able to know the lyrics to songs (aka kitchen karaoke), and all the features they keep adding. Want.

16/ Harry Potter Coding Kit – This looks AMAZING. You can use this wand with your tablet or computer to cast spells and create magic. I so want this. Sienna is almost prime Harry Potter age, and I cannot wait!

17/ Polaroid Cube – Image stabilization, HD, wide angle lens. Water resistant and acts like a portable sports camera. It’s even magnetic!

18/ Sorel Slippers – Anything Sorel is fabulous. These would be a nice gift that would last.

19/ Echo Sub – Alexa could use a little more bass IMO.

20/ Universal Socket Wrench – Maybe not exciting to some, but for those who know about these things, this would be so handy to have around.

21/ Baby’s First Christmas – A really adorable, classic ornament marking a special time!

22/ The Book With No Pictures – Definitely the favorite book at The Peanut Gallery Playschool (Sienna’s preschool). The kids ROLL when they hear this read. By B.J. Novak of The Office fame.

23/ Mornings Blow – They really do.

I adore picking out gifts, even last-minute ones, so I hope this proves helpful for you! And to see my other favorite kind of gifts to give, check out my Gifts for the Sarcastic guide, if you missed it. It’s some of my best work. Also, head over to our full page of 2018 holiday gift guides for other cool gift ideas for all your loved ones (or whoever).

Wishing you all very happy holidays and fun and coziness. Thanks so much for your support with what we do here. Peace and light and happy gifting, too.





    “Materials :85% cashmere 15% anti-pilling” – ahh yes, that desirable “anti-pilling” material. It grows on rare anti-pill trees in the forests of Babawawali.

    “This Sweater is suitable for Lady Hight from 155 to 175cm,Both Slim and Fat body can wear” – ::facepalm::

    “Please Watch the Size Charter” – DeVos approved!

    “…back is lazy and loose” – THOSE DARN KIDS, THESE DAYS! So lazy and loose!

    “You’re the most special one in your dressing style with it!” – This is my new compliment.

  2. Hilarious, Candace! Laura– thanks for all but especially for The Book With No Pictures– I had never heard of it but just checked it out on Amazon and I think my 4-year-old niece will ADORE it. I know my son would have when he was younger.

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