Laura’s #myeverydayedit (I promise it’s not ALL overalls!)



blazer (similar) | top (similar) | jeans | mules | earrings (similar)

Hey hey… #myeverdayedit post is here in hopes to pull you out of a gray, mid-winter slump. That is what I’m trying to do over here anyway (see the workout outfit below…sheesh…I’m a goofball, for sure).

I love love looking at everyone’s #myeverydayedit pics on Instagram. It’s so fun to see what you’re wearing, especially in the gray days of winter. As for me, I’m still mostly wearing overalls. Big surprise, I know. Those of you who follow me at @elletrain are all too familiar with my overalls, but I did manage to include some other looks in the last week or so.

The 90’s Called

Blazers and boyfriend jeans and mules have been calling me lately …these mules I’m wearing: LOVE. And something besides the Kork Ease wedges that are on constant repeat! (More on those mules later with some outfit combination ideas.) This was for a casual date night with friends to celebrate my birthday. (38 and feeling great! And tired. But mostly great!)

My Favorite Overalls Teach Me a Laundry Lesson (I should have already known)


top (similar) | overalls | boots | dye remover video

I adore these overalls. You know. You’ve seen me rave about them. But omg…they ruined a ton of my stuff because I’m horribly forgetful when it comes to laundry and I didn’t separate them and I washed them with a pair of lighter skinny jeans and I’m totally sad now because their perfect light wash is now kind of blue gray. Can I still blame pregnancy brain? My baby is 2.5 so I guess it’s now called toddler brain. “Mum, mummy, mommy, mum? Can I have a snack?” Repeat…

Anyway, I still love them because they add an instant interest factor to my outfit AND they are so comfy. Right now I’m loving them with a feminine button up, buttoned up.

That Time I Couldn’t Think of Another Pose


top (similar) | tank | leggings | shoes (similar)


Not sure if it was because my mom was here taking this photo and I wanted to feel like a kid again or if it was because I was over-caffienated (everyday) but this day I turned into (born that way) a goofball and decided to mix it up. Can I just say those ombre leggings from Athleta were calling me ever since the dressing room selfie post…I had to go back and get them and I don’t regret it! They are the best leggings I’ve owned to date. So good. And apparently they make me think I’m still the 19 year old dancer I once was. Hahaha! Also, I tried my hand (arms) at arm knitting lately and made this cowl. I’m working on a DIY post to show you more about it! Hint: It’s super easy and only took 30 minutes to make!

Valentine’s Day Movie Date



sweater (similar) | overalls | jeans (similar) | mules | earrings (similar)

Two outfits! Why, you ask? Well, I really tried to push my typical outfit formula and break out those white jeans I never wear in winter. I love all light/white outfits on other people and I think this one works! Then I started thinking about the mud outside and the icky movie theater seats and the toddler downstairs and I ran back to my closet for my trusty overalls (I opted for the blue ones this time). If you are braver than me and don’t live in the land of rain and mud, I think the all light outfit is so beautiful and worth a try.

And now, over to you!

Some fabulous finds over on #myeverydayedit from you guys. I love how some of you are mixing patterns and your use of striped shirts is so good!


@francesayme – I adore those pants – totally envious of how you mix patterns.

@ruthyannie – I also love love those Mama Bird shirts from The Bee & the Fox. Spot-on styling with the mocs and the cozy cardigan.

@brendaraez – Those necklaces and that clutch…yes! And I love a button-down under a sweater all day long. So nice.

@tracy_imaf – This outfit is the coziest. That striped shirt under the cabled sweater + destroyed jeans and boots? Giving me serious inspiration, girl.

Thank you for the super nice comments you have all left lately, too. They are so encouraging and helpful and I am grateful for them. Seriously.

Also, I’m working on putting together some fun little videos using accessories and it got me thinking that I’m not great at accessorizing. I tend to pick some earrings and stick with them for too long. I may throw on a statement ring here and there, but that’s it. Do you have any dilemmas with accessorizing that we could figure out together? What items do you struggle with? For me, it’s definitely belts. Let me know yours and I’ll see what we can come up with!

Happy Sunday Eve!



    • Totally understand! I wear a lot of yellow gold already but if you don’t maybe a gemstone earring? Then you don’t have to worry. Although if you have accents of both metals that can work well, too.

  1. Nice post! I was hoping actually that at some point you would do a post on how you put pieces together for rainy weather – like, how you actually dress, as opposed to posts where you list what rainboots/raincoats are cool (love those too, but just hoping for some advice on how to put it all together). I’m sure it rains a lot in places other than Oregon (where I live too), so I am sure that a lot of people would appreciate seeing some ideas on how to dress for wet/inclement weather. It’s one of the most difficult challenges of getting dressed I find. Thanks!

  2. Love your posts.
    Can you advise on how to rock glasses, short wavy hair, and chunky jewelry without looking like Ms. Frizzle? (and yes, I am a teacher.)

  3. Great post! I especially liked the white jeans/cream sweater combo on you; just beautiful. I ALSO loved your previous post on how to doll up sweatshirt-wearing. You looked adorable! So much so that it inspired me to try putting a denim shirt underneath a favorite sweatshirt of mine – but one I rarely wear now because it’s short. But that combo looked great! And it (putting the denim shirt underneath) wasn’t something that would have occurred to me had it not been for you. Thanks again and keep on rockin it. Can’t wait to read about the knit scarf — very cool weave!

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