Laura’s #myeverydayedit Pics – Holiday Travel Outfits


Hello from water-logged Arkansas! Thanks to bad weather and general holiday air travel craziness our stay has been extended. In the mean time (and for the sake of fashion) I wanted to share photos of the outfits from my holiday packing post with you all + what I learned along the way:


– planned outfits are a must

– mother nature can (and did!) throw a wrench in your well-planned wardrobe

– always pack a couple of extra items for different weather


I also realized that I planned a different pair of shoes for each outfit. Oops. I do tend to travel with multiple, but five pairs is definitely overkill for a one week trip. I paired (pun intended) it down to four thinking I’d wear the leopard print shoes for the date night outfit. Major strides people, I know.

Outfit #1

This outfit worked well for the first morning, at least. The sweater was on the heavy side but it did hold out for some last minute shopping. I have a feeling this will be a winter staple for me – when we get home it’ll be perfect.

sweater | jeans (similar) and these | shoes (similar and amazing! and these) | earrings

Outfit #2

This is essentially the outfit I wore on the plane. Portland was warm when we left, so I layered a light sleeveless top under a warm cardigan to combat those unpredictable in-flight temps (anyone else ALWAYS cold on a plane?) It was a comfortable outfit and worked well for another warm day on the trip.

P.S. – Wearing your heaviest shoes on the plane is a great way to keep from overpacking your suitcase. Kind of a life saver, actually.

cardigan (similar) | top (similar) | jeans | shoes | socks (similar) | sunglasses

on Sienna: sweater | pants (dirt and defiant pose not included) | moccasins

Outfit #3

This blouse wasn’t in my original packing plan, but I’m really glad I threw it in last minute. It’s our favorite Portofino and a very packable top…super lightweight and doesn’t hog that precious room in your suitcase. It made not only one, but two appearances this week. This outfit wound up being perfect for a Christmas Eve lunch our extended family hosts every year.

top | pants | shoes (similar and amazing! and these) | necklace (similar)

Outfit #4

Christmas morning was cozy and relaxing like I was hoping for. We opened gifts on Christmas Eve this year, so the next day was all about playing and kicking back. Bloody Marys were in hand and all was right with the world (including my super comfy PJ pants). This recipe is very similar to how Pinky makes the drinks, but we ditched the celery stalks and went with pickled veggies for topping.

sweater (not pictured) | leggings | slippers | nail polish (similar, worn over black)

Outfit #5

Christmas Day was the last gorgeous day we had here. It was warm and lovely! This dress wound up being so fun and comfortable. Yes, I did pack these knee boots solely for this one outfit (and in hind sight that’s pretty impractical for me) but hey, it was a holiday. I tried this dress with lace tights and heels at home and I looked like a mom circa 1982. No thanks. The boots gave it a bohemian feel that is way more me. (At least I hope I don’t give off an ’80s mom vibe in general!)

dress (and this and this are fab!) | boots (similar) | earrings (similar)

It was so rainy here that I had to forego my date night outfit. Hopefully the husband and I can go out in the next few weeks and I can try it out.

Items I Should Have Added

Here are a few versatile things I wish I had packed. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect waterproof/resistant bootie – it’s got to be comfortable and can’t scream “rain boot!” If you have any suggestions, please send them along. It would be great to have for winter travel and for every day wear in Portland.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!




  1. Just a warning from experience: I tried a couple of pair of Viggos jeans b/c their price tag was so appealing but the crotch was weird and they did not hold their shape or fit at all. Like at all at all.

  2. Great post, Laura! As to rain boots. I’m absolutely in love with my Baffin Packables – not the look you’re going for but they are so light/comfy and roll up for travel, I just can’t not mention them. (By the way, randomly bought them at a shoe store in Hood River!)
    In light rain, I just wear leather hi-top sneakers (Steve Madden but look just like the black Uggs you linked to above) treated with ScotchGard. That toxic magic in a can was a lifesaver in Portland.
    Also, my latest purchase (Santa was generous this year)
    They are soooo good. Amazing craftsmanship and that no-kidding platform lets me go places (think muddy parks, wet sandboxes and shallow puddles) with no fear of ruining them. Scotchgarded these too, just to be safe. Not the most feminine look but they certainly have a character!
    Happy New Year, dear!

  3. For rain boots that don’t look like rain boots, my daughter and I both have rubber Chelsea-style boots. Mine are Kate Spade; hers are J. Crew. Both are now sold out, but I’ve seen them by a bunch of other brands, too. The matte rubber ones look more leather-like. Great with skinnies and with skirts. Not super warm, but good for the wet.

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