The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Holiday Style (now available!)


Happy holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or Yule, there’s no denying that this time of year is a celebration of love. And maybe….a little bit of magic. The first snow of the season, the Jackson 5 Christmas album (Mom, it’s still my fav), and seeing my boys’ eyes light up when they realize that their hot chocolate is now accessorized with a candy cane (yassss)…it’s these little shifts in our everyday life that make the holidays feel that much more magical.

Not magical? Realizing I don’t have the right bra for that dress I was planning to wear. And I wouldn’t necessarily call a sudden drop in temperatures magical when I realize that I now need a warmer coat with my party outfit….but all I have is my ski jacket. Also not magical? My pre-party primping — whether it’s the lack of sleep (UGH), or the fact that I can never find my ancient curling iron (double UGH), or the number of karate/breakdancing moves I MUST watch NOW, MOM!! instead of applying mascara…..

The most magical thing about my pre-party prep these days is that I make it out the door at all!  

Assuming I’m not the only one, let me introduce The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Holiday Style.

The Lazy Girls’ Guide to Holiday Style is for anyone who needs a serious short-cut to looking good this holiday season. It’s not that we’re lazy, per se, it’s just that an all-day primping session is never gonna happen. We need a playbook for holiday style that’s easy, fun, and…uses mostly pieces we already own.

This guide has been available to newsletter subscribers for quite some time (and if you want a downloadable PDF, you’ll still need to subscribe here)…but in the spirit of lazy-girl camaraderie (aka Busy Mom Syndrome), we figured that some of you could use some last-minute holiday style inspo.



Think of the Lazy Girl's Guide as a playbook for holiday style that’s easy, fun...and uses mostly pieces you already own. BAM.

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