Laura’s Go-To Holiday Outfit: Sparkly Sweater


The. Holidays. Are. Upon. Us. Everyone take a deep breath. Whew. But thank goodness they are. I think we all need a little extra cheer right now.

I adore the holidays and yes, am one of those who might start playing Christmas music a bit before Thanksgiving. Get mad if you must. Christmas music is the best. But, this year, we at TME got to get into the holiday spirit even earlier. When we chatted about doing holiday looks we were all excited. And then, some of us were a little stumped.

What actually encompasses a go-to holiday look for me? I rarely have anything very dressy to attend during the holidays (with the exception of last year’s fun cocktail party – I tried out looks for it here in one of my first posts!) So, like Cam, my go-to look had to feel festive and fun but be somewhat casual and comfy and work for a variety of occasions. I also wanted to invest in pieces I could wear again and again. (Don’t we always?)

Fortunately, I found a shimmery sweater and of course you know about these lovely suede boots and it just started to come together. So my go-to holiday outfit formula?

Jeans + Fancy Sweater + Gorgeous Boots



The Break-down

My main inspiration and what I think makes for a successful outfit here is keeping a balanced color palette and reining in the sparkle. (pushes graphic designer glasses back up nose…)

Holiday wear calls for a break from everyday colors you don’t always wear year-round and they can be tricky to put together. I’d stick with choosing two pieces in similar shades so the outfit doesn’t get too busy. For example, choose pants and shoes in similar tones and let the sweater pop or vice versa and make the shoes the color-focus.

Same with the sparkle. Keep only one element shimmering…besides your personality, of course.



Posy and I had such a fun time shopping working together, per usual. It’s the best when you can work with a friend. We started at Anthropologie and ended with coffees at Stumptown/Ace Hotel (the beautiful setting of the first photo of the post). Neither of us could resist the Anthro loveliness. We just kept finding gorgeous things…hence the face above. How do they do it? It’s like a princess fairy castle of goodies for grown-ups. And I am not even the princess fairy castle type (ok, maybe a little bit). But look at all that sparkle and shine!




Savine Turtleneck – This sweater is light and lovely. It sparkles a little more in person and also comes in navy. I went with a Petite Medium on this, but probably could’ve done a small. There was a big difference in sizing between regular and petite on this, too, FYI, and I normally don’t wear petite tops.

JeansExpress High-Waisted Performance Stretch Jean Legging – These are great and soft and the wash is so good. I found I needed a size up from my normal size. Wearing 6 Short, for reference.

BootsDolce Vita Kitt Suede Over-The-Knee Boots – Love love. You saw them here. And they’re ON SALE now! Size up 1/2 size if you want to wear thicker socks.

EarringsBetsy & Iya Novi Hoop Earrings – A favorite local jewelry maker of mine!

BagQuade Satchel – Soft, gorgeous gray, holds a ton.

On Posy

SweaterPrimula Cocoon Cardigan – This was super cute. Posy has gorgeous skin but this color just made it glow even more. SO pretty.

OverallsH+M Denim Bib Overalls – These looked adorable on her and she wanted me to mention how much she loves them. They are one of the few overalls she’s found that she likes in plus size. They are GOOD.


Fave In-Store Finds For Home & Gifts

These were just a few of the lovely things we found while taking our photos. Full-priced home items are on sale right now, too! With code HAPPYHOST. Score!


CandlesThese smell wonderfully piney and these are the beautiful green glass jars above.

MugsFloral Monogram mugs, gold monogram mugs, and of course, a narwhal mug (not pictured), because…obviously.

ThrowsCollaged Mejida Throw – The gorgeous one with blue tufts above. I’m a little biased. My friend Janelle of All Roads Design designed this one, these coordinating pillows and this throw, as well. I love their texture and artistry. I have the Mejida throw in my living room.

StemwareEnchante Wine Coupe – I mean. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous wine coupe!

PillowsAnamalia Faux Fur & Chroma Faux Fur Pillows – All the fuzzy coziness. Gah…so good. I really wanted to curl up on that beautiful velvet couch with a good book…

Shop Fancy Sweaters


Shop Gorgeous Boots

Do you know what you are wearing for the holidays yet? Are there any fancy pieces you love to pair with everyday-wear for a go-to look? I’d love to see. Follow me on Instagram (@elletrain) and tag me. I’d honestly love to check out your ideas!

Just hear those sleigh bells jing-…I kid, I kid!


Photos by the lovely Posy Quarterman Photography




  1. Laura!! You are KILLING it in those jeans. Your backside looks divine. (Sorry, weird compliment?!) Your nailpolish is also gorgeous. (Brand? Color?) Cheers from another Laura (in Wisconsin)

  2. I say all the time that when I die, if I get to heaven, it will be the inside of an anthropologie store. Lovelovelove your sweater!!

  3. So, I’m confused. Did you mean to write “reigning in the sparkle” or “reining in the sparkle”? They’re almost opposite…

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