Laura’s Gift Guide: For the (Semi) Social Introvert





I like to call myself a social introvert. I love entertaining my friends, but am easily as happy curling up for some Netflix binging. I seriously need half and half in my life. My 60% extrovert 40% introvert self (thanks Meyers-Briggs) constantly battles back and forth between spending time with people or holing up by myself. Just ask my super-extroverted husband and daughter.  So for my gift wish list this year my split-personality came up with gifts for both.

1. Linton Round Bar Cart – I adore the shape of this bar cart! It wouldn’t take up a ton of room and would tuck into a corner nicely. I am smitten with bar carts for entertaining. They just make sense in our small dining room. Please, Santa.

2. Daphne Stemless Wine Glasses – I have wanted these forever. Love them so much. And stemless are definitely the way to go in our household. I like that the metal on the bottom of these would hide fingerprints, too. Is that a little OCD? I’m ok with it.

3. Bodum French Press – We are French press fans. Ok, coffee snobs. I don’t have the time or energy for pour over, but French press makes by far the next best cup of coffee in only 4 minutes. This set is so gorgeous I wouldn’t mind it sitting out on the counter all the time and I’d love to have people over and serve them from this beauty. Love those insulated glasses, too.

4. Bose Bluetooth Speaker – We need a decent speaker we can move around for outdoor parties and that we could move upstairs for daily use. Because you know I need to dance around while I’m getting ready and the iPhone speaker just isn’t cutting it anymore.

5. Marble Paddle Serving Board – OMG my little graphic designer heart adores this black and white stripe marble serving board so much. SO much. Update: Dang! It’s sold out at Nordstrom, but found it at Macy’s on sale! And here’s the same stripe in a different shape at Bed Bath & BeyondThis marble and wood one is quite lovely, too, though. Still a stripe element.

6. Nom Nom Appetizer plate – Yes, please.

7. Topshop Blouson Sleeve Sweater – This would be cute for entertaining, but also so cozy for a Netflix binge.

8. Faux Fur Throw – I seriously can’t get enough cozy throws. Or anything with pom pons. Right?

9. iPad Air – Sienna has commandeered my iPad. It’s time for a new one for mama. I love using it for referencing my knitting patterns, for travel when I don’t have to lug the laptop, for online shopping (duh) and especially for cooking. This smaller, lighter air would be all I need. Santa, baby…

10. Button Threader Earrings – I still like to sparkle a little even when I’m being anti-social and these are lovely. Such a unique style of earring…kind of badass and delicate at the same time. My favorite.

11. Gigi Lounge Pants – oooh, so cozy looking. And a lovely heather gray…

12. Ugg Classic Water Resistant Slipper – I LOVE the shape of this slipper. I pretty much collect all styles of Uggs because I wear slippers 3/4 of the year. Love that these are water resistant. Yes yes.



What’s on your wish list? Do you identify more as a hostess or as a recluse? Haha. The struggle is real. Especially in winter!

If you want to check out more of my wish list, I recently updated my favorites list, too. There are some warm, cozy additions. If you want to see what I’m up to this holiday season on a daily basis, follow over on Instagram (@elletrain) and on IG stories (mostly vids of the rain in Portland and of Sienna busting moves).

Stay warm out there!



  1. Oh no! I just clicked on the marbled paddle serving board and it said it is not available possibly ….maybe sold out ?? Rats!!! it was perfect too!!!

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