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A Truly Incredible Peel for Moms (Even Pregnant and Breastfeeding Ones!)


Given the time I’m investing in procreating, and the long list of things I love but can’t have (like wine, gin, unpasteurized cheese, sushi, enzyme peels and retinols), I’ve been trying out some alternatives. And I’m happy to tell you that. . . I have found the holy grail of pregnancy and breastfeeding skin care for mamas with hormonal, troublesome skin.


DIY Maternity Denim Fix – or – Do It Yourself Maternity Jeans


Photo1 It’s shocking, I know, but these Seven for All Mankind maternity jeans have lasted me through three pregnancies PLUS loan outs, but not solely on their own steam. In their original form, these babies were the brain child of some fabulously well-intentioned designer who had clearly never been pregnant, and were purchased by someone who had never been pregnant.

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