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blue bomber + ramones tee | faux-leather jacket + stones tee

If you follow me on IG (@shanachristine), you’ve seen this picture before, but it’s worth mentioning here, since most years I MISS IT.   “It,” of course, being the short window of time that the cool-kid jackets are actually in stock at H&M.

We LOVE H&M for kid clothes.  Especially their selection of faux-leather jackets, urban-chic bombers, and little boy suits.  Everything is under $50 (even the faux-leather jackets), the pieces are often machine washable (although I mostly just wipe down the faux-leather), and H&M always manages to look (and feel!!) much more expensive than it is.

In years past I’ve always waited until Fall to start looking for cool-kid jackets, and the selection is always seriously picked over at H&M.  This year, we’re headed to Iceland for a week in August, so I had to start my jacket search much earlier.  SCORE.  It turns out that the beginning of August is the PERFECT time to snag a jacket for the cool kids.

Cool-Kid Jackets For Kids






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