Laura’s Edited Post-Holiday Sale Finds


Ahh, the post-holiday slump. I always get sad when Christmas is over…but, not this year. For many reasons, 2016 has really blown it as a year. I saw this quote the other day on Facebook…

Fellow Arrested Development fans, hear Ron Howard’s voice? Yeah, so, I do love Christmas lights and all, but let’s get on to 2017, shall we!!

And to do that, we might as well start out the year with some fresh finds in the apparel department. And speaking of fresh finds, Bridge & Burn, my favorite Portland outfitter, now has a line of kiddo tees! Because #itsoktomatch Sienna and I are both sporting the Pacific Wonderland tees (I’m wearing a women’s Medium and she’s wearing a kids XS, for reference) in our photo above. She was totally stoked to have the same tee as mommy. It was adorable.

Little known fact: my middle name is Ashley. Yep. Laura Ashley. I’ve actually been asked if I was named after the store. Uh, NO. And matching gray tees are way more S and I’s style than matching long sleeved floral dresses.

Wearing: Tee, thermal (similar), jeans, boots, scarf, mittens

On Sienna: Tee, thermal (similar), pants (similar), boots, cat hat

Other Fresh Finds, On Sale

There’s some really lovely stuff out there right now to help start out the year anew. Besides a few new pieces for the closet, I’m also making a list of both sentimental and practical goals for 2017, like a dedicated 20 minutes of playtime each morning with Sienna and posting a list of what items should belong in each room of the house in order to help me focus on what needs to go.
Any fresh ideas or perspectives you hope to apply in the New Year? I’m really bad at looking at the big picture when it comes to goals, but I’m great at making lists of small, practical changes. It’s being sure to refer back to those lists that I also need to put on…the list.
Peace out 2016…
If you’d like to see if I follow through with any of my 2017 goals, follow me over on Instagram (@elletrain).


  1. This is a great Roundup I love the suede crossbody bag and the sleeping on snow sweater!

    Here are my goals for the new year and I’m keeping them realistic

    Daily : drink a glass of lemon water upon Rising, take my vitamins, and do at least four yoga poses before I start my day.

    Weekly: find something on of my Pinterest boards and do it… whether it’s trying a new recipe, making a new kids crafts, or trying a new outfit idea. I have so many Pinterest boards and I never do anything from them

    Bi-weekly: send out a piece of snail mail, whether it’s a recipe idea, and newspaper clipping, or just a note to say hi. I’ve become lazy about sending out snail mail… my mother is so good about doing this, she regularly sends me cute little cartoons from the New Yorker and I just love that idea.

    Monthly : donate, whether it’s a bag of dog food to the Humane Society, toiletries to a women’s shelter, or a case of diapers to the diaper Bank, food donations are always welcome at food pantries.

    I feel those are very realistic goals something that is attainable and does not put too much pressure on my already crazy schedule raising two small boys..

    Happy New Year!!

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