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Modern Nursery Design – A Mod Toddler Room


So, you’re having a baby. And you love hearts, teddy bears and pastels. Congratulations, you’re in luck! A lot of what’s out there in the kids’ design world is still pretty traditional. But even though the last time I did this whole nursery design thing only two years ago, I have been pleasantly surprised this time around by how many more options are out there for new ‘rents with less traditional taste. And, having the experience of spending a year-and-a-half using my boy’s former gear and furnishings (now donated to babe no. 2), I knew where to cut corners and where to put my coin according to my tastes.


Hot Cold Weather Boots for Moms


You’re a mom now. Let’s face it, much as you may love your stilettos (or maybe just the idea of them), unless you’re going to be a sitting-on-the-sidelines, too-cool-for-school mom, you need some sensible shoes from time to time, and that includes toasty winter boots with good traction. Well sister, you’re in luck, because sensible doesn’t necessarily mean sickly anymore. We’ve found a bevy of cute and toasty winter boots, all waterproof, that fit the bill.

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